The White House did not include long-range strike UAVs in the package of military assistance to Ukraine

The United States continues to provide support to Ukraine to confront Russia. However, the administration of President Joe Biden has so far refrained from transferring long-range attack drones to Kyiv, writes the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The publication notes that the White House has not included the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV in the next package of military assistance to Ukraine, although Kyiv has been asking for them to be delivered for 2 months already. Washington fears that such drones may end up in the hands of the Russians and Moscow will study them Technologyif the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeated by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In turn, the manufacturer of these UAVs, the American company General Atomics (part of General Dynamics Corporation), promised that if the delivery is approved, it will teach Ukrainian military personnel to use them in 5 weeks under an accelerated program.

According to the publication of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, military-analytical structures advocate the provision of such UAVs to Kyiv and actively criticize Biden's caution. For example, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which operates through grants and donations from major defense firms, including General Dynamics Corporation, is doing this. Analysts worry that Ukraine's UAV fleet has been severely depleted, while Russia is building up its unmanned aircraft capabilities.

On July 22, the US administration approved the transfer to Ukraine of 580 Phoenix Ghost loitering ammunition (kamikaze drones), 36 thousand artillery shells, 4 HIMARS units and their ammunition for a total of $ 175 million at the expense of Pentagon resources.
  • Photos used: Photo Courtesy of US Army
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  1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 25 July 2022 09: 20
    The title should probably be clarified: "The White House has not yet (!) Included long-range strike UAVs in the package of military assistance to Ukraine."
    In any case: the hegemon - as usual - interfering in other people's affairs, acts at his own discretion!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 25 July 2022 12: 15
      Why the government of the Russian Federation has taken water in its mouth, will not utter a peep. After all, this is the direct participation of the United States in hostilities against the Russian Federation. (Even more sophisticated weapons from the United States on the fronts of the NMD are served by US military personnel). So hit the United States at least asymmetrically, so that they come to their senses ... For example, disable the most important infrastructure points of the United States under different sauces, from ISIS to various Muslim brothers and other enemies of the United States. After all, sabotage on the territory of the USSR was often carried out by American and British special services, these were arson of peat bogs in the suburbs, explosions of main gas pipelines, the bloodiest man-made accidents, and today most of them are proven by direct and indirect evidence, including from the US archives...