Chancellor Scholz told what European illusion Putin "destroyed"

With the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, another illusion and dream of the progress of human society collapsed in the world. The world order has changed, or rather, returned to the past. In Europe, a negative dynamic is set in motion, which, as it seemed, had long been “buried” after the last world war. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, speaking on the CBS channel in the program Face the Nation.

According to Scholz, the operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine "knocked the world out of a state of complacency." There is more sobriety and meaningfulness, realism regarding the general state of affairs. Again, they do not believe the promises, again on the agenda are rules that would act and prevent the emergence of conflicts.

It seems that until recently everyone lived in a world of hope that after the Second World War the experience of the present will be different from the past that was accumulated many centuries before. But we were wrong

the chancellor said.

In a way, Scholz continued, the world existed under conditions where there was some kind of public agreement not to repeat past mistakes and not to solve problems by military means, but hopes were in vain.

Unfortunately, this illusion has been shattered by Russia

Scholz believes.

The head of Germany is confident that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is the strongest personality, but still a model of the past, for example, the XNUMXth or XNUMXth centuries, since he deviated from the European norms of a social peace treaty.

What is Putin thinking? He thinks like an imperialist of the past. The head of the Russian Federation sees the struggle of nations as the foundation of the foundations, as a competition, as a path to prosperity and greatness. And if you are strong enough, you can win and enjoy the achievements. In the present, such ideas can no longer be relevant and perceived as justifying military ways.

Olaf Scholz summed up.

The chancellor believes that the world in which humanity will live in 2050 will become multipolar. All countries will take their place, there will be no centers of influence. The US, Russia, China, the EU, Africa, and India, to name a few, will become self-sufficient rather than someone's junior allies or dependents.

But now, according to Scholz, the special operation in Ukraine will stop only if Putin decides that he must stop it. And nothing else. It is unlikely that Russia will be able to stop the implementation of its plans in another way. And only after the conflict is resolved can bold plans for the development of the whole world, devoid of unipolarity, be implemented.
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  1. Dingo Offline Dingo
    Dingo (Victor) 5 July 2022 09: 28
    I would like to remind you of some things.

    ...“It is not true that all people are people. Russians are not people. These are alien creatures… They are very mean people,” wrote Stanford University professor Robert Conquest in 1984 in his book What to Do If the Russians Come? Survival Guide.

    Or this:

    ... The ideas of the Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski that "The New World Order will be built against Russia, on the ruins of Russia and at the expense of Russia ...

    So what kind of illusions is Mr. Chancellor talking about? About their own, European ones? About that time "... when a big man with a pood muzzle did his best to sell Russia ..."?
  2. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) 5 July 2022 11: 07
    The Chancellor was bombed, you sucked all the juices from all over the world, due to which you prospered.
    1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov 7 July 2022 10: 09
      Putin has destroyed the main illusion, that there is supposedly democracy in Europe. In fact, in Europe, the dictatorship of the United States, which, through careful continuous preparation and financing of the manual leadership of European states, manipulates the European community. Feeding and educating their future power lackeys on their territory, they train them at home, push them into the power elite of the European Union and finance from their own sources. There is no question of any freedom of speech, opinion, expression of will, independence of the media. The hegemony of the State Department both in America and in Europe is evident.
  3. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 5 July 2022 11: 17
    We also had illusions about the West in the 90s. But the West quickly destroyed them.
  4. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 5 July 2022 11: 17
    I am not an unconditional fan of Putin, but what Russia is doing is she is peeling the layers of the web of lies from the "world by the rules." Scholz distorts the meaning of the future - these are they, from the Middle Ages of feudalism (with a castle mentality).
  5. Marshal Zhukov Offline Marshal Zhukov
    Marshal Zhukov (Marshal Zhukov) 5 July 2022 11: 18
    He thought only the Americans could bomb and impose their democracy on everyone. We do not need such illusions. Europe does not understand words until they get a sopatka.
  6. Galina D Offline Galina D
    Galina D (Galina D) 5 July 2022 11: 41
    And the demand for normal men has increased, not ...
  7. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 5 July 2022 13: 12
    How did the liver sausage talk ... yes, he remembered the 18th and 19th centuries and sends Putin there, but why did you, sausage, forget about the 20th century, or weren’t your ancestors organized a trip to the east? ??
  8. Patrick laforet Offline Patrick laforet
    Patrick laforet (Patrick Laforet) 5 July 2022 15: 26
    This puppet US chancellor cannot hide the fact that it is the West (US-EU-NATO) that continues to try to solve problems militarily. The West has unleashed all the wars in the last 30 years and, of course, the two big world wars - 1 and 2 - as well as all the color revolutions.
    Let's remind him with this short list: Yugoslavia, Iraq (twice), Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria - all this was destroyed by the West.
    This offended liverwurst has no lesson for Russia.
    1. Cherry Offline Cherry
      Cherry (Kuzmina Tatyana) 6 July 2022 07: 09
      How I feel sorry for the poor unfortunate Americans - someone is always threatening them. Always these villains, Russian or Chinese. Since World War II, poor Americans have bombed 57 countries, invaded 24 more, and won a single war against Grenada.
      1. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
        antibi0tikk (Sergei) 6 July 2022 09: 16
        Have you noticed that even aliens are tired of these bastards? Whatever a Hollywood movie, so aliens invade the United States .....
        If the United States does not become, many people on earth will begin to live calmer.
        1. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
          Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 6 July 2022 10: 23
          If you look into the abyss for a long time...
  9. El13 Offline El13
    El13 (El13) 5 July 2022 20: 56
    No, I knew that Scholz was narrow-minded, but to be so close...
  10. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 6 July 2022 10: 18
    Don't care what they carry. Justifying and explaining is useless.
  11. guest Offline guest
    guest 6 July 2022 14: 07
    And if you are strong enough, you can win and enjoy the achievements. In the present, such ideas can no longer be relevant and perceived as justifying military ways.

    Is he serious? Let him tell his overseas masters.
  12. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 6 July 2022 14: 12
    Everything, as in one song - I waited and believed, I thought I would give birth, but I went and checked with gonorrhea.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Khaertdinov Radik (Radik Khaertdinov) 11 July 2022 12: 42
    Scholz is a goat! He wants to "hang" all the mistakes of the West on GDP!)))