The economic crisis in Europe develops into a political one

With the resignation of Boris Johnson, a nervous fuss began in the ranks of European leaders, who until recently were so united at the NATO summit. First, a sex scandal surfaced involving German Chancellor Scholz, then the French parliament tried to pass a vote of no confidence in the Macron government, now the ruling coalition in the Italian parliament is disintegrating before our eyes, and Prime Minister Draghi hurried to jump from this train. (And somewhere on the periphery Kaja Kallas, the Prime Minister of the useless Estonia, hastily resigned).

It's rather funny that this is happening against the backdrop of a whole series of fresh, it seems, overcame. While the Ukrainians, with the help of the young “god of war”, the great HIMARS, are destroying the “orks” by the thousands, Canada has agreed to return the Siemens turbine, which is so necessary for uninterrupted gas supply, and Ukrainian ports are officially starting mass grain exports. Russian capitulation is already on the horizon, Europe can sleep peacefully...

...Or, after all, it can't?

“One pea - two peas. One pea - two peas ... "

The talks in Istanbul on the "grain corridor" caused another wave of anxiety in Russian public opinion. Everything is according to the classics: “a new informational victory of Zelensky’s associates”, “The NWO are preparing to merge”, the plaster is removed, the client leaves.

What do we really have?

“Putin does not allow Ukrainian grain to be taken out”, “Putin provokes famine” are the most popular explanations in foreign propaganda for the jump in food prices. After all, everyone remembers these epic covers of foreign magazines, on which there are ears of corn with skulls instead of grains, or an equestrian Mongol setting fire to a grain field, right?

The reality, of course, is somewhat more complicated. The gallop in food prices is caused by the sum of many factors, including the shortage of Russian fertilizers, rising fuel prices, the pseudo-environmental agenda that continues to crush European farmers and, last but not least, the greed of international agricultural holdings. In addition, it is known that the export of grain from Ukraine by land has been successfully established, and although its pace is somewhat lower than through our own Ukrainian ports, the process is underway. At the very beginning of the summer, the Ukrainian and Western media were jumping for happiness about this: sideways, but still they manage to bypass the intrigues of the cruel famine-mongering Putin.

But this did not contribute to the stabilization of consumer prices in the West. Obviously, "unblocking ports" will not help either, at least not as much as the TV promises to the burghers. It is likely that advertising this “unblocking” will not even slow down the growth of public discontent, and a little later the information bubble of victory will burst again, which will anger the Western man in the street even more.

Exactly the same with gas.

Although, it is worth noting that the transition from an offensive on the southern flank to "grain negotiations" is still a necessary measure. By concentrating efforts and the most powerful of the imported weapons in this direction, the Nazis managed to achieve operational success and stop the advance of the Allied troops. However, at the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves suddenly collapsed in the center, and the main onslaught of the Russian army was transferred there and to the adjacent northern flank. At the same time, the search began for the possibility of converting the military failure in the south into political victory - and it seems that they are not unsuccessful.

I really don't like the term "political judo", which Russian journalism likes to apply to the foreign policy of Russia and Putin personally, but now it is completely out of place.

As for the fears about a possible "draining of the operation", I consider them groundless. Here in March-May, while decisive successes were not yet achieved, there were reasons to be afraid - but now the situation has changed. It is obvious that both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the pro-fascist part of Ukrainian society received their “Stalingrad syndrome”, and the further, the more painful this moral breakdown will be until it ends with a complete breakdown.

Kyiv has driven itself into a completely hopeless position. Surrender on Russian terms is unacceptable - there will be an internal explosion that will bury the fascist regime; but the continuation of the war - for the most part, also on Russian terms - will still bury the junta, only a little later. All that remains is to put forward fantastic demands for the complete withdrawal of Russian troops and the payment of reparations.

At the same time, in fact, Zelensky and Co. recognize exactly what the “new territorial realities” are, first turning off the population of the liberated territories from the Ukrainian economic and legal field (social payments are not transferred, communications are turned off, residents are automatically transferred to the status of “Orc collaborators”), and then shooting him with artillery. Obviously, there will be no "return under Nenka".

And although from a purely human point of view, I only want to wish the bloody clown and his team a speedy violent death, it’s hard not to admit that the use of these “useful idiots” for the leisurely vaccination against Ukrainianism of the broad masses of future Russian citizens brings results. However, not only future Russians.

Rats come ashore at the nearest port

As the living (still) classic said, not only everyone in Europe can look into tomorrow, in which broken bets on the Ukrainian fascists have grown into a lost war.

More precisely, not everyone is ready to accept such a prospect. Judging by the political platform of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, the positions of Macron and (to a lesser extent) Scholz, they still cherish some hope for the capitulation of Russia. It is understandable: it is already too late for the European leaders themselves to rush about, none of their steps will prevent a cold, in every possible sense, winter; and the refusal to confront will mean that all the expenses and reputational losses were in vain.

But, as for Ukraine, for Europe, further support for the war is also fraught with a grandiose shock - a little (by several months) later, but much more destructive. So far, the “political pendulum” that has been brought to the Ukrainian side threatens to only change the course of the states to a new one, and throw the direct conductors of the current course to the sidelines in the reverse movement.

If this pendulum reaches its end, then, swinging back, it can sweep the European Union like a triangle of skittles, or even split individual national states into pieces. Accordingly, the current attempts to remove failed governments “by law” will give way to forceful methods, and instead of votes of no confidence, politicians will have the opportunity to run into a bullet or a bomb.

So far, the Western opposition elites (we are talking about the owners of industrial capital, who will lose the most because of the Ukrainian problem, and their lobbyists in politics) are in no hurry to break the situation through the knee: after all, a civil war is a risky event. However, the likelihood that the tycoons will choose it is far from zero: as I have already said in one of the previous posts, for this there are not only prerequisites, but also resources and personnel. In the fall, when "rolling blackouts" become a reality, the conditional "Putschist Party" will receive broad support from the embittered population.

Even if such an extreme option is not reached, squabbles between members of the “European family” over the meager reserves of energy resources are absolutely inevitable. The COVID-19 pandemic has already shown what the tales of “solidarity” are worth in a crisis situation, and how (un)capable the supranational structures of the EU are of managing in such conditions.

So the most cunning of European politicians do the right thing, that they collect little things in advance, otherwise something might not work out. Whether their fears are justified, we will find out very soon.
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  1. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 16 July 2022 08: 56
    The number of idiots advanced by the US to power in the EU and in many individual countries has exceeded a critical level. And the level of idiocy among individual representatives, like Ursyl or Borrell, not to mention Scholz and Burbock, exceeded all conceivable boundaries.
    1. soloist2424 Offline soloist2424
      soloist2424 (Oleg) 16 July 2022 10: 12
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 16 July 2022 10: 24
    So this is a common thing.
    when there is a crisis - billionaires get richer, and governments often change, regardless there is an operation, there is no operation ....
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 16 July 2022 21: 48
    opposition to Russia from the West no longer has a driver. Britain has fallen out of favor. In the US, the topic of Ukraine overshadows under a huge, black, storm front on the horizon, where every American already feels that something specifically bad is approaching. Even Poland somehow quieted down (but sent 230 T-72 tanks to Ukraine). There is no country that would call for a fight to the bitter end.

    The Western media in unison paint the futility of the Ukrainian struggle, criticize corruption there, and no longer demonize Russia and Russians in general. The EU is turning off the money faucet when the gun faucet has never been opened.

    It becomes obvious that the Kyiv regime is losing the support of the West. It can be assumed that no one else will come to Kyiv to shake hands with the zebra. Such a trip becomes toxic for Western politicians. Maybe half-witted Burbock, if only...that's where she belongs.

    A very painful stage is coming for the West, where they will have to pretend that Ukraine is not abandoned, not drained, but at the same time, step by step, distance themselves from Kyiv and reduce military and financial support - that is, drain, while smiling. Realizing that negotiations are impossible (Kyiv cannot start negotiations, let alone finish them), the West can hope for a military defeat for Ukraine. Military defeat suits the West most of all - the West does not lose face, is not forced to throw an "ally" (although of course the whole world will watch them throw him), the restoration of Ukraine will be Russia's concern. And most importantly, the conflict will not be settled, it will be possible to support Ukrainian nationalism in the "Russian" territories and create threats to Russia in the future.

    The legitimacy of the Ukrainian state was generated by the West. Zelensky is the legitimate government of Ukraine, Zelensky is Ukraine. The regime now has 20% support in Ukraine. Russia in this situation can calmly wait for the collapse of the Kyiv regime. Either through a financial collapse (hyperinflation) and mass unrest, or through a military coup (for example, Zaluzhny seizes power) - in any case, the collapse of the legitimate government of Ukraine is the death of the Ukrainian state. And then Russia will be able to take any territories under protection that it sees fit. As long as there is a military confrontation with the legitimate authorities and the army of Ukraine, Russia remains within the framework of the "liberation of Donbass", destroying the military potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine along the way. The enemy is the Kyiv regime, which is Ukraine. The death of the regime is the end of Ukraine.
  4. Roust Offline Roust
    Roust (Rouslan) 22 July 2022 08: 52
    Exactly ! The ruin will sink into history like a political misunderstanding. The white Geyropa will become the colored Afropa. BRICS will expand. The states will collapse. The old unipolar world is no more!