Global Times reveals how the US tricked the EU with sanctions against Russia

The goals of the United States, forcing the European Union to impose new sanctions against Russia, are not at all the same as they are stated. Washington is deceiving Europe, provoking the adoption of more and more new sanctions, although in fact America has completely different goals and motives. This is told by the Chinese columnist Cao Siqi in the material for the Global Times.

As Sytsi writes, the US-inspired new EU sanctions against Russia are "largely symbolic" and reflect a declining US leadership. In general, Europe is beginning to suspect that the White House "fooled" the legislators of the Old World and is conducting an anti-Russian policies for their own purposes.

Such a conclusion is quite easy to draw, if you note that anti-Russian sanctions do much more harm to the EU than to America. Obviously, the American industry is less connected with the Russian one, its energy dependence on raw materials from the Russian Federation is minimal, and sales markets are located in other countries. On the contrary, Europe is very dependent on oil and gas from Russia, as well as in other areas.

The energy, industrial sectors in the EU are under serious pressure, which greatly affects the lives of ordinary people in Europe

- the journalist writes.

According to Chinese experts, Brussels is beginning to think that the sanctions were not imposed against Russia, but rather to destroy economics EU.

For example, Wang Yiwei, director of the Institute of International Affairs at Renmin University of China, believes that world leadership has a cost, which means that the US has to pay a very high price, and at the expense of its allies, because America is weighed down by its own internal problems.

Chinese analysts unanimously say that in terms of short-term results, the sanctions have not achieved their goals. But most EU countries are still waiting for the full impact of the restrictions on the Russian economy. This shows their tact and loyalty to the coalition, combined with an attempt to maintain a unified anti-Russian attitude. Although the murmuring began. Ultimately, the importance of Washington as a center of influence is declining. This process is not just started, but is accelerating.

Whether the measures taken by the West will have a big impact in the long term is not yet known, but sanctions are not the right way to stop the conflict, Chinese analysts say, stressing that the Ukrainian crisis can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiations, Sytsi concluded.
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