The Russian Armed Forces showed the strike on the bridge near Odessa "from the first person"

Footage of a strike by Russian troops with a Kh-59M2 high-precision aircraft missile on a bridge in Zatoka near Odessa has been leaked to social networks. The video is shown in first person.

The X-59M2 is equipped with a broadcast-command guidance system, which makes it possible to use all-day conditions for ground and surface targets with known coordinates. The ammunition is an upgrade of the Soviet Kh-59 Ovod high-precision medium-range tactical missile.

Meanwhile, the Russian armed forces have practically unlimited stocks of weapons to carry out the goals of the special operation in Ukraine. This was announced on the eve of the German lieutenant general, inspector of the ground forces Alfons Mais.

Thanks to the superiority in artillery, the Russian army is advancing kilometer after kilometer. This is a fight of exhaustion, a battle of attrition. A matter of time, how long Ukraine will be able to endure it

- said the military (quote from the newspaper Handelsblatt).

Along with this, according to Mais, in the course of combat operations, the Russian army gains the necessary experience and becomes even stronger.

At the same time, Germany is running out of weapons that Berlin could later transfer to Kyiv. This opinion, according to the newspaper Die Welt, was expressed by the head of the German defense department Christina Lambrecht.
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  2. Andreysradinsky Offline Andreysradinsky
    Andreysradinsky (Andrew) 20 July 2022 12: 34
    Well, where did she go? Why show a clear cant.
    1. Degrin Offline Degrin
      Degrin (Alexander) 21 July 2022 17: 46
      At the foot of the bridge. The bridge collapsed. Check out your Ukrainian sites
      1. Andreysradinsky Offline Andreysradinsky
        Andreysradinsky (Andrew) 22 July 2022 07: 05
        The bridge support is what is between the water and the bridge. And not between the bridge and the sky. Add a diopter to your glasses.
        1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
          Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 23 July 2022 11: 52
          Apparently, in this place there is a lifting mechanism by which the span of the bridge is raised to allow the passage of large ships. The missile hit the support of this mechanism above the roadway. This is also a lot. But not 100 percent.
          1. Andreysradinsky Offline Andreysradinsky
            Andreysradinsky (Andrew) 23 July 2022 15: 00
            I see that this is a lift span. But it's better to destroy the main support. And the span will no longer rise and the canvas will be damaged. That's why I say it's a bad example.