G7 conceived to completely cut off Russia from world markets

During the G26 summit, which started in Germany on June XNUMX, the leaders of the participating countries expressed a common point of view that it is necessary to cut Russia off from world markets, from access to the necessary goods, production and technology, as well as from the opportunity to receive income from exports (including from the sale of gold).

In particular, these intentions are voiced in the joint statement of the heads of state participating in the meeting.

We will continue to explore new ways to isolate Russia from participation in world markets and to stop evasion (from sanctions)

- reads the text of the document.

At the same time, special emphasis was placed on restricting the Russian Federation's access to services used in the military-industrial complex and the technology sector.

However, how far can Western countries go, because such bans rebound around the world. the economy? The press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, suggested that the European and American "partners" of the Russian Federation are pragmatic and cynical - they will soon realize how much the sanctions hit them themselves, and will begin to take a more balanced approach to dialogue with Moscow.

Earlier, the head of the Russian diplomatic department, Sergei Lavrov, said that the European Union and NATO were gathering a coalition for a war with Russia.
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  1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 27 June 2022 19: 21
    The cat scratches on its back ... it seems like a saying sounds yes
    1. Conn Offline Conn
      Conn (Conn) 27 June 2022 21: 34
      IV EuroReich will soon scrape together a bunch of "Sarmatians"!
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 June 2022 19: 43
    Robots pamper with fire. In the year 24, someone less accommodating and more decisive will come to Putin's place, it will not be good for everyone. Hurry, otherwise everyone and sundry will spit and no real action in response.
    1. House 25 Sq. 380 (House 25 Sq. 380) 30 June 2022 09: 18
      And where is he now, "this" your "messiah"?
  3. patxilek Offline patxilek
    patxilek (patxilek) 27 June 2022 21: 48
    The G7 cannot isolate Russia, but the world can isolate the G7.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 June 2022 22: 16
    So Putin and Peskov are also thinking how to cut off world markets from the G7 ....
    Everyone, everyone will "soon understand" how to approach and shove the loot into a new arms race in a more balanced way ...
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 27 June 2022 23: 03
    The G7 have long understood that the world will be very happy to eliminate the hegemony of these hypocritical, cynical walking dead. In a last, desperate attempt, they will try to intimidate countries with secondary sanctions, but will only increase their joy at the changes in the world.

    The main thing to remember is that Russia is only a fragment of changes in the world, a starting signal. The consequences of the sanctions against Russia are not even a warm-up, but only an exit to the treadmill. Ahead of the G7 is a confrontation with China, where real changes will begin on our planet.
  6. zavhoz_rus Offline zavhoz_rus
    zavhoz_rus (Alexey) 28 June 2022 00: 19
    Since such a booze has gone on, we also need to make asymmetric answers, namely, arm South America-Iran-North Korea-Ireland-Scotland to the fullest, rivet nuclear submarines for rent to China.
  7. Gadley Offline Gadley
    Gadley 28 June 2022 02: 12
    born (European Union) can not crawl to fly.
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 28 June 2022 07: 09
    Cut, dissolve into shreds, and we'll see what happens!
  9. spectr Offline spectr
    spectr (Dmitriy) 28 June 2022 11: 26
    It still remains to freeze the conflict. And then periodically revive it in order to assess how much Russia's positions have sunk.
    In fact, they will interfere with the development of the country, and if they decide that the country has weakened significantly, then they can arrange a third world war.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 29 June 2022 22: 57
      Well, actually, this statement is essentially a declaration of a blockade. The lowering of the "Iron Curtain" in a new reincarnation. I have no doubt that now the G7 will only think about it. There is nothing good in this. Another thing is bad - there are no balanced politicians left anywhere, and they can easily play out before a thermonuclear war.
      1. spectr Offline spectr
        spectr (Dmitriy) 1 July 2022 20: 42
        And they have nothing left. They also bet on the rapid collapse of the regime and the economy in Russia (as we are on the war in Ukraine). The bet didn't work. Instead, there was a marked deterioration in the welfare of their own countries. If we now back down, then in the next elections in Europe and the United States, a lot of politicians will fly out of their chairs. It remains to go to the end. Moreover, there is such a principle in management, first "squeeze to the fullest", and then slowly begin to make indulgences. Against the background of such improvements, the people begin to perceive the authorities more favorably.