The German media told what to do to "defeat Putin"

It can be argued long and hard whether Russian President Vladimir Putin really captured a historic moment by making Russia stronger than when he took office. But one army is not enough to be a great power. Russia economy developing country. From an economic point of view, a country comparable to Brazil or South Korea today faces a united West that is far superior to it. How to defeat such a heterogeneous Russia and its president, writes the German columnist Nicholas Busse in an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

As the expert writes, it cannot be said that life is now better than it was in a world dominated by the United States and the West as a whole. At least this applies to Europe. The continent is in the midst of a massive conflict, Germany's energy security is undermined. The stability that has characterized Europe over the past few decades is under threat: an old scourge is returning to the continent - policy force.

Until quite recently, German left-wing politicians wanted a multipolar world. Here they got it

Busse notes.

Nevertheless, the fact that Putin is testing international relations for strength is connected with the shift in the balance of power that has followed globalization. The G7 countries, which set the tone for sanctions against Russia, account for about 43 percent of the global economy. This is an impressive level for just seven countries. But thirty years ago they accounted for almost seventy percent.

Putin is confronting the West because everything is calm in the East. Europe and the United States need to make compromises with developing countries in order to defeat the President of the Russian Federation. Thus, the conflict in Ukraine is one of the first serious confrontations in the multipolar world. The gradual loss by the West of its former influence has long been visible from a political point of view. He is no longer able to achieve many of his goals in developing countries - this was even before the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the observer, in order to achieve the transfer of the current eastern allies of Russia to the side of the West, in no case do you need to put pressure and plant your values ​​on the East. On the contrary, it is necessary to take into account its interests and move forward. So Germany and Europe as a whole will have to make painful compromises.
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  1. Tixiy Offline Tixiy
    Tixiy (Tixiy) 17 July 2022 10: 22
    And the Germans also need to ruin their industry, not wash and be malnourished ... Then victory is guaranteed
  2. Sergeyjluf Offline Sergeyjluf
    Sergeyjluf (Sergei) 17 July 2022 10: 53
    The G7 countries, which set the tone for sanctions against Russia, account for about 43 percent of the global economy.

    Over 50% of that 43% comes from the financial sector, which produces nothing! It is very easy to produce candy wrappers (dollars and euros), but when the rest of the world stops trusting these candy wrappers, then you can watch the real GDP of the G7?
  3. Sergey Ochkivsky (Sergey Ochkivsky) 17 July 2022 12: 51
    Russia has a developing economy.

    SUCH impression that the West does not have sane experts. Understanding the issue by ME can be determined simply by typing the last name in a search engine, deeper - by going to the ARCHIVE of the journal COMPETITION AND MARKET
    GDP at par, i.e. at the national exchange rate currencies to $ - STATISTICAL DECEIT. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the purchasing power of one dollar is equivalent to 23-25 ​​r, i.e. underestimated by MORE THAN 2.5 times. In 19, the GDP of the Russian Federation was 110 trillion. Rb. In terms of - 4.4-4.78 trillion. $. But that's not all!! The shadow economy, which is not included in official data, exists in ALL countries (in Europe, from 7 to 15%). IMF data estimate the share of the “shadow” for Russia, which, unlike most other methods, takes into account illegal business and a number of other aspects, at 33,7% of GDP. If we recalculate Russian GDP in terms of even the OECD equivalent, INCLUDING the shadow (+1.48-1.61 trillion $), then in terms of volume (5,88-6.39 trillion $), our economy will take 3rd place in the world, ahead of Germany (4.1) and Japan (5.2). The 2-3 times lag behind our REAL ECONOMY in LABOR PRODUCTIVITY from Western countries is also a myth. INDUSTRIAL production per capita in Russia is the LEADING in the world. WHY IS THIS HIDED? AND HOW TO EXPLAIN THE LOW WAGES AND PENSIONS??? By the way, the well-known economist M. Khazin, considering it rather tricky for the layman, proves that the REAL GDP of China, the USA and Russia, respectively; 8, 7.5 and 6 trillion. $. Which matches my calculations.
    1. Choro Kyrgyz Offline Choro Kyrgyz
      Choro Kyrgyz (Choro Kyrgyz) 17 July 2022 19: 12
      I agree with you, most "advanced" countries have a swollen economy
  4. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 17 July 2022 16: 53
    The question of "victory over Putin" is hypocritically raised when one should call a spade a spade: a struggle for resources!
    NATO is coveting the natural resources of Russia - it is moving to the East, and the defensive actions of the Russian Federation are hypocritically proclaimed aggression!
    Peaceful coexistence is disgusting to the West, and it is obvious that after the "victory over Putin" as a result of dragging his allies over to him, the "friends" will start after them.
    But regarding the economic weakness of the Russian Federation - Nicolas Busse is unfortunately right!
  5. Offline (Irina Gorskova) 17 July 2022 17: 45
    How did they train "busse.v". Instead of taking care of their country, which is impoverished and is heading into a hole because of green goats and liver sausages, refusing energy allowances, dooming their population to something sleazy, they are jumping in a thirst to "defeat Putin." This is incomprehensible to the mind.
  6. House 25 Sq. 380 (House 25 Sq. 380) 18 July 2022 21: 18
    In short, the conclusion is: in order to defeat Putin, you must defeat Putin ...
    And do something what? Specifically??