“Toothless struggle”: CNN host predicted a “crack” in the anti-Russian coalition

The administration of President Joe Biden complicates the processes in the oil and gas industry too much, which acts in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now, also thanks to the actions of the White House, the Russian government will receive much more income from the oil and gas trade. The main task now should be to find out the motives for such behavior of the US leadership and whether there was intent in such actions. Economist Farid Zakaria speaks about this during a television broadcast on CNN.

Zakaria named economic the West's war against Russian President Vladimir Putin "toothless struggle" and said that the United States and Europe are overly dependent on the Russian Federation in terms of energy.

The main problem with economic sanctions against Russia, as I argued earlier, is that it is toothless, because it cannot impose sanctions on all Russian energy at once. The Russian economy is essentially an energy economy

says the expert.

Putin's strategy seems to be to impose costs on the West and then play for time, assuming that the "crack" in the anti-Russian coalition will grow as economic problems in these countries grow, Zakaria added. In turn, the crisis is the fruit of ill-considered policy EU, held for many years.

His forecast finds understanding and response in Europe. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, also had to state that among the G20 member countries there is absolutely no unified position regarding the conflict in Ukraine. Many of them are members of the G7, but their position only formally converges with the position of the West. General principles and statements are supported, but these states are in no hurry to break off relations with Russia.

The economist calls for investing money not in Ukraine, but in investments for allies in the EU, who have more hydrocarbon reserves. For example, in the Netherlands, which has explored and confirmed pools of minerals. If the United States itself is unable to increase production, then it is obliged to help those who could, and not just pour useless money into plunder by Kyiv. This last fact will definitely embroil the coalition.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 11 July 2022 09: 44
    that among the G20 member countries there is absolutely no unified position regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

    And why is there no common position regarding the conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria? These conflicts were supported only by NATO members. But for the whole world there are few such members, therefore modern Ukraine is supported mainly only by these members! For representatives of other different states, their shirt is closer to the body. This is the law of development of evolution.
  2. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 11 July 2022 10: 59
    Geyropa herself did everything to become volatile from an external producer, Russian gas is just closer and cheaper, and now they are looking for the guilty. Well, there will be no our gas, there will be American and Arab. And the EU will be in even greater slavery to Yankees, perhaps even under direct control. Without any problems with national governments. Although what am I talking about? Those who should know all this very well, and the article is for fooling the people.
  3. Khaertdinov Radik (Radik Khaertdinov) 11 July 2022 12: 26
    Why toothless? They also need to dump Geyrop, they are successfully coping with this! The Yankees will raise their economy at the expense of the collapsed Geyropa ... The brainless geyrorulers themselves help them in this.)