Media: West will curtail aid to Ukraine if Kyiv does not turn the tide before autumn

If Kyiv fails to reverse the situation on the fronts in its favor by the autumn of this year, the supply of Western weapons may stop. This assumption was made by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

According to the journalists of the publication, Western states are interested in the real results of their actions in Ukraine and will not engage in charity just for the sake of an idea.

If the project does not bring benefits, it is curtailed, which will happen to Kyiv, because its military and financial support with the further retreat of the Ukrainian army under the pressure of the Russians loses all meaning

the newspaper says.

At the same time, in the UK and other Western countries, the most sober policy begin to realize the futility of providing such assistance. Soviet-style weapons at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are gradually ending. Handling high-tech Western weapons requires the appropriate qualifications of Ukrainian soldiers, which can take several months to train.

Earlier, the German TV channel ZDF published an article in which military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine complain about the difficulties when working with PzH 2000 howitzers - this, in particular, concerns navigation devices and the MVRS-700SC mini-radar.
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  1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 6 July 2022 11: 29
    At the end of April or beginning of May, I began to write that the war would end before winter.
    Our victory and without giving a piece of the former Ukraine to the Poles and other jackals.
    More and more information begins to correspond to this prediction.
  2. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 6 July 2022 12: 20
    Hackers made public the data of Ukrainian intelligence officers
    It's just a pity that without mobile phone numbers
  3. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 6 July 2022 12: 47
    They seriously dream of defeating the Russian army ... Has it ever happened at least once in history? We are talking about serious wars, and not about small battles, when something was done in a hurry, out of mind, etc. And now, in extreme cases, there is the Last argument in the form of nuclear weapons ....
    1. qtfreet Offline qtfreet
      qtfreet (Stephen Hawkins) 6 July 2022 21: 41
      Quote: Igor Viktorovich Berdin
      Has it happened at least once in history?

      Alas, yes. Tsushima.
      1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 7 July 2022 23: 02
        Now there is nuclear weapons.
  4. Victor Du Offline Victor Du
    Victor Du (Victor) 6 July 2022 13: 23
    Everything is logical. Realizing that Ukraine will not be around by next year, spending money (only the United States dumped more than 56 billion), which will be given to no one (well, not Russia, right!) On a lame horse is clearly visible idiocy. .
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 6 July 2022 16: 52
    What do businessmen do with non-core assets? They're trying to screw them up. While suckers look EUovtsy. They will suffer the most because of the war with Russia.