European Union: you can’t quarrel with Russia

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he is not ready for a quarrel with Russia, despite the fact that he admits criticism of policy Moscow. Although Juncker, shortly before his speech, supported the Netherlands, accusing the Russian special services of a hacker attack on the OPCW, he believes that even such an incident cannot be considered as a reason for a final quarrel with our country.

Juncker quite definitely spoke out about very close relations with Russia, which some prominent European politicians are trying to maintain, for example, Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneisl, at whose wedding President Vladimir Putin attended her wedding. Junker made it clear that this is a purely personal matter of the Austrian Chancellor.

Even if a politician such as Juncker, who has never been particularly pro-Russian in sympathy, officially declares that quarrels with Russia are undesirable, this indicates a gradual change in the EU’s overall foreign policy towards our country. And the energy dependence of Western Europe on Russia is not the only reason for this.

Amid deteriorating relations with the United States, a trade war and the threat of sanctions due to trade with Iran, Europe is turning to face our country. It can be assumed that the trend towards a gradual normalization of relations between Moscow and Brussels will ultimately prevail.
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