GRU authorized to inherit

That is why our overseas and European “friends and partners” can be respected, for this is consistency. That's how much we are not telling them that we didn’t kill your Salisbury boy, and we don’t know at all whether the boy was or not, they still did the same thing - they didn’t kill, they attacked, not you, but your agents , and not a boy, but a girl. “Like a girl,” we are surprised, “there was no girl there, and neither was the boy,” you are lying! Please provide the facts! ”

But if the Anglo-Saxons took up anything, then there are facts. And do not care about them that dressing with a sheepskin does not converge, the main thing here is not the result, but the process. And in the process, who needs to understand what is needed. Oh, they will worry about it. And already worried. Now they are promoting the theme of the GRU, cruel and merciless, the heir and successor of the traditions of the terrible and terrible KGB, who didn’t so late in the Bose. And now thousands of GRU agents are walking around Europe and the Americas and doing their dark deed, and the FBI, NSA, Mi-5, Mi-6, Scotland Yard and Mossad got off their feet, looking for them and bringing out the light of day.

In this whole story, I am confused only by the synchronism of their actions and timing. Aren't you surprised by the chronology of the revelations? March 4 - attempted murder of Skripal and his daughter. Exactly six months later, day to day, September 4 - the exposure of GRU agents Petrov and Boshirov (in the world - Chepigi). And here again the fatal number - October 4 - is the synchronous exposure of the next GRU agents, this time in the Netherlands and the USA. They, in my opinion, are fixated on the number "4". Reminds an unlucky hacker with a finger stuck on the “4” key. With the inevitability of the courier train arriving strictly according to the schedule, on the 4th day something is sure to happen in the information space. Because according to the canons of the genre it is necessary to constantly maintain a high degree of “Russian danger”. She is everywhere! Russians are everywhere! Now they have reached both the OPCW and WADA with FIFA. The Germans, famous for their punctuality, during the war, all airstrikes and shelling took place at the same time. It was possible to check the clock on them. Because war is war, and lunch is scheduled. Our American and British sworn “friends and partners” are not out of the schedule.

This time, intelligence agencies in the Netherlands and Great Britain uncovered the large-scale cyber operation of Russian GRU officers against the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which they told the whole world at their joint briefing on October 4 in The Hague. And across the ocean, in the USA, synchronously with them, day after day (well, it must be, as coincidence, of course, this is a pure coincidence) the Justice Ministry has charged seven officers of the Russian GRU, who were probably conspiring to break into the database and WADA and FIFA computers. The word "probably" looks especially piquant in this place. In some ways, it reminded me of the famous "highly likes" of Teresa May.

According to the US agency, the aim of the hackers whose names are given was to delegitimize international anti-doping organizations that discovered a doping scheme in the Russian Federation. The attack was carried out by American and world anti-doping agencies, as well as FIFA and a number of organizations in the field of athletics. Subsequently, the names of the accused Russians were made public in the US Department of Justice: 1. Alexey Sergeyevich Morenets, 2. Evgeny Mikhailovich Serebryakov, 3. Ivan Sergeyevich Ermakov, 4. Artem Andreyevich Malyshev, 5. Dmitry Sergeyevich Badin, 6. Oleg Mikhailovich Sotnikov, and 7. Alexey Valerevich Minin.

Their European colleagues went even further. They not only announced the names of GRU agents, but also presented copies of their deep. passports, since they were all also diplomats. And imagine what a coincidence, all the same people appeared there as in the USA. All the same Serebryakov, Morenets, Minin and Sotnikov. Some kind of obsession! These elusive Russian spies directly, like cockroaches, scatter around the world!

According to European intelligence, four GRU officers arrived in Amsterdam on April 10. In the Netherlands, they were met and accompanied by a Russian diplomat. The purpose of their visit was the headquarters of the OPCW in The Hague and the hacking of its database, while there they studied the poison found in Salisbury after the poisoning of Skripal, as well as the study of “chem. Attacks ”in the Syrian Duma. Among the Russians who arrived, according to the Dutch Pinkerton, there were three cyber officers. They arrived at the OPCW headquarters in a car with many devices for possible network hacking. True, during the detention they managed to destroy their smartphones, without leaving any traces of DNA. They discovered 20 thousand euros and 20 thousand dollars in cash with them. What a bad and rich Russian! They ride, you know, around the world, leaving no traces, and even with such grandmas. No traces were left where the grandmas spent, it is not clear. Naturally, the Dutch law enforcement authorities expelled these nonsense involved in the preparation of the cyberattack to the headquarters of the OPCW with frustration. Much to the chagrin of their overseas counterparts, who, precisely, were put on the wanted list and complained that Russia was not giving them away. Which, you know, is bad Russia. His does not give out!

I looked at the guys on their photo. What can I tell you, typical faces of GRU agents, well, don’t go straight to the fortuneteller! 100% agents, arrogant, smug, on which there is nowhere to put the stigma. Boshirov and Petrov against their background look just snotty preparations. If Boshirov-Chepiga is a Hero of the Russian Federation, then these are exactly twice, or even thrice Heroes. Inveterate, I tell you, it’s immediately obvious. What do you want, Putin doesn’t send anyone to the lair of the enemy. Selected sewage flooded the whole of Europe and America. Works now by the NSA and Mi-6 for five years for sure. While raking this heap, you are out of breath. And Putin, a bad boy, will still throw it up. It will become with him! He has this good ... Well, how now to fight him?

The pinnacle of this epic trash was, of course, the check for taxi services from the GRU office to Sheremetyevo Airport, which was discovered by the Dutch Pinkerton during detention at one of the detainees. I don’t say anything about the fact that the GRU, as such, has not existed for 8 years already. In 2010, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was disbanded and renamed the Main Directorate (Main Directorate), which in fact became the only foreign intelligence body of the RF Ministry of Defense and the central intelligence body of the RF Armed Forces. Nobody really knows where their office is located. Previously, the GRU headquarters was located in the Khodynsky field, on Khoroshevskoye highway, 76, the new headquarters in 2006 moved to the street. Grisodubova. Literally 100 meters north of the new building there is also the old building (“Aquarium” in the book of Suvorov or “Glass” on the slang of scouts). From where exactly did the spy go on a mission, Dutch specialists do not indicate why he carried this check with him too. According to the logic of things, in order to report to the management about the money spent, but against the background of 40 thousand in currency issued for small expenses, a taxi check in rubles looks somehow ridiculous. Not to such an extent in Russia, everything is so bad in foreign intelligence, gentlemen-foreign comrades, no one has been saving on toilet paper for a long time. Where the rest of the spies went about their checks, the Dutch side does not report. Either this particular spy turned out to be the most greedy of all, or the rest managed to eat their documents while detaining while eating smartphones. Well, here I’m joking, of course, they didn’t eat them, but simply smashed them in front of the Dutchmen, who were stunned by such a turn of events, which, of course, only confirms the criminality of their intentions (I hope they stocked up with checks for broken phones).

In fairness, it is nevertheless worth noting that our enemies are not blowing cold, and the GRU, regardless of the name, is a real structure whose activities are aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of the Russian state in the tasks carried out by the military department. The head of the State Directorate reports directly to the chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, the command and its structures are engaged in reconnaissance in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, including undercover, space, electronic and other types of intelligence. The structure, size and funding of the GU are classified as state secrets, so our overseas and European "friends and partners" can only guess about it (with a check in a taxi - this, of course, is the pinnacle of the genre!). The Sixth Directorate of the State University is engaged in radio-technical intelligence (OSNaz), officers for this are trained at the Cherepovets Higher Military Engineering School of Radio Electronics. So Bellingcat should look there at the alumni gallery and compare them with the detained cyberofficers. I think a couple more Heroes of the Russian Federation will be found.

One of the main functions of the GU is to provide space, electronic and intelligence intelligence data to the top leadership of the Russian Federation. To search for classified information, they also use high-tech cyber-data acquisition methods. So, in January 2016, the German magazine Spiegel, citing sources in German intelligence, claimed that the hacker attack on the Bundestag in early 2015 was related to Russian military intelligence. Similar actions by hackers took place in other NATO countries. An investigation in Germany showed that a hacker attack was organized by groups of computer crackers Sofacy and APT28, according to German intelligence agencies, they are funded from the Russian budget.

Bloomberg agency pointed out that Russian intelligence agents use such disguise in cyberspace that even the US National Security Agency is not able to disclose. The level of competence of Russian specialists is so high that their presence can be revealed only if they themselves want it, said Mike Buratovsky, vice president of Fidelis Cybersecurity. The hacker group APT28 was mentioned by the press in April 2015 in connection with an attempt to obtain information about negotiations between the United States and its allies regarding sanctions against Russia. In May of that year, APT28 was suspected of organizing a cyber attack on Western banks. On the account of the APT28 group is the penetration into the computer networks of the White House and the State Department.

In January 2016, British and American sources published the main current goals of the Russian intelligence structures (GU and SVR). In particular, they attributed covert financing by Russian scouts of European parties and foundations to “urgent goals” to “undermine” political the integrity of the European Union, introducing disagreements between EU members on the issue of sanctions against Russia, negatively affecting NATO’s Euro-Atlantic solidarity, blocking the deployment of US missile defense systems in Europe and creating conditions for Russia's energy monopoly. Among the far-right parties in Europe that were suspected of covert co-operation and funding through Russian intelligence channels, according to The Telegraph, there are the Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, the Italian League of the North, the Greek Golden Dawn, and the French National Front ".

Therefore, why for our overseas and European "friends and partners" this particular attempt of hacking databases became a revelation, I do not know. In war, as in war, and no one promised that we would not use all the methods available to us for this. Only Skripal’s case isn’t for us, the GRU doesn’t deal with such nonsense, and it works much cleaner than your James Bond. Even with the detention, you could not present us with anything other than wires. So shove them yourself, you know where!

In this whole story, only one moment is indicative - the synchronism of the charges brought against us and the pulling of their ears to the "chem. attacks ”in the SAR and the Skripals case. The campaign pursues the goal of creating an information wall that, in the minds of ordinary European and American inhabitants, should link concepts such as the GRU and “chem. attacks ”, GRU and doping, GRU and Skripal’s case. They did something similar a little earlier, when they organized a campaign to denigrate Russian sport, which in the minds and minds of the average person should be firmly tied to doping and be synonymous with unfair rivalry. The goal was partially achieved by them.

Therefore, for the future, we need to stop working off the second number, constantly making excuses to the West for crimes committed and not done. We must already attack ourselves and force them to make excuses. As our Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry recently did, accusing the United States of creating a series of bio-laboratories around the Russian Federation working on the creation of bacteriological weapons. Actually, the materials dealt with a biolaboratory in Georgia, the so-called “Lugar Center” near Tbilisi, where, according to the information of the former Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze, massive unexplained deaths of the local population were recorded (73 people died in 2015, allegedly when testing the drug against hepatitis C). But in fact, similar bio-laboratories have already been created by the Americans on the territory of all the other former republics of the USSR (except the Baltic states and Belarus) - in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Ukraine. Question - why? And where does the GRU look ?! The question remains open.

The disclosure of the next GRU agents and new details in the Skripal case are waiting for November 4, just before the congressional elections (I think the number of Heroes of the Russian Federation in Russia will increase, and GRU agents will also be covered on the Moon).
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