Anxiety in Israeli media: S-300 appeared, and the IDF disappeared

After Israeli officials escalated the topic of continuing IDF operations in Syria despite Russia's intentions to install the S-300 systems there, the lull in the Israeli army’s operations became so “indecent” that local media, in particular the public channel, drew attention to it. CAN.

So, the host of the channel, Ron Sharon, stated the fact that the IDF has not attacked anyone in Syria for two weeks, and then, comparing the aggressive statements of the country's leadership with the existing reality, he comes to the conclusion that “the rules of the game have changed” and now Israel will have to apply in the SAR "funds that were not used there before."

It is difficult to say what the military expert meant by means that were not used, but it seems unlikely that Israel would want to compete with Russia in the game "Who will surprise whom and what." At least because by default the RF Armed Forces have much more opportunities to surprise the IDF. We must not forget that Iran and Syria, who have long-standing scores with Israel, will willingly join this game.

The IDF command and the Israeli leadership should also remember that the S-300 is not only an anti-aircraft missile system, but also the Russian electronic warfare equipment attached to it, which are considered the best in the world.
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  1. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 4 October 2018 19: 13
    Another cotton-wool blizzard - the Israelis both flew and fly where they see fit, and the Russians are just stupidly boasting.
    1. vkfriendly Offline vkfriendly
      vkfriendly (Vladimir) 6 October 2018 07: 24
      another couch clown, well, make us laugh with something else, freeze some kind of stupidity - dill horse.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. ksv36 Offline ksv36
    ksv36 (Sergei) 4 October 2018 21: 22
    Blizzard, not a blizzard, and your Air Force landed in LDNR. Let's land and the IDF.
    1. Lex. Offline Lex.
      Lex. 4 October 2018 21: 26
      Are you serious or what?
      You are so naive we will destroy your S-300s in a couple of minutes, you’ll be ashamed you just don’t want to quarrel with you
      1. ksv36 Offline ksv36
        ksv36 (Sergei) 4 October 2018 21: 50
        "Hold me seven, or I'll hit him!" So what? I have long dreamed of seeing how points from the F-22 and F35 go ​​out on the radar. I'm even ready to give up my pension. smile
      2. Voyager Offline Voyager
        Voyager ( Andrew) 5 October 2018 01: 15
        The destruction of our S-300s will bring death to many in Israel. Do not forget that Israel, though strong, but small as a poodle. In the event of a full-scale conflict, there will be no wet place. That’s why you don’t want to quarrel
        1. Jimmi morello Offline Jimmi morello
          Jimmi morello (Jimmi Morello) 5 October 2018 06: 45
          that Israel is a sovereign country is just a game. In fact, Israel is the 52nd US state, "overseas territory". But now they will not go to Syria with their aviation, they will most likely be engaged in covert operations. The point is different, in Israel there is one inconvenience for Russia, half or so of the citizens of Israel are Russians. They may be Jews, but they are still Russian.
          1. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
            Akuzenka (Alexander) 9 October 2018 09: 32
            Disagree colleague. The SGA has no allies (except Great Britain). SGA has controlled vassals. That is, if the SGA is ordered to attack our S-300s, Israel will fulfill this suicidal order. Otherwise, the free supply of weapons and other resources from the SGA will stop and that's it .....
            And about the "Russians" in Israel. They are, first of all, citizens of Israel and will fight with us if the Israeli army receives such an order. Throw the "Russian" nonsense out of your head. They made their choice. And the fact that they speak Russian and know Russian culture is just an expansion of their horizons. Do you think there are no "Russians" in the SGA intelligence? There is. And there are many traitors, "Russians". They sold out and made their choice.
      3. vkfriendly Offline vkfriendly
        vkfriendly (Vladimir) 6 October 2018 07: 27
        This is not why Americans are howling and imposing sanctions on S-400 buyers, no?
        they probably just decided to make an advertisement for the Russians. you're not ours.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 5 October 2018 06: 47
    - "No reliable glory ... - until blood is shed ..."

    -So far ... -shed Russian (Russian) blood ... -the Jews remained on the sidelines ...
    -That's when "a few" Israeli scavenger vultures are killed ... and when Jewish mothers immediately start crying ... not even a trace of it will remain ... -Then all these "Israeli brave men" will shout in a different way ...
    -Well .., and while they consider themselves heroes ... -Nobody showed them anything ... -all of them ended with impunity ... -that they have already revived ... -and now they even began to show their ambition ...
    -Yes .., all this will remain a "blizzard" ...- until the Israelis are punished for what they have done ...

    -And .., something tells me .. that this time in vain they are so flaunting ... -This time for them all this "silence" is deceiving ... -Wait for an answer .., "cunning warriors "... -" otvetka "not right away .., but it will definitely be ... and not weak ... -give., God ... time ... -I will repeat again ... -oh .., and you shouldn't have done it ...
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) 6 October 2018 07: 24
      For spilled in the former. Syria ask Russian blood from your president and his minister of defense, who are sent to a faraway foreign country to slaughter Russian troops. And the Israelis, as they defended themselves against the numerous Islamic evil spirits of all stripes, will continue to do so successfully, and God forbid you to fit in for our enemies - there will be so little raking. And why are you so stupid - once again strive for the same rusty rake ...
    2. vkfriendly Offline vkfriendly
      vkfriendly (Vladimir) 6 October 2018 07: 30
      Well, if so, then we must nevertheless pay tribute to the Jews, they are fighting well, unlike the Arabs, they will cry, yes, but no more than all mothers.