The President of Germany demanded explanations from Zelensky for the cancellation of the visit to the capital of Ukraine

Berlin continues to show its dissatisfaction with Kyiv. Recently, most of the Bundestag deputies refused to even discuss the issue of transferring 200 Fuchs armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, considering it a robbery of the Bundeswehr. Now it has become known that German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier demanded an explanation from his Ukrainian counterpart for the cancellation of his visit to Kyiv, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel.

The publication notes, citing its sources, that we are talking about the trip of one of the authors of the peace settlement plan in Donbas, which was supposed to take place on April 12, but was canceled by the Ukrainian side without clear explanations. The Ukrainian authorities then canceled the arrival of the German functionary, citing "logistical difficulties and security problems," although at that time there was a pilgrimage of representatives of Western countries to Kyiv.

Then Steinmeier said that Kyiv probably considered his visit undesirable. He was going to visit the Ukrainian capital together with the presidents of Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, but the Ukrainian authorities felt that his visit would be more "acceptable" and "meaningful" if it was a solitary one. In Berlin it regarded as an unfriendly, annoying and insulting act, after which the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine was sharply reduced.

On May 5, a telephone conversation took place between Steinmeier and Zelensky, which lasted 45 minutes. During the conversation, Zelensky invited Steinmeier to come to Kyiv on May 8, but he refused, since on that date his schedule included a visit to him by the head of the Bundestag, Berbel Bas.

After that, Steinmeier demanded an apology and explanation from Zelensky, i.e. he did not tolerate public humiliation. The German president wanted to know what were the real reasons for the sudden cancellation of his previous visit before scheduling a new one, and whether it was advisable in principle. The publication did not give details of the answer of the Ukrainian leader, however, it is known that the date of the visit of the President of Germany to Ukraine has not been determined so far.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 9 July 2022 17: 23
    The President of Germany demanded explanations from Zelensky for the cancellation of the visit to the capital of Ukraine

    Liverwurst. Tell yourself. Was it all worth it?
    1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
      Michael L. 9 July 2022 17: 34
      To be precise: "Offended liver sausage" - this was said by the Ambassador of Ukraine A. Melnik not to the President of the Federal Republic of Germany FW Steinmeier, but to Chancellor O. Scholz.
  2. Chervony Biker Offline Chervony Biker
    Chervony Biker (Red Biker) 9 July 2022 18: 14
    from April !!! silent, tormented.
    And now, demanded "explanations."
    Yes, and the redneck ambassador of Ukraine Melnik was kicked in the ass from Germany.
    With armored personnel carriers, it also didn’t work out.
    Turbine for gas, again - the Germans demanded from the Canadians.
    Everything points to the coming "zrada" from the Teutons. Looks like the Germans, as no one notices the hopelessness of coming out of fascism.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 11 July 2022 13: 44
    In fact, the Germans are tired of Zelensky's nonsense