The moment of arrival of the Kh-22 Burya rocket at the Kredmash plant in Kremenchug is shown

On Monday, June 27, Russian troops attacked the Ukrainian defense plant Kredmash in Kremenchug (Poltava region) with an Kh-22 Burya missile. A video of the Burya's arrival at a military facility has been leaked to social networks.

The camera footage shows that the missile hit the industrial zone of the enterprise, where there were hangars with Western weapons sent to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Europe and the United States.

At the same time, Kyiv propaganda claimed that Russia allegedly attacked the nearby Amstor shopping center. In particular, during his speech at the UN Security Council, Volodymyr Zelensky published a video allegedly proving that the Burya hit a shopping center.

At the same time, the frames show trees located behind the epicenter of the defeat, which proves that it was Kredmash that the Russian missile attacked. A fire spread from the enterprise to the shopping center, caused by the detonation of ammunition stored at the plant. The fact that the Kh-22 missile hit Kredmash was also confirmed by its director.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov spoke about the same development of events in Kremenchug.

They bombed a hangar with American and European weapons in Kremenchug. An empty shopping center caught fire as a result of the detonation of ammunition

- the minister said on the air of the TV channel "Russia-24".
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  1. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 29 June 2022 12: 09
    Big influence. Excellent accuracy. Causing significant damage to enemy infrastructure.
  2. doc8673 Offline doc8673
    doc8673 (Vyacheslav) 29 June 2022 15: 54
    1 rocket was enough?
    1. Orange bigg Offline Orange bigg
      Orange bigg (Alexander ) 29 June 2022 16: 45
      Enough. The arrival of the second X-22 missile was to the farthest part of the workshop from the shopping center - next to a one-story building with a gable roof, and a two-story house with 4 windows per floor. There is almost 1 ton of the warhead of the Soviet Kh-22 Burya cruise missile.

      On the first 2 photos are the consequences of the strike on Kredmash, on the 3rd photo are the consequences of the strike on the Amstor shopping center.

      There were 2 missiles in Kremenchug, one hit the Kredmash plant, the second hit the Amstor shopping center.
      The moment of arrival of the X-22 at the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchug. Judging by the angle, footage from the surveillance cameras of the Kredmash plant.

      The Kh-1968 missile, which was put into service in 22, of course, does not have any satellite guidance system.

      X-22 homing system: combined, combining software control from the autopilot and radar, for strikes at radio-contrast point targets.

      They probably shot at the Kredmash plant, but the Kh-22 homing system captured the Amstor shopping center as a larger radio contrast target compared to the plant's workshops.
      1. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
        Piramidon (Stepan) 29 June 2022 21: 53
        And to hell with it, with this mall. Let them feel it in their pig's skin. In the Donbass, they were happily shooting at residential buildings for 8 years, and now they are mourning some kind of shopping center - "What are we for?" We still need to destroy the entire Khreshchatyk and Bankova
        1. The comment was deleted.
  3. sersamuel09 Offline sersamuel09
    sersamuel09 (Sergei) 29 June 2022 16: 15
    There were two missiles. //
  4. Andreysradinsky Offline Andreysradinsky
    Andreysradinsky (Andrew) 29 June 2022 21: 57
    The length of the rocket is 11 meters. Doesn't fit into any angle. Mounting.
  5. Petrovich169456 Offline Petrovich169456
    Petrovich169456 Petrovich160456 30 June 2022 08: 13
    Wait! And why is everyone silent about the shelling of residential villages with people on the territory of Russia with rockets? How many villages, with civilians, shot Kyiv, only in the Bryansk region? And in other regions? And this is not - by accident, but on purpose!
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 30 June 2022 08: 36
      because there, besides the pid ... sorry, there are no transgenders in the media.
      ps I can offend honest journalists who are sooooooo few. I’ll apologize in advance: guys, I’m sorry, but they won’t let you speak out loud while these peds ... transgenders control the information field
  6. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 1 July 2022 14: 30
    For a long time - for a long time It was necessary to bomb Washington and Brussels ... and in Kyiv with its zigzagging population it is necessary to hammer tactical nuclear missiles then all the bad things will end quickly and good things will begin.