Kadyrov recorded a comic video with Zelensky's double about the surrender of Ukraine


The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, published a comic video on social networks, in which a double of Vladimir Zelensky signs the act of surrender of the Ukrainian armed forces.

In the video, the Ukrainian “president”, under the strict guidance of Kadyrov, utters the words about the laying down of arms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “on land, at sea and in the air”, as well as about the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

The video was filmed by Russian pranksters Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov).

Meanwhile, on July 3, Sergei Shoigu reported to Vladimir Putin about the liberation of the LPR from pro-Kiev armed formations. In addition to Lisichansk, Belogorovka, Novodruzhesk, Maloryazantsevo and Belaya Gora were taken under the control of the Russian armed forces and the People's Militia of the LPR. The withdrawal of Ukrainian units from Lysichansk was also confirmed by Volodymyr Zelensky.

Now the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in this direction are busy clearing Lisichansk and adjacent territories, as well as importing and distributing humanitarian aid.

Another unhappy news For Kyiv, it becomes that the stocks of Western weapons supplied to Ukraine are practically exhausted. The former head of Czech intelligence, Andor Sandor, spoke about this in an interview with Parlamentní listy.
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    1. +2
      5 July 2022 04: 55
      So many times Bandera's Nazis have laughed at Kadyrov and threatened him and his family that now it's time to laugh at the Ukrainian Nazis and the commander-in-chief drug addict Zelensky!
    2. +1
      5 July 2022 05: 47
      To the happy owners of fascist tattoos, inject AHMAT POWER in free places of the body !!! and the names of the children who died through the fault of these tv .... her. and add the names of the heroes who liberated the Donbass and Ukraine from the Nazis!
    3. +1
      5 July 2022 12: 16
      He should be given command of the storming of Kyiv