Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN: Russia can be excluded from the Security Council only if the organization itself is dissolved

After the start of the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory, Kyiv repeatedly demanded that Moscow be excluded from the UN Security Council. The last time this happened was on June 28, and on July 1, one of Russia's high-ranking diplomats commented on what was happening.

It should be noted that in his recent speech via video link at a meeting of the UN Security Council, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called for the exclusion of the Russian Federation not only from this permanent body of the most important world organization, but also from the General Assembly, i.e. generally remove Russia from the list of participants. The Ukrainian leader substantiated the last part with the allegedly valid UN Charter, which states that the country can be expelled from the General Assembly after a vote and recommendations from the Security Council.

In turn, Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, explained on Soloviev Live, answering questions, that Russia can be excluded from the UN Security Council only if the United Nations itself is dissolved and another structure is created in its place.

This is still an attempt to use some pseudo-legal base. But this does not stand up to criticism, and, naturally, all normal people understand that such a scenario is possible only if the UN is dissolved and anew

- pointed out the diplomat.

According to Polyansky, one of the tasks of the Ukrainian authorities is an attempt to "rock" the members of the UN Security Council, who have already begun to get tired of Ukraine. Kyiv plays on emotions for external and internal audiences. On the one hand, he accuses other countries of not doing anything, because “four months have passed, and Russia is still attacking and at the same time participating in Security Council meetings,” and on the other, he demonstrates violent activity to the citizens of Ukraine to calm down.

The diplomat drew attention to the fact that the President of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Permanent Representative to the UN “periodically shake the air”, declaring that the Russian Federation occupies a seat in the UN Security Council “without having the right to it”, and moreover, “it is illegal to stay in it after the collapse of the USSR ". He explained that representatives of the UN and other states had already told Kyiv that his claims were "absolutely complete nonsense." Therefore, now the argumentation of Kyiv has changed and says that the Russian Federation is “simply unworthy to be in the UN as a whole,” which also looks far-fetched.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 2 July 2022 13: 40
    The UN and the UN Security Council have been “shaking” a long time ago through the need to reform it, the inclusion in the Security Council of non-permanent members who are dependent on the Sshas and who give extras and legitimacy to any decisions of the “West” to demonize the Russian Federation.
    For this reason, Sleepy Joe gathered a summit of “democracies” in order to formalize an alternative UN in the future, but without the participation of the Russian Federation and China with their “Veto” right, after which funding for the UN stops and it quietly sinks into oblivion.
    The question is whether Ukraine will be allowed to acquire weapons of mass destruction, which Pan Zelensky insists on, and thus enter the club of nuclear state formations of any international organization on a permanent basis, be it the UN Security Council or the League of "Democracies" based on the summit of "democracies".
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 July 2022 15: 00
    For example. Our delegation is coming to the UN meeting. And they stupidly do not let her in and carry out the Security Council without Russia. And what will Russia do? How many countries will support Russia, and most importantly, who??? So now everything is possible.
  3. patxilek Offline patxilek
    patxilek (patxilek) 2 July 2022 17: 46
    Not only the UN. All international organizations are under close scrutiny. When there are economic forces that infiltrate these organizations so that solutions favorable to their interests come out, eventually people realize that this is nothing but a "monopoly" game, in a big way.