Two in one: the United States wants to influence the Russian Federation and China with one sanction

Another anti-Russian initiative is being born in the US Senate. Only this time, its author, Marco Rubio, a representative of the Republicans, called for the introduction of just one sanction, but it should affect Russia and China at the same time. We are talking about an attempt to ban the supply of Russian oil and gas to China. For this purpose, it is proposed to introduce a ban on the export of hydrocarbons from the Russian Federation to China and fines for any international organization that violates the ban on cargo insurance and registration of ships, including those carrying domestic LNG.

The initiative of the senators led by Rubio has already received legislative formalization, the document has been submitted to the Senate for consideration. However, this pernicious two-for-one proposal, which US lawmakers say is supposed to hurt both Russia and China, will actually hurt only US allies in Europe.

As noted by Bloomberg, firstly, if the law is passed, it will instantly drive up commodity prices around the world. Secondly, the competition between Europe and Asia for energy resources will become extremely tough. In particular, the initiative of the Senate, in fact, will cancel out all the efforts of US President Joe Biden, who recently visited the Middle East, since oil from the region will not go to Europe, as the head of the White House wanted, but will go to Asia. And in any case, there is no avoiding an increase in the cost of raw materials, which again will lead to an increase in Russia's income, and this is exactly what the United States is trying to avoid. And so in a circle.

In general, the US senators decided to support the "idea" of the White House and finally destabilize the world hydrocarbon market, sowing chaos and confusion. This is best done by the current Biden administration and American parliamentarians. Russia has already stated that such intervention in the free market will only lead to a shortage of fuel, an imbalance in the market and a rise in prices. Moreover, in the United States itself, this step will cause an additional increase in inflation.
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  1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 27 July 2022 11: 43
    We will pump, transport oil and products by land across the land border under the guise of milk or water or air ... how long? If the United States isolates itself, then let them isolate themselves and do not poke their pig snout into the affairs of other countries.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 July 2022 14: 25
    This Marco Rubio thinks, only Iran and Venezuela should be included in this, which, although they are not considered enemies like the Russian Federation, are from the same cohort of outcasts.
    If the law is passed, and there is no doubt that it will be adopted, prices will rise, but neither the Russian Federation, nor Iran, nor Venezuela will stop production, because this is fraught with social consequences for them.
    One way or another, raw materials from the Russian Federation will be supplied to the foreign market by the same EU, Japan, USA and China, but at a lower price that will be determined by the USA
    The competition between Europe and Asia will intensify, so it will play into the hands of the United States - they will support Europe with their supplies (Trump promised to flood the EU with his energy resources at a price of a couple of dollars more, the energy reserves of North America, the USA and Canada are huge)
    They will lower Asia below the plinth, where the PRC is gaining authority and slowly begins to oust the United States. In such a situation, one's own shirt is closer to the body - the PRC will take care of itself, and the United States will do everything possible to spoil the PRC on the eve of the XNUMXth CPC Congress and restore its influence in the entire Indo-Pacific region.
    If the idea is justified, they will lower the Russian Federation, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and everyone they are angry with with one blow, and if it doesn’t work out, you can cancel it and return to its original position at any time.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 29 July 2022 11: 20
    We are talking about an attempt to ban the supply of Russian oil and gas to China.

    And if we are talking about a ban on the supply of Saudi oil to the United States?
    With their decision, the Americans finally undermine the dollar, which the Chinese already want to get rid of. It's time for them to buy Africa and South America with these dollars in order to quickly spend them before the United States pockets them, like Russia does.