“Kyiv will not be in trouble”: Maria Zakharova commented on the Ukrainian attack on Belgorod

July 3 APU inflicted a strike on Russian Belgorod from neighboring Ukrainian Kharkov. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation believes that the act of intimidation in the form of a strike on residential areas of a sleeping peaceful city was deliberate.

Ukrainian troops used several ballistic missiles "Tochka-U" with cluster warheads, and reconnaissance UAVs Tu-143 "Reis" were used to divert the air defense of the RF Armed Forces. The Russian Foreign Ministry, represented by its speaker Maria Zakharova, also commented on the incident.

During the broadcast on the channel Russia-24 the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kyiv and its Western curators would not be in trouble if they continued provocations on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We have so far refrained from taking such steps, but we will be monitoring the development of the situation very closely.

Zakharova pointed out.

Moscow suspects that the West is deliberately pushing Ukraine towards such attacks or even suggesting an algorithm of actions. They want to provoke the Russian Federation so that it begins to strike back, which will further strengthen the anti-Russian hysteria.

We remind you that the Investigative Committee of Russia opened two criminal cases on the fact of the shelling of Belgorod. According to him, three people died, two were missing, including a child.

Note that during the interview with journalist Pavel Zarubin in the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin" on the channel "Russia 1" Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the West is now betting on the continuation of hostilities in Ukraine, the Americans do not allow Ukrainians to think and talk about peace.

Now is the moment when Western countries are betting with might and main on the continuation of the war. This means that the moment continues when Western countries, under the leadership of Washington, speaking in Russian, do not allow Ukrainians to think, talk about peace, or discuss peace.

Peskov explained.
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  1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 3 July 2022 19: 18
    Particularly impressive is M. Zakharova's warning not to Kyiv, but: "its Western curators will be in trouble"!
    Is it possible that the Russian Federation will hit the "Sarmat" on the White House ("decision-making center") or dare something similar in Europe?
    Empty threats have never done honor to anyone!
    1. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
      svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 4 July 2022 05: 43
      There are Americans in Syria and Iraq. Status - Occupying forces in territory without permission, especially in Syria. You can transfer high-precision weapons to the military of these countries to squeeze the Americans out of there. There are still places where there are small American forces or their proxies. There are also countries in South America, you can strengthen them.
    2. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 31
      Mikhail L. You absolutely misunderstood. She means someday. There may be heavy snow, or several days of rain. Maybe there will be whirlwinds and then they will regret that they offended this girl. And maybe not a crop of some kind of butterfly. Instead of 100 pieces, there will be 99,99 pieces. Or maybe a calf will be born, or a heifer with horns, a real horror. It is good that they made a tin of good will in time, otherwise it would not have been as it was now. We could launch a couple of rockets on this rock while cooking a barbecue. Sheep to smithereens brazier in the sea.
  2. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 3 July 2022 19: 28
    We... will be monitoring the situation very closely.
    Zakharova pointed out.

    And if you translate it into Russian from a diplomatic language, then what did she say !?
    And most importantly - to whom did she say and why did she say it ?!
  3. Rare1809ivanov Offline Rare1809ivanov
    Rare1809ivanov (Vladimir Ivanov) 3 July 2022 19: 30
    Your ridiculous threats from Lavrov, Zakharova and others ........... put Russia in such a position that soon
    all and sundry will spit on us. You are lowering yourself below the plinth.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 38
      There is something to brag about! And yet, our ancestors with a more developed civilization smashed Hitler's Euro No. 1 to smithereens. And they could have seized everything if we hadn’t left the caves and destroyed this civilization, and this saved Europe No. 2. You should have kissed us now in galoshes that we saved you. And you didn't understand it. By the way, don't scare us too much, we accidentally found the nuclear club of our ancestors. If anything, we can shake the door of our cave so that nothing will be left of you, us.
  4. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 3 July 2022 19: 31
    Now is the moment when Western countries are betting with might and main on the continuation of the war. This means that the moment continues when Western countries, under the leadership of Washington, speaking in Russian, do not allow Ukrainians to think, talk about peace, or discuss peace.
    Peskov explained.

    To whom did he explain?
    Dead and missing(??) missing(??) in Belgorod!?
  5. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
    nikanikolich (nikola) 3 July 2022 19: 37
    Blah blah blah. Not tired of empty cabbage soup, you RUSSIAN people
  6. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 3 July 2022 19: 40
    Masha!! Do not lie!!
  7. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 3 July 2022 19: 43
    “Kyiv will not be in trouble”: Maria Zakharova commented on the Ukrainian attack on Belgorod

    999th Chinese warning. wink
  8. Krapilin Offline Krapilin
    Krapilin (Victor) 3 July 2022 19: 47
    Moscow suspects that the West is deliberately pushing Ukraine towards such attacks or even suggesting an algorithm of actions.

    Yeees??? Suspect what everyone in Russia knows?!
    And who are these "suspicious people" in Moscow??
  9. duschman80-81 Offline duschman80-81
    duschman80-81 (Sergei) 3 July 2022 20: 01
    We hear this every day, starting from April 21 ... It would be better if they were silent, why empty lies?
  10. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 3 July 2022 20: 39
    Bomb Kyiv with intensity. Give them a lesson.
  11. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 3 July 2022 20: 54
    One would like to ask, but apart from the demagogy in her remarks, will there be anything, or, as always, will we limit ourselves to this ???
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 42
      kriten. For you, this is demagoguery, and there, over the hill, they have already changed their underpants several times from laughter. That's what happens when you laugh non-stop in fear. Not all the words have been used yet, if they said all the words that were left in reserve, the next time, it would not be a laughing matter, but a standing ovation.
  12. Fahrenheit Offline Fahrenheit
    Fahrenheit (Viktor) 3 July 2022 20: 55
    And it's not a shame, after all, after each "spit" in our address - to wipe off and make excuses ...
    1. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
      Akuzenka (Alexander) 3 July 2022 21: 14
      Do you keep money in foreign banks? Do you have assets and real estate there? And they have! Here are the answers to all such questions.
      1. zenion Offline zenion
        zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 44
        In addition to money, their children are kept abroad, and everyone has forgotten about it, but the rulers remember this and the Ukrainians remember and know that as long as the money and children are there, nothing threatens them.
  13. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
    Akuzenka (Alexander) 3 July 2022 21: 12
    We have so far refrained from taking such steps, but we will be monitoring the development of the situation very closely.

    I always thought - one must succumb to provocations, otherwise they will no longer reckon with you. Moreover, to succumb so that there is no wet place left from the provocateur. Provocateurs understand ONLY the language of force. Like ordinary gopniks, while you are talking politely, they become impudent, as soon as they clean their snouts, they begin to say hello from a kilometer away. It is clear that the elite of the Russian Federation is afraid for their money, but to put the interests of the wallet above the interests of the state is to surrender in advance, and if the "critical mass" is exceeded, surrender the country.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 48
      Now in the frontline zones and places of liberation, toilets are being built at a pace so that there would be somewhere to wet the enemies. Wet will be seltzer and champagne. That's when the bastards will get out, those who are not lucky with champagne if there is fake champagne and the same seltzer.
  14. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
    nikanikolich (nikola) 3 July 2022 21: 25
    Blah blah blah. Are you tired of Zakharov? I personally YES, and you?
  15. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 3 July 2022 22: 41
    Let her dance Kalinka better, it suits her better, and not voice empty threats, no one is really afraid anyway, even limitrophs
  16. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 3 July 2022 23: 12
    Odessa noise. Measures may be taken if Kyiv launches rocket attacks on the Kremlin, State Duma, rubles ......, then all the red lines that Moscow has drawn will definitely be crossed.
  17. Patrick laforet Offline Patrick laforet
    Patrick laforet (Patrick Laforet) 3 July 2022 23: 41
    “Kyiv will not be in trouble”: Maria Zakharova commented on the Ukrainian attack on Belgorod

    We have refrained from taking such steps for the time being, but we will be monitoring the development of the situation very closely. Zakharova noted.

    Isn't this a direct urge from Kyiv to keep bombing Russian cities?
  18. Antor Offline Antor
    Antor 3 July 2022 23: 54
    Another blah, blah, blah ....... and I understand that Zakharova is a cassette from a tape recorder, which once again turned on Lavrov, shaking his finger at someone who doesn’t put him or our country in a penny !!! ! I remember with what pathos those figures of the Kyiv regime who dared to shell our territory were very sternly warned ..... and what .....!!??????, they didn’t give a damn about it, literally the next day it flew in our direction .... and still flies ... with human casualties and numerous destructions. !!?? And who are our ""warners"" after that - I'll tell you how many I'm sure they think - people in power, politicians who pour out empty threats ...... and no more !!! Well, who will respect and listen to them ...!!!???
    But this thesis that these are provocations .... is very interesting, somewhat reminiscent of the beginning of the Second World War in 1941, when any aggressive manifestations of the Nazis on our borders .... yes, yes .. were declared a provocation and in no case were they neither civilians, nor even the military, should have reacted !!??? But at that time, Stalin, the Soviet leadership sought to delay the start of the war .... and we know how it all ended ... but now, when we are at war with the Ukrofascist regime ..... what are we waiting for when it reaches Moscow , and when to Belgorod ... we will carefully observe how the Russians are being killed !!!!
    The pathos of the military that they shot down all the U missiles and at the same time fragments of one of them from them hit residential buildings with ....... killed and wounded causes bewilderment and questions, to put it mildly ... why these missiles do not go astray hundreds of kilometers from Belgorod, because the detection range of our missile defense systems reaches 600 km ..!!??? And if these arrivals were with a nuclear component ....... and not pieces of cluster iron from the sky, then how ...... !!!???
    I can’t turn my tongue, but I just want to ask ..... do we also need dead Russians and a lot of destruction for propaganda ...!! ??? or is it someone's bungling and inability to close our sky from enemy missiles !!??? We are so patient that sometimes it makes us sick of our fear of causing some inconvenience to Pan Zelensky in Kyiv ..... and to whom from our government this beast is so dear .. !!!
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 4 July 2022 11: 09
      And if these arrivals were with a nuclear component ....

      The Chernobyl nuclear storage is full of spent nuclear fuel to create a "dirty" bomb.
  19. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 4 July 2022 01: 19
    Zion Bandera does not take seriously the threats of their fellow tribesmen from the Russian Federation
  20. ALEXANDER UNKNOWN 4 July 2022 06: 24
    And how we show severe disapproval! The intestine is thin (as practice shows) ...
  21. Status Offline Status
    Status 4 July 2022 06: 49
    How much air can be wasted? With their worthlessness, they expose the country to ridicule, how long will this senseless action be? What have you come to, shame
  22. anclevalico Offline anclevalico
    anclevalico (Victor) 4 July 2022 07: 34
    What else will gobble up a kilogram of strawberries, so that it would be disrespectful?
  23. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 4 July 2022 08: 26
    It would be better if these bastards, who are responsible for the information agenda, closed their faces forever and pretended that nothing was happening. With their idiotic wording "claps, goodwill gestures, concerns" and so on. much more damage. And these brutes run the country in which I live. Everything burns from within me. I would have torn to pieces
  24. Ingvar7 Offline Ingvar7
    Ingvar7 (Ingvar Miller) 4 July 2022 12: 07
    Is this the clumsy answer she came up with herself? Or lowered from above? Insanity in the Foreign Ministry ...
  25. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
    aslanxnumx (Aslan) 4 July 2022 12: 31
    Ukraine has not been completely defeated, it will still fight for a long time and Peskov offers negotiations. Russia has not been able to defeat Ukraine in five months and how we will fight with NATO and the United States.
  26. Bokor Offline Bokor
    Bokor (Bokor) 4 July 2022 13: 08
    closely monitor the development of the situation?

    Those. should we, in Sochi, prepare for shelling? The situation will develop, do not even hesitate! No, but what? They fired at the gas towers - no execution. They shelled Kursk and Voronezh - again everything is fine. Well, why should they refrain?
  27. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 4 July 2022 14: 53
    We have so far refrained from taking such steps, but we will be monitoring the development of the situation very closely.

    - These endless empty cheek puffs from the Kremlin have not impressed anyone for a long time. Russia, as always, wiped off. The question to the Russian leadership regarding its essentially cowardly position has long been ripe - for how long??
  28. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 4 July 2022 15: 47
    It is better for officials and politicians to "be silent in a rag" in general. While the army is fighting heroically, they are draining everything, just like the last two or three decades before the NWO.

    Import substitution failed, they did not get up from their knees, and no one was held responsible for this. Moreover, officials are flushing down the toilet and all plans for reindustrialization, and brazenly, unceremoniously. So, recently a new course was announced - the so-called "situational response".

    “Some problems are growing, we understand on the horizon of two, three or five years that “something is going wrong”, and we are starting to change something in this “something is wrong”. You can call it reforms, but in fact, these are not reforms. However, changes occur, want the essence while not changing. Adjustment occurs, and the system moves. It may not be a very efficient way, but socially it is the safest, because it allows you to maintain a balance all the time. And this scenario always has strong socio-political support. It is practically guaranteed if there are no growing threats and problems for society as a whole,” says First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

    Translated from bureaucratic into Russian: the country is constantly lagging behind, everything is falling apart, the number of holes is growing, and we, in the mode of a scalded cat, will try to patch and plug them. There is no outstripping development, there are no plans either, we go with the flow. To break. Sometimes we try to rake with a piece of wood chips, but there is no sense in this. And the official is also very afraid that if the economy begins to develop, strong popular personalities, leaders, plus from the army personnel, those who fight the Nazis in Ukraine will appear .. And the current rulers will be thrown to the sidelines at best. Kick under the fifth point. Best case scenario…

    Why were the borders not closed immediately from the start of the military operation, why are they still not blocked, why have we not seen the promised strikes “on decision-making centers”, etc. etc.?!
    in the meantime, another shaking of air, meaningless and useless:

    State Duma deputy Oleg Morozov on the shelling of Russian territory by the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
    Now it has become obvious that this information (from US satellites - author) is used to shell Russian cities. In fact, this is participation in the war on the side of Ukraine and aggression against Russia. This should be openly declared on all international platforms, demanded the convening of a special meeting of the UN Security Council and declare the United States a terrorist state.

    another "discovery" - "only now" ....
    The other was apparently going to open a second front, I hope personally ?:

    State Duma deputy, host of the 60 Minutes program Yevgeny Popov noted in an interview with Narodnye Novosti that Vilnius and Brussels have one last chance to resolve the issue peacefully.

    "from here (from the State Duma) we will threaten the Swede" .... and the machine in hand and to the Donbass or immediately to Lithuania ?!

    Igor Strelkov: shelling of Donetsk resumed in the morning with 155-mm shells, which "dear partners" (together with guns) delivered near Donetsk over bridges in Dnepropetrovsk and which, for some reason, were not destroyed for more than four months of the so-called . "SVO".


    10.25 Russian gas supplies to Europe on July 4 remain at the same levels: about 64 million cubic meters through Nord Stream and 42 million cubic meters through Ukraine.

    supplies to those who supply weapons to Ukraine, from which both the Donbass and the territory of Russia suffer, and supplies - with payment for transit to the Ukrainian regime.
    by the way:

    13.00 After the liberation of the LPR, it is necessary to push the enemy further for safety, the task of denazification of the territory of the whole of Ukraine has not been canceled - the head of the LPR Pasechnik.

    why does none of the Russian powers that be understand that it is necessary to move the enemy away so that the territory of the country does not suffer from arrivals ?! and instead, regular statements about negotiations and about the almost complete fulfillment of the tasks of the NWO?!
    instead of even declared by the talking head above, the United States is declared a "terrorist state":

    13.05 President Putin will not congratulate President Biden on the national holiday - Independence Day on July 4 in connection with the "unfriendly" policy of the United States - Kremlin.

    "unfriendly"?! and honestly call the enemy an enemy, the language does not turn?! or hope for the renewal of "friendship" with "partners and colleagues"?!
    everyone... all the states are in mourning... how to live without congratulations from the Kremlin?!
    and again Rogozin, now with photos of the "centers", now with flags:

    The flag of the LPR was unfurled on the ISS: this is how Russian cosmonauts congratulated the republic on the complete liberation of its territory. “Day of the Liberation of the Luhansk People's Republic! We are celebrating both on Earth and in space,” Roskosmos said.

    For the LPR, everyone is already happy from the bottom of their hearts, without cheap pathos and bureaucratic posts in social networks .. I would like to ask, where is the grouping of military satellites, for control, management, tracking and intelligence ?! all the finances in the photo are gone, regular "rocket sprinklers" with holy water and holes in the hulls of spaceships ?!
    and in those meantime:

    The United States, together with Turkey, is transporting militants of international terrorist organizations to Ukraine, said Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad. “These groups, although they are called differently, are tools used by the West against peaceful peoples,” the diplomat said.

    it turns out interestingly, the Russian army bravely fights against the Nazis, the enemies quite realistically supply "cannon fodder" and equipment to Banderstadt, the arrivals are intensifying, and officials and politicians "scourge the air", and sometimes they simply engage in sabotage and sabotage. But ... "beautifully" they say at the microphones and post on social networks.
    well, for now:

    In the Kursk region, a drone dropped a bomb on a private house in the village of Popovka, which is located near the Ukrainian border. The roof of the house was damaged, a 32-year-old man was injured by a piece of slate.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 4 July 2022 17: 18
      Minus again?) Apparently, the fifth column was offended by its own?)
      and again:

      15.20 Mishustin: Sanctions have radically changed the existing order, this requires the Russian Federation to build technological sovereignty in a short time, it is necessary to move from a catching up to an advanced development model in all sectors, only in this way is it possible to return the domestic market.

      and who prevented the transition for thirty years? ... a rhetorical question.
      Ah, ah, ah .. what the right words ... and what an incorrect execution of them, judging by import substitution, the implementation of national projects, the activities of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, etc.
      and the games of "civilization" in relation to the mercenaries continue:

      The death sentence of Briton Aslin, convicted in the DPR for participating in hostilities on the side of Ukraine, has been appealed - lawyer Pavel Kosovan.

      14.00 The Supreme Court of the DPR received a cassation appeal from the defender of a mercenary sentenced to death from Morocco, Saadoun Brahim.

      bravo .... if they also "get rid of" these, then the flow of "wild geese" to Ukraine will never stop
      in the meantime, another "epoch-making initiative":

      16.15 The leader of the party "Fair Russia - For the Truth" Sergei Mironov proposed to rename Kaliningrad to Vladybaltiysk, and to make the region the Baltic Territory. The proposal came amid a statement by Polish President Andrzej Duda that the Baltic Sea would soon become NATO's inland sea.

      Moscow to New Moscow, Baltiysk to Velikobaltiysk, Ukraine to the outskirts, NATO to Pofigato, etc. not tired of suffering garbage?! during the NWO there is nothing else to do - the notorious cat and the deputies ?! Maybe rename them themselves to ... the rhyme is easy to pick up ...
      1. InanRom Offline InanRom
        InanRom (Ivan) 4 July 2022 19: 42
        to continue:

        A private house caught fire in the city of Taganrog, Rostov region, presumably after a drone fell on it, an informed source told RIA Novosti.
        The incident happened on Monday evening. "The house caught fire in the private sector on 15 Novy Lane. All services work there. Fragments, presumably, of a drone that hit it, were found nearby"

        in the meantime:

        The Ministry of Finance offered more than 1,6 trillion. rubles to reduce budget expenditures under state programs. But not for everyone, funding, first of all, will be cut off from road construction, the military-industrial complex and support for enterprises.
        From the "sequestration" by 1,6 trillion. according to state programs in 2023-2025, road workers will suffer the most. "Development of the transport system" will be cut off by 390 billion rubles, so many projects will have to be forgotten.
        Next comes "Industrial Development and Increasing its Competitiveness", where they want to miss 200 billion rubles. Another 150 billion will be removed from the “Scientific and technological development” column, and they want to reduce “Ensuring the country's defense capability” by 120 billion rubles. According to representatives of the Ministry of Finance, "such a decision was made in order to prioritize budget expenditures and concentrate the remaining funds in the most important areas."

        Thus, it turns out that industry is not important, science too, as well as roads. And we don’t need to defend ourselves from anyone, apparently, citizen Siluanov is not aware that at the moment we have an aggravation of confrontation with “general people”, which can even go into a hot phase.
        Space, agriculture, affordable housing, education, medicine - Siluanov also offers to “tailor” all this. Apparently, he forgot the proverb that "kroil's always leads to hit-and-run". Not in the sense that it makes sense in the "original", but in relation to a specific situation. And personalities. After all, a whole range of measures is being proposed to weaken Russia, moreover, in a situation where there is enough money in the state budget.

        In general, it is not clear what is happening in Russia. It seems that the country is not managed at all. The president says one thing, but subordinates act in their own way - the orders of the head of state are ignored, ministers and other figures do whatever they want. Apparently, what their foreign masters will order them to. There is no doubt that in Russia as a whole, the bureaucratic “fifth column” launched a total “degradation scenario”. And the reduction of appropriations for defense, road construction, science, industry, etc. is part of this plan. Which should lead to the destruction of Russia as such, to the dismemberment of our state into raw material “bantustans”. The West is already talking openly about such plans, without hiding. The military warns - it is necessary to counteract. But to whom?

        “In our government, about half of the people are capable of betraying Putin and defecting to the side of the Americans at any moment,” said Sergei Markov, a well-known political scientist.

        Yes, fact. But not news. And this very “about half” is clearly more than 50%, and it controls the leading ministries and departments. And here a very bad and disturbing question arises: what controls the people loyal to Vladimir Putin? Two weeks ago, the President spoke about "a holistic system of economic development that will not depend on Western technologies" and about "responsible and balanced macroeconomic policies." But we see something completely different. Just the opposite. And something urgently needs to be done about it.
  29. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 4 July 2022 16: 04
    All these attacks by Kyiv on civilians will have to endure.
    Bomb civilians in response b. Ukraine is not an option.
    Our strikes with rockets, bombs, shells take the lives of the Nazis by the hundreds every day.
    So you just have to endure and bend your line. Each rocket, bomb, projectile, mine, bullet must fly into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other armed enemies of Russia. Every day more and more should come.

    Well, after the war, arrange a trial of war criminals. All those who participated in the shelling of civilians should be hanged. Starting with generals and politicians and ending with privates who brought shells for shelling. And even if there are several thousand of them. There will be a good lesson and good savings. Because it is unlikely that these creatures will be able to justify the cost of food, maintenance and protection.
    Well, it is also possible to troll the West by execution. They are constantly trolling us. Let's see whose trolling is cooler.
  30. Kapany3 Offline Kapany3
    Kapany3 4 July 2022 16: 30
    Quote: AKuzenka
    Do you keep money in foreign banks? Do you have assets and real estate there? And they have! Here are the answers to all such questions.

    Have you seen these accounts? Or just throw it on a fan?
    Anger is justified, but talking without acknowledgment is called BREAKING.
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 5 July 2022 14: 57
      Kapany3. You are a little forgetful. After all, the Kremlin authorities said in Russian that all the assets and gold of Russia, which was stored abroad, were arrested. Only recently the president said that he warned Russian thieves that the stolen goods had to be kept in Russian banks, then it would be in order. Now you can explain which fan you had in mind. You reminded me of an old joke.

      In a trolley bus, a drunken man fell on a woman while braking. The woman yelled - the man do not lean. And he answered her silently, otherwise I’ll spit. This happened several times. Then the woman yelled, what do you mean? Man - and what I have, then I will introduce.
  31. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
    nikanikolich (nikola) 4 July 2022 17: 41
    Blah blah blah
  32. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 5 July 2022 11: 58
    She will compose such a speech that the whole Ukraine will feel sick. We probably won't wait for another one. The authorities calmly look at it, almost do not notice.