Ukrainians are offered to imprison for Russian citizenship

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin took the initiative to introduce punishment for those who have dual citizenship with the Russian Federation. Moreover, the punishment may be criminal. The minister voiced such an initiative on the TV channel "UA: Kharkov".

Klimkin stated that he is categorically against dual citizenship in general. But special attention should be paid to those who, in addition to the Ukrainian, have a Russian passport. In his opinion, a special law should be created that would regulate this norm.

All cases of such obtaining Russian citizenship should be investigated accordingly by our special services.

- said the Ukrainian official.

In addition, he sharply condemned those compatriots who travel to Russia to earn money. (I just missed one point - not all Ukrainians have a ministerial position and a corresponding salary, and for many such trips are a matter of survival).

Indeed, according to the current Ukrainian Constitution, dual citizenship with any country is prohibited. But no punishment is provided for this. The question of introducing any punitive measures for dual citizenship initially arose as a result of the fact that the Ukrainian authorities were seriously concerned about the situation in Transcarpathia. It became known that the Hungarian consulate issues passports to ethnic Hungarians living in this region. This situation caused a conflict between Kiev and Budapest.

But now Klimkin is in a hurry to “turn the arrows”, first of all, to Russia. The desire to make another anti-Russian attack was more important for him than concern over the situation in Transcarpathia. Still would! Now the representative of the Ukrainian authorities cannot help but try to hurt the “aggressor country”, even if a significant part of the citizens of Ukraine goes to this country to earn a living.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 6 October 2018 11: 51
    For example, the banker and hyperoligarch I. Kolomoisky, a rather influential "Judeo-Bandera" minor ", then all sorts of miserable imitators like" Grekobanderovtsy "and others appeared in him ....)" and the famous Ukrainian figure "awakened non-foreign affairs", after the "peremogi of the Maidan", to the question of the "Svidomo" TV journalist about his alleged unconstitutional "double citizenship ", it seems, he ironically" joked "that he has not double, but triple citizenship and there is no prohibition of" triple citizenship "under Ukrainian law ?!
    What will the "well-known" champion of the Constitution "Klim Chu say about the alleged, not only" double ", but also" triple (and multi?) Citizenship "of his" law-abiding "colleagues in the anti-constitutional" Euromaidan ... " pressed ... that is, Pavel Klimkin (along the way the question arose, how many citizenships does the high-ranking "thief in law" have? Anticipating a counter question, I have one citizenship, not prohibited by the Constitution!) ?!