Made in Russia: Siemens localizes turbine production

Over the past few years, many information and legal “copies” have been broken around the activities of the Siemens concern in Russia. Whoever did not try to interfere with the Germans by putting sticks in the wheels of the process, but their desire to work in this country, only grew and grew stronger.

And now, it became known that Siemens is ready to organize the production of high-power turbines in Russia, with localization up to 100%. The concern sees the demand for the local market in 2000E gas turbines for thermal power plants (TPPs). And they are ready to share their key with the Russians by technology - “hot part”, i.e. casting. It is in this way that fuel combustion chambers and gas turbine blades are made. And in Russia, this is a key industry problem (work at high temperatures).

The Germans hope that their joint venture with Power Machines PJSC will be able to work fruitfully in the field of manufacturing these turbines. In addition, they are negotiating with a number of other companies: JSC United Engine Corporation (JSC UEC), which is part of the Russian state corporation Rostec; Kazan Motor-Industrial Production Association (KMPO); Gazenergoservice company.

Siemens needs orders, and their desire can be understood. After all, they will have to spend more than $ 100 million on only one furnace in order to start the casting technology. And there 70-80% of the casting goes to marriage, for further processing, since the blades are a special casting, with a very complicated manufacturing process (inside there are grooves for cooling). So this is a good thing for Russia.
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  2. master2 Offline master2
    master2 (Zhora) 6 October 2018 10: 24
    I don’t know where the author got this information from, it is not true to say the least. Here is a list of company decisions in response to breaches of contractual obligations to not supply turbines to Crimea and Putin’s personal guarantees on the same topic of these genes. Director of the Siemens concern:

    On July 21, Siemens updated its press release on the website from the 7th day and announced that in response to recent events, the company had made “four important decisions”:
    1) Completely abandoned its share in the Russian company ”Interavtomatika”, which offers equipment and services for auxiliary and control systems for power plants.
    2) Initiated the revocation of licenses issued to Russian companies for the supply of equipment for mixed-cycle power plants.
    3) Temporarily suspended the supply of electricity generating equipment under current contracts to Russian clients controlled by the state. At the same time Siemens is introducing a much stricter control regime than is prescribed by legal requirements. This new permanent arrangement stipulates that potential equipment deliveries will only take place after Siemens is confident that the equipment can be installed at the contracted final destinations. This also means that Siemens will oversee the supply and that the equipment will be installed on site by the company's specialists. New business projects related to gas turbine equipment will be carried out exclusively by Siemens-controlled joint venture Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies and Moscow-based wholly owned subsidiary Siemens Ltd. The new permanent monitoring mechanism is to be applied in all new projects.
    4) In addition, during the investigation, two Siemens employees who are members of the Supervisory Board of Interautomatika will be immediately replaced or will be suspended accordingly.
    All this is on the official website, you can read.
  3. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 10 October 2018 14: 09
    it's fake? something from the category of fiction. the Germans, it seemed, were not going to work and even threatened to sue ... and suddenly a whimper came down? I do not believe!