Secret Russian submarine "Podmoskovye" spotted in Arctic waters

The nuclear submarine of special purpose BS-64 "Podmoskovye", converted according to project 09787 into a carrier of deep-sea vehicles and oceanographic research vessel "Yantar" (project 22010 "Kruys"), was seen in Arctic waters. On July 24, the military expert HI Sutton informed the public about this on his Twitter account.

A military analyst, publicist and author of the book "Secret Shores", engaged in open source intelligence (OSINT), said that the mentioned secret submarine (Delta-IV Stretch in NATO terminology) and a reconnaissance ship of the Russian Northern Fleet were discovered to the north from the Kola Peninsula. Moreover, the Yantar was identified on July 15, and the submarine on July 17.

It should be added that instead SSAN (abbreviation for submarines - ed.) could be DELTA-III STRETCH, BS-136 "Orenburg". Doesn't matter

- added another assumption analyst specializing in submarines.

We remind you that the special-purpose nuclear submarine BS-136 "Orenburg", modernized according to project 09786, is the carrier of a deep-sea nuclear research station - the AS-12 submarine of project 10831, known as "Losharik". Thus, according to the Western expert, one of the above secret submarines of the Russian Navy was in any case in the indicated part of the sea area, performing some of its tasks.
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