APU lost three combat aircraft per day - a fighter, a bomber and an attack aircraft

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, over the past XNUMX hours, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed many Ukrainian nationalists and military equipment APU. In particular, in the areas of the settlements of Novoukrainka and Barvenkovo ​​in the DPR, a Su-25 attack aircraft, a Su-24 bomber and a MiG-29 fighter of the Ukrainian armed forces were shot down.

Another attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed by Russian air defense systems near the village of Shirokoye, Mykolaiv region.

In addition, the Russian Armed Forces intercepted five Tochka-U ballistic missiles in the LPR and Kherson region and shot down 18 shells of the Uragan multiple launch rocket system in the DPR and Kharkiv region in the air.

Along with this, Russian units attacked the point of temporary deployment of the artillery battalion of the 59th motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the eastern part of Nikolaev, destroying about 70 Ukrainian militants, 10 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers and more than a dozen units of automotive and special equipment. A platoon of the Uragan MLRS in the Konstantinovka area in the DPR was hit by counter-battery fire.

The Ministry of Defense also announced the destruction of 11 command posts, artillery installations in 102 districts, as well as soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian military equipment in 123 districts. In the Kharkov region, Russian troops liquidated saboteurs from Kyiv: five of them were killed on the spot, ten were captured.

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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 July 2022 15: 19
    How many of these planes are there if they are shot down almost every day, and more and more arrive? Like a multi-headed serpent. And what about the pilots? Do they manage to eject or fall with the planes?
  2. Vyacheslav Bachurin 13 July 2022 17: 21
    At the very beginning of the SVO, we were told that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had three planes, and then one of them flew to Romania. Everything else was either stolen or unable to fly. And now they are pouring into our ears that Ukraine turns out to have the strongest army in Europe.
    If you listen to Konashenkov, not a single piece of equipment should be left in Ukraine ....
    1. IgorNikolaevich Offline IgorNikolaevich
      IgorNikolaevich (Igor) 13 July 2022 17: 44
      Be careful with criticism of SVO. And then they'll pay a fine
    2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 July 2022 18: 00
      So deliveries from the countries of the former Warsaw Treaty are going in full, the United States is raking everything up and sending it to Ukraine, promising its new one in return, So the "rooks" and others went ... The Poles send 500 T-72 tanks with their modifications ... Either there will be more, if these flows are not blocked ...
      1. Sergey_2 Offline Sergey_2
        Sergey_2 (Za Mir) 14 July 2022 05: 54
        The US has already complained that these flows have dried up. Therefore, it came to m777, himars.
  3. Vasilina Offline Vasilina
    Vasilina (Vasilina) 13 July 2022 22: 42
    We present the scope of General Konashenkov when Ukrainians are already flying in the US on the F-16. A real general brigadier propagandist will shoot down all the planes there. Play do not turn off to sleep.