Gazprom successfully bypasses Western technological sanctions

Easy accessibility and lack of effort in obtaining something entails irresponsibility and relaxation. Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has noticeably integrated into the global financial and technological community, which is why its own school for the training of highly qualified specialists and entire industries have come to a depressing result. The result of such a frivolous (to put it mildly) Chubais approach of “we will buy what we need abroad” was very primitive, but painful Western technological sanctions against many areas of the domestic industry, including in the field of oil and gas.

Fortunately, not all potential is lost, therefore, despite the short period after the introduction of the most stringent sanctions to restrict technology imports in the Russian Federation, Russian companies find something to respond to the aggressive actions of the West. In the shortest possible time, the Gazprom company, which is quite dependent in its activities on the supply of technologies from abroad, was forced to revive the technologies and production of domestic installations. The best undertaking since the introduction of the "hellish" sanctions of the West, for which we can say conditional thanks to him. The stagnant position in the domestic branch of higher education and the introduction of developments had to be stirred up. It looks like it has been done.

According to the corporate magazine of the gas holding, Gazprom VNIIGAZ was able to develop a plant for the production of liquefied fuel using its own technology. Now it is no longer a luxury or an exhibition project, but a technology for field trials. We are talking, most likely, about cryogenic heat exchangers and units for the separation of hydrocarbons (they were banned from being supplied to the Russian Federation). All this is combined into a station of our own design.

At the final stage is the preparation for the test operation of the plant for the production of LNG using technologies developed by VNIIGAZ. With their commissioning, opportunities open up for Gazprom to implement its projects based on its own developments

- said Oleg Aksyutin, a top manager of the holding.

Sectoral technological sanctions imposed by the West have also affected the oil and gas industry and LNG production. They were supposed to completely paralyze the activities of the energy monopolist. But in the Russian Federation, they quickly found the strength to launch at least forced import substitution, which began to bring certain results.

Prior to the imposition of sanctions, the process, widely announced and promoted at the highest level, was rather sluggish. Now, out of necessity, Gazprom has managed to start successfully developing domestic technologies and thereby circumvent Western restrictions in a very effective and natural way.
  • Used photographs: JSC "Gazprom"
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 29 June 2022 10: 00
    It is desirable to develop even more intensively the production of liquefied gas for domestic production in order to be able to provide remote settlements. Thus, Russia will be able to compensate for the losses due to the refusal of the West from Russian gas. It should have been done yesterday.
  2. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 29 June 2022 10: 32
    Hmm ... A hedgehog is a proud bird, until you kick it, it will not fly.
  3. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
    greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 29 June 2022 11: 39
    Good news, but let's wait until the start of commercial operation and then evaluate the result.
  4. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 29 June 2022 12: 18
    Gazprom is a giant, it diversifies its customers even more.
  5. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 29 June 2022 18: 44
    Okay ! Space \ Gagarin \ Ballet \ Armata \ Tanks, etc. . What have they done for the people? No iron / soldering iron - it’s inconvenient to mention machines / machines! Who is responsible for this and how? That's right - the party at the helm (Vova jumped off in a timely manner, but questions remained.
  6. Aleks01 Offline Aleks01
    Aleks01 29 June 2022 22: 58
    I don't understand what's stopping you from sending "respected partners" with their patents and just copying everything you need. And then you can develop your own.