Russian military equipment shot down in the course of the North-East Military District was brought to the center of Warsaw

On June 27, in the center of the capital of Poland, an "exhibition" of a Russian military battle shot down in Ukraine was opened. equipment titled "For Our Freedom and Yours". The event at the Castle Square, where everything was brought, will last until July 6.

This is the first exhibition outside of Ukraine of Russian military equipment destroyed or captured by the Ukrainian defense forces during the rebuff of Russia's armed aggression.

- reported in the communiqué of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar, who loves to ride around Europe and engage in propaganda. Previously, a similar "exhibition" was organized in the center of Kyiv. At the “exposition” in Warsaw were exhibited (presented): T-72B and T-90S tanks, Msta-S self-propelled guns of 152 mm caliber, samples of Uragan and Smerch MLRS rockets with explanations of where they came from.

On the one hand, we show the atrocities that the Russian army is doing in Ukraine, and on the other hand, the heroic defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the results of these battles

- said the head of the office of the Prime Minister of Poland, Michal Dvorczyk.

Judging by the comments of the Poles in social networks, the intimidation was successful. The Polish media came out with headlines: "Russian tanks in Warsaw." After Warsaw, captured or damaged equipment is planned to be shown in Berlin, Paris, Lisbon and Madrid. Whether there will be any changes in the "assortment" is unknown.

We remind you that the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory began on February 24 and, according to the assurances of the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, will not end until the final completion of all tasks.

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  1. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 28 June 2022 09: 47
    "Alaverdi" from NATO equipment suggests itself.
    1. instrument Offline instrument
      instrument (xxx) 28 June 2022 10: 00
      yes, this is a Ukronazi technique, a PR campaign of Polish and Uhlop insects)))
    EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 28 June 2022 10: 39
    Interestingly, have the banners of the units of the Russian Federation been thrown to the monument to Bandera? And did they hold a victory parade in Kyiv? Winners??? W-you...
    1. Vdars Offline Vdars
      Vdars (Victor) 3 July 2022 16: 04
      It's weak for them!
  3. Chervony Biker Offline Chervony Biker
    Chervony Biker (Red Biker) 28 June 2022 14: 10
    It's good that they have such an exhibition. When they jump and numerous "friends" of this technique will come to them. It is necessary that these particular Tank and Self-propelled guns stand on pedestals, as the first ones to enter the city. "Don't wake up dashing..." - "Nie wywołuj wilka z lasu."
  4. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 28 June 2022 14: 15
    What a thin exhibition ... During the Second World War, there was an exhibition of captured and lined German equipment in Moscow. soldier
    1. Voyager Offline Voyager
      Voyager ( Andrew) 29 June 2022 14: 20
      And where did they get Mstu?
      1. Awaz Offline Awaz
        Awaz (Walery) 29 June 2022 21: 09
        at the beginning of which they just didn’t lose in the columns ...
  5. Olga G Offline Olga G
    Olga G (Olga G) 28 June 2022 19: 31
    It is surprising that they did not bring corpses and did not jump on the bones
    1. Vladislav Labinsky (Vlad. Grumpy) 30 June 2022 21: 14
      Bad deed is not smart. It will be with them to come up with such
  6. amon Offline amon
    amon (Amon Amon) 29 June 2022 00: 55

    The most head Napoleondor Pig Zelya was talking about how he destroyed it all on the new "Tripper-KUKU2" streptoplane, the new model of analogues is dumb!
  7. ChopChop Offline ChopChop
    ChopChop 29 June 2022 22: 39
    So you need to drive a column of prisoners across Lugansk and Donetsk. Let them look at them, if of course they still exist.
  8. Vladislav Labinsky (Vlad. Grumpy) 30 June 2022 21: 12
    I watched a video on YouTube: "how many tanks were lost"
    The Ukrainians call the figure: far over a thousand, and according to video footage and various indirect data, 200-230 tanks were irretrievably lost. Most of the machines in the repair shops are restored and again in battle