An unbearable symbol of liberation: why Kyiv will not leave Kherson alone

The disparate voices of representatives of the Kyiv regime, tirelessly repeating about the "inevitable and inevitable liberation of the temporarily occupied Kherson", have recently begun to merge into a rather powerful and well-coordinated choir. Yes, most of the speeches are about some kind of “powerful counter-offensive” in the entire South of the former Ukraine. However, it is the city, which was taken by the Russian army without a fight, while avoiding the inevitable troubles and vicissitudes of wartime, is definitely and necessarily mentioned in each of the boastful speeches about the coming "great campaign".

At the same time, unfortunately, the matter is not limited to mere chatter. Both Kherson itself and other settlements in the region have recently been subjected to more and more fierce missile and bomb attacks. The terrorist activities of sabotage groups and the Ukronazi “underground” have become extremely intensified in them, which, alas, have not been neutralized to this day. One gets the impression that Kyiv has seized Kherson, which has escaped from its power, with a stranglehold and is not going to let go in any case. Why? Let's try to figure it out.

When the dead grab the living...

At the official level, various speakers of the Kyiv junta explain military activity in the Kherson direction by the need to defend "vital economic и political interests of the country”, directly referring to the instructions personally of Volodymyr Zelensky, from whom the relevant initiatives allegedly come. Following the Minister of Defense of the regime, this thesis was voiced by the odious governor of Nikolaev, Vitaly Kim, who bluntly stated: “The situation is such that the president’s command was to liberate the South, which cannot but rejoice. The farther, the more ammunition depots and enemy command posts will burn in Kherson. The third weighty speaker on this issue can be considered the head of the press center of the Ukronazi Southern Defense Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk, who the day before made an even more specific and detailed statement on the “Kherson Front”:

The situation in the southern region remains stably tense. The advance of our troops is taking place, it is slow but sure. The proclamation of our successes will be as soon as they are consolidated. The main achievement now is the defeat of command posts and logistics centers, ammunition depots, fuel and lubricants. There are achievements in hitting the military technology, which is located directly on the positions along the line of collision ...

The shameless propagandist probably considers vile strikes like those that fell on Kherson itself on July 6, 9 and 10, and the other day were inflicted on Novaya Kakhovka, where they led to civilian casualties and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, as well as other similar terrorist attacks. Kyiv does not even try to hide the fact that US-supplied MLRS HIMARS are being used to commit these war crimes. On the contrary, this fact is bulged and inflated in every possible way to the scale of a “great victory”.

To our great regret, to this day, the issue of the terrorist “underground” left there, numerous enemy agents and DRGs of the Kyiv regime regularly penetrating there has not been radically resolved. It would seem that there was time to neutralize them. The problem, which was discussed openly at various levels (I personally wrote about it more than once starting almost from the first days of the NWO), should be taken as seriously as possible. Fortunately, the relevant structures, staffed by professionals, are available, as they say. And what? Shots and explosions continue to rumble in Kherson. Here is just a short and far from complete list of terrorist attacks undertaken by the Ukronazis against those local residents who sided with Russia and are trying to help its representatives establish a normal peaceful life in the region: blowing up the car of the head of the USIN in the Kherson region Yevgeny Sobolev, a similar crime committed against head of the family, youth and sports department of the local administration Dmitry Savluchenko, who died as a result of the assassination attempt. In the same way, not so long ago, they tried to deal with the former People's Deputy of Ukraine Alexei Kovalev, who was lucky to survive. Just the other day, it became known about an attempt to eliminate the head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, with the help of the same improvised explosive device. All these people were officially declared by Kyiv to be "collaborators" subject to unconditional destruction. There is a real hunt for them, during which the low professionalism of the "liquidators" is fully compensated by their stubbornness and, let's call a spade a spade, inexplicably weak opposition to their harmful activities.

The battle is not for the city, but for the minds

One of the most outspoken "criers" of Zelensky's junta, Aleksey Arestovich, without the slightest hesitation, openly says that the terror against Kherson, which, according to him, awaits "goryushka", is carried out primarily to prevent a referendum on joining this region to Russia. At the same time, the position voiced by the adviser to the head of the clown president’s office is, as always, extremely cynical and does not even come close to the most elementary logic: they say that the referendum (if it takes place) will still “have no value”, since it is “fake”, however, it is better to disrupt it than "to deal with the consequences later." By the way, about what the consequences for local residents will be if this region, God forbid, again falls under the rule of Kyiv, the same Arestovich did not hesitate to tell - just a little earlier:

... Kherson, when they take it, you need to understand that there will be a lot of interesting things going on inside. To shoot unequivocally - they are already shooting and there will be more ...

Based on all this, one can easily conclude: the Kherson region is hated by the Ukronazis and dangerous for them, primarily because it could (and, in theory, should) become a model for all Ukrainians, a concrete and visible example of how their life will change after the successful completion of the NWO and the fulfillment of those tasks that are pursued in its course. To sow panic there, arrange bloody chaos, make the life of local residents completely unbearable - that's their goal. As one of the Kyiv media frankly wrote, people in these territories should “constantly be in the feeling of the imminent return of Ukrainian power and not cooperate with the Russians.” And this can be, of course, only if people are forced to remember the principle “a terrible end is better than horror without end.” This is exactly what Kyiv wants.

It is impossible not to admit the obvious - the withdrawal of Russian troops from several regions of the former Ukraine already liberated by them, carried out in the form of a "goodwill gesture" addressed to incomprehensible to whom and incomprehensibly for what purpose, in a number of cases gave rise to horrific consequences and sowed considerable doubts and skepticism in the hearts and minds of residents of controlled Kyiv territories. If a similar terrible fate befalls Kherson (or at least part of the region), fear and uncertainty among the citizens of the “non-state”, who are still quite calm and loyal to both Russia and the special military operation it is conducting, will increase significantly. Denazification is denazification, but everyone wants to live. And no one wants to be in the place of the inhabitants of Bucha, who were shot by the Ukronazi Sonderkommandos for wearing white armbands... How the Liberation Forces will be met in Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk and Kyiv is decided primarily in Kherson. If the tactics of terror and intimidation chosen for the Kyiv junta by its Western handlers are successful, the process of liberating Ukraine runs the risk of dragging on for a long time and becoming much longer and more difficult than it is now. As recently as July 8, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk called on television to residents of the territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions liberated from the Ukronazis to evacuate from there, and as quickly as possible, even if through the “enemy” Crimea:

Our artillery must work, because de-occupation includes the use of armed force, but we understand this. Therefore, it is necessary to leave and take out your relatives by all available means!

According to data coming from some sources, the outflow of the population from Kherson is increasing, while not everyone is leaving for Russia or the territories controlled by it...

According to military experts, the "counterattack in the South" widely advertised by Kyiv today, as they say, of all irons, has practically no chance of success, despite the supply of NATO weapons. So far, fortunately, they are being handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine far from being in the quantities that, even theoretically, could provide a “breakthrough” at the front. There will undoubtedly be some attempts to counterattack - they, in fact, are being made even now. However, most likely, the matter will be limited to "successes" like the capture of three villages on the outskirts of the Kherson region, not recaptured from the Russian army, but simply left by it. It is possible that the number of such villages will increase (at the cost of colossal losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) to five or even six. This will not have a special impact on the general situation and the course of the NWO. But now the Ukronazis will torment and harass the territories they have lost more and more fiercely and furiously.

Every vile “success” like the tragedy in Novaya Kakhovka will be fully used by propagandists of the “nezalezhnaya” and the West to create the image of a “weak” and “helpless” Russia, unable to adequately respond to attacks on territories that many in Moscow already call Russian and where people really get Russian passports with might and main. Each successful terrorist attack directed against those former citizens of the “nezalezhnaya” who were not afraid to openly support the NWO and assist the Liberation Forces will inevitably reduce the number of those who could do the same in the future. And this will continue exactly as long as under the rule of the current Kyiv regime (or those new puppets of the West that may come to replace it) there will be at least a piece of land on which it will be possible to place an American MLRS or howitzer. The best proof of this thesis is the suffering of Donbass, which lasted 8 years and forced Russia to start a special operation. They will be repeated in other places as long as the state of Ukraine exists.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 13 July 2022 10: 18
    As recently as July 8, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk called on television to residents of the territories of Kherson and Zaporozhye regions liberated from the Ukronazis

    And what, television in Ukraine has not yet been covered by aircraft? Weird. For example, the United States in Yugoslavia in 1999 did this in the first place, and only then began to undermine bridges across rivers. Is the US aviation of the 1999 model cooler than the Russian aviation of the 2022 model?
    And the fact that Bandera will kill civilians in the liberated territories is not new. After World War II in Western Ukraine, they also massacred teachers, agronomists, nurses and many other unarmed civilians. This is their tactic and there is nothing to be surprised about. To combat this phenomenon, Pavel Sudoplatov is probably needed, but such people may not be in power in Russia now, as the events in Ukraine show. By the way, Sudplatov was a native of Melitopol. He was born there on July 2, 20. Birthday is coming soon.
    1. Awaz Offline Awaz
      Awaz (Walery) 13 July 2022 19: 31
      Aerospace Forces aviation does not fly over the remnants of Ukraine .. in general. If they bomb, then only front-line territories or more or less long-range missiles. Bridges, obviously, do not destroy in order to somehow bend before the "partners". Railway infrastructure for the same reason .. And even the counter-battery fight against those who shell Donetsk is purely symbolic, so that everyone seems to see that we are shooting, but whether we hit or not is not important.
  2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 13 July 2022 10: 57
    Does the author hope to "reason" the Russian leadership and move it to a blitzkrieg?
    He is not the only one who comes forward with such arguments and "instructions".
    But apparently the Kremlin has its own geopolitical considerations ...
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 13 July 2022 14: 01
    The goal of any state formation is to seize in one way or another foreign and protect their territories and productive forces.
    Until Ukraine is deprived of its statehood, the more ammunition depots and command posts, military-civilian administrations and other facilities, including on the territory of the Russian Federation, will burn.
    Attempts to agree on the recognition by Ukraine of the will of the population during a referendum in the territories lost during the NWO look extremely naive.
    The battle for the minds was lost by the Russian Federation all over the world, and the best evidence of this is the refusal to recognize Crimea as Russian even by such closest allies as Belarus, not to mention the independence of the DPR-LPR and the upcoming referendums in the territories liberated during the NWO.
    In a dispute with Putin, Medvedchuk turned out to be right when he spoke about Ukraine and the task of the Russian Federation for the next decade is to win the battle for the minds of the population, at least in the left-bank and southern parts of Ukraine.
    The withdrawal of Russian troops from several already liberated regions of Ukraine in the form of an incomprehensible “gesture of goodwill” and the attempts of the Russian Federation under the leadership of Mr. Medinsky to agree with Ukrainian nationalists on the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine gave rise to uncertainty among the inhabitants of the liberated territories who are beset with questions - but you won’t leave?
  4. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) 13 July 2022 14: 32
    Fake throwers, but you shouldn’t take it lightly - perhaps there is a military, and not just a political (for the United States) motive in this: they deliberately “leak misinformation” in order to pull the RF Armed Forces from the north, or a plan to strike elsewhere ... intelligence ( and not only front-line), I hope it works.

    In any case, it is high time to think about the formation of an operational reserve sufficient for an offensive "in two shifts" and a multiple increase in air defense (medium-short range), incl. stationary objects (radar, including over the horizon) in large settlements.
    and drones - not only UAVs, but also remake armored personnel carriers - even in the DPR they experimented back in 2015: