Russian gas supplies across the bottom of the Baltic Sea have been completely halted

The pumping of Russian gas through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline was completely stopped from the beginning of the gas day (from 7 am) on Monday, July 11. This was announced by the company - the operator of the gas pipeline Nord Stream AG.

The operation of both strings of the gas pipeline was suspended due to planned maintenance work, which, in particular, involves checking mechanical components and automation systems. Gazprom's plans provide that the work will last until July 21.

The supply of gas across the bottom of the Baltic in the previous day and earlier amounted to 63,4 million cubic meters - this is approximately 40 percent of the entire capacity of Nord Stream, which is capable of transporting 170 million blue fuel daily.

At the same time, the pumping of gas through Ukrainian transit through the Sunzha station remains at the same level and amounts to 41 million cubic meters. A similar volume of gas pumping through the territory of Ukraine has been maintained since the end of May.

Previously, gas supplies under the Baltic Sea were reduced due to the repair of one of the Siemens turbines in Montreal (Canada). Ottawa refused to return the gas pipeline equipment due to sanctions, but the day before, Canadian authorities allowed the turbine to be sent, which was met with regret by Kyiv. Meanwhile, in the future, the return of the turbine will allow Gazprom to increase the volume of gas pumped through Nord Stream 1.
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  1. sat2004 Offline sat2004
    sat2004 11 July 2022 14: 01
    How the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation looks at the continuation of supplies, especially if the funds go to support the national. battalions with weapons, although not directly, but through increasing the welfare of unfriendly countries. We also offer them oil, oh, you have expensive gasoline.
  2. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 11 July 2022 14: 39
    Completely deprive the oborzesya geyropka of Russian gas. Let them crow.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 12 July 2022 08: 36
    gas pumping through the Ukrainian transit through the Sunzha station remains at the same level and amounts to 41 million cubic meters.

    I hope that on July 15 Russia will declare war on Ukraine and this financing of terrorists will end? Yes, and Nord Stream should not be included. It is necessary to start already, to raise our economy without "selling the Motherland". It will be hard, but Europe will be completely kerdyk, without our energy resources.