NVO in Ukraine divided Russian society into two camps

Russian society is heterogeneous. It contains many different political and quasi-political currents, the participants of which differently assess the situation in the country, its prospects and the desired direction of development. This is quite natural for a free country.

With the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Russian civil society in the same natural way emerged into two large groups that are not on the front line and do not carry weapons, but nevertheless take the most active part in the conflict.

Some of them are patriots and humanists who, to the best of their ability, help our troops beat the fascist reptile, and help the civilian population in the liberated territories to overcome the catastrophic consequences of the “work” of the Ukrainian military.

But there are others - voluntary assistants of the fascists who have settled in Kyiv, who want the defeat of the Russian army and the shame of their country. There are not as many of them as Zelensky's team and its Western masters would like, but they are.

It is curious that people of the most diverse nationalities, ages, beliefs and professions gathered in both camps. Sometimes you can find combinations that are completely unimaginable in any other situation.

Tied in one fascio

As you know, the non-systemic opposition in Russia has two main wings: the white “liberal” and the red “Marxist”. This is how they call themselves, but I put both definitions in quotation marks, because they only conditionally characterize the ideology of these groups. In fact, “liberals” can rightfully be called Westerners, and “Marxists” perhaps dreamers: they are trying to pass off very unrealistic hybrids of the Brezhnev USSR with everything in a row as an image of the future.

It was no more difficult to foresee the reaction of Westerners to the fact of the beginning of the NWO than the reaction of the West itself, and they did not disappoint: starting from February 24, statements that Russia had definitively lost the right to be called a civilized country and the like fell like a cornucopia.

Part of this public (we are not talking about "stars", but about ordinary people), having some kind of opportunity to go abroad, hastily took advantage of this opportunity. It's funny that even the wave of Russophobia that has risen in the West on a national basis (not "you are Putin's", but namely "you are Russian, get out!") did not set everyone's brains, and some still consider Russia's defense of the Donbass republics "unmotivated aggression - sincerely or because such is the agenda at the new place of residence.

Who really surprised me was the “Marxists”. The "opinion leaders" of this very diverse group, in general, were much more sober than Westerners in assessing the brown essence of the Kyiv regime - but they also rushed to call the NWO an "imperialist war" and similar terms.

It is rather strange that it was precisely the (allegedly) conductors of “critical thinking” and “materialistic view” of world processes that at first, as they say, “did not buy out” the black banter in Putin’s words about the “real decommunization” of Ukraine, and then extremely emotionally and stupidly, without looking back at the real situation, the words of V. I. Lenin about the beginning of the First World War were transferred to the present day. In their desire to preserve their “international” and “proletarian” identity at any cost, the “Marxists” resolutely turned a blind eye to the experience of Lenin, the state leader, and the experience of his heirs, and the clearly national liberation nature of the current struggle in Donbass. Some even agreed to the point that it turns out that there are no fascists in Kyiv, or, alternatively, that there are the same people in Moscow, and there is no difference.

It looks like a failure in history, "comrades."

The forms of struggle that the non-systemic opposition waged against the NWO are traditional for it. Basically, these are more or less straightforward in form, more or less Russophobic in content, “anti-war” publications on the Internet, often accompanied by a “crackdown” on Ukrainian and/or Western fakes. At first, small demonstrations or single pickets took place, the latter occasionally occur to this day.

It is characteristic that with the collapse of the Ukrainian media bubble, with the appearance of thousands of photos and videos, completely depicted with swastikas of “non-fascists” and their “non-crimes”, the activity of the leaders of Russian opposition began to decline. It began to dawn that the yellow-blue substance, with which they so happily smeared their faces, turned out to be brown, and not chocolate at all, and this could prevent the audience from being hilled in the future.

In addition to the media, some especially exalted personalities decided on real “resistance”.

A very striking example was a student who, at a “pacifist” rally in Moscow on February 24, threw a bottle of gasoline on fire at the police, fortunately without harming anyone. Later, throughout Russia, there were sporadic attempts to set fire to military enlistment offices and police strongholds: Ukrainian sources presented each of them as "a big blow to the mobilization potential of the Rashists." It was alleged that up to thirty institutions were attacked in total, although there are half as many confirmed facts.

If at least some practical justification can be found for these actions, then it is much more difficult to explain acts of vandalism that occur from time to time (such as puncturing tires on citizens’ cars marked with the “Z” symbol), desecration of monuments and military graves. As a rule, vandals themselves cannot do this after being detained by law enforcement agencies.

"... dot, RF": Runet underground against the Nazis

A lot has already been said about the contribution of patriotic bloggers to the fight against the Ukrainian fake campaign. Much less is heard of those who extract unofficial but credible information from the other side, which bloggers then distribute to a wide audience.

However, these voluntary "internet scouts" themselves do not seek excessive fame, preferring to remain anonymous. They can be divided into two main groups.

The former are engaged in what is now called the fashionable abbreviation OSINT - open-source intelligence, or intelligence in open sources. In fact, this technique has been one of the main ones for real intelligence since time immemorial, but now this expression has a different meaning: extracting information specifically from network resources - public webcams, house chats, announcements and even releases of official News. OSINT teams sort all this array of information garbage, process it (for example, using satellite images, they make a topographical location of the video based on local objects flashing in the frame), obtaining a certain amount of really valuable data at the output.

Where open sources alone are not enough, hackers of closed sources are connected - hackers. They not only extract information, but also disable the objects of Ukrainian fascists vulnerable to network attacks, at least the same databases of conscripts and reservists.

Sometimes the actions of OSINT and hackers have the most direct impact on the course of hostilities. More than a dozen cases are known when the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine discovered by them were subjected to “calibration”, that is, information from volunteers came in handy at least when cross-checking data by professional intelligence officers. And just yesterday, Russian hackers temporarily blocked shipments from the Orlen refinery in Poland, some of the fuel from which went to Ukraine.

However, the “Internet intelligence” made the main contribution to the media struggle, carefully, reasonably exposing the fascist “victories”, including for a foreign audience. The success of the Russian OSINT teams is causing some concern in the West, where public support for the Ukrainian conflict is rapidly declining. Foreign media, which themselves sometimes use the information of the “Russian orcs”, have recently begun to publish “sensational revelations” of the most famous domestic network groups and telegram channels, declaring them to be units of the FSB, the GRU, or the Wagner PMC.

In fact, the composition of the OSINT and hacker groups, as well as the degree of their interaction with the special services, is not known for certain to anyone except the participants and the special services themselves (and it is not clear which of them is more). Similar foreign and collaborationist teams are constantly trying to calculate this information. Between them and the Russian network underground there is a separate, yet another confrontation invisible to a simple layman.

Inconspicuous "parallel rear"

Despite the importance of informational cultural activity, we still live in the material world, and the presence of certain material objects - food, medicines, various devices and tools - is decisive. This is true for peaceful everyday life and is two orders of magnitude more true for intensive modern warfare, processing huge amounts of material resources and human forces.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, in addition to a kind word, the allied troops and residents of the territories devastated by the Ukrainian fascists are asked to support them with a good deed. And in Russia there were quite a few people who voluntarily assumed such an obligation.

Of course, the fighters on the line of contact have a command, and civilians have a civil or military-civilian administration, which must supply their wards with everything they need. Logistics services work under great pressure, transporting and distributing masses of essential supplies: food, medicine, fuel, ammunition for troops on the front lines and building materials for the reconstruction of liberated cities.

It’s more difficult with rare, non-standard things that you can’t take from the first state-owned warehouse that comes across, because they simply aren’t there. According to reviews, it can be problematic to get, for example, a linethrower with a grappling hook for safely clearing trails from mines, a compact gas cutter to covertly make a passage through obstacles, or some other specific tool. Consumables and spare parts for imported drones, banal knee pads or pouches for stores to replace lost ones, high-calorie bars for long raids, specific medicines - all this may be needed “now” (within two or three days), but the inevitable official bureaucracy does not always fit into such terms.

This is where volunteers come in to help. And often these are people with a position above the average, associated with administrative resources or business.

I think many have seen the announcements and participated in fundraising for various needs of the war zone. Few people think about the fact that it is much more difficult to convert money into the desired thermal imagers or medicine than to raise this very money: sanctions, overload of logistics routes and customs delays affect.

To save time, and money, too, volunteers often have to go even to Kazakhstan themselves in order to bring a batch of some Chinese radio stations from there faster than a trade caravan would do. Some sanctioned goods have to be mined using two- or three-link gray schemes, and the experience and “garters” of businessmen turn out to be decisive.

But volunteer help is by no means limited to “get and deliver”. There are voluntary workshops involved in the restoration of electronic equipment. There are people who help refugees find housing and work in Russia. Some help to organize specific treatment for children with rare diseases, others provide veterinary care to combat-affected pets.

Unfortunately, most of these disinterested assistants do not have their own information resource, so their enormous work is in the shadow of "Internet intelligence" and bloggers (although, in fairness, it is online communities that distribute basic information about the work of the "parallel rear", including calls for help ).

I would like to hope that after the victory over Ukrainian fascism and its curators, each contribution to it will be appreciated.
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  1. Evdokimov Sergey Yurievich 21 June 2022 09: 27
    So we have fascists and anti-fascists. And we must proceed from this.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 21 June 2022 12: 40
      Not entirely accurate. We have anti-fascists and Vlasovites - that's more accurate.
  2. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 21 June 2022 09: 30
    The peculiarity of Russian society is such that it is simply excluded from the political life of the country and does not influence the decisions of the supreme power at all.
    This Russian society is simply put before the facts and the reaction is monitored.

    It looks like a failure in history, "comrades."

    I don’t understand how sideways and why the history material is woven in here.
  3. lytboris Offline lytboris
    lytboris (Boris Lytkin) 21 June 2022 09: 54
    Why only Russian? This is happening in every country in the world.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 21 June 2022 10: 06
    And, again, vparivayut black and white ....
    when you used to dream about color ....
  5. Sergey Ochkivsky (Sergey Ochkivsky) 21 June 2022 10: 55
    Both liberals and Marxists are connected by DOGMATICS into a single whole by the NEGATION OF THE STATE. Liberals - ALWAYS, DOGMATICS - withering away in the future. "Marxism is omnipotent because it is true" - they argued in Soviet times. Years have passed since then, the USSR collapsed and, mainly, due to the fact that Marxism ceased to meet the real requirements of life. By the way, V. I. Lenin himself was not a dogmatist of Marxism, since he substantiated in his work “The State and Revolution”, contrary to Marx, the possibility of BUILDING SOCIALISM IN RUSSIA, and not on a global scale.
    The "three whales" of the political and economic theory of Marxism have long lost the reliability of the scientific foundation. All social science stands on the foundation of vulgar materialism - all institutions are just a superstructure on the economy. With the onset of the global crisis, K. Marx became one of the most sought-after authors. But we must not forget that his economic theory was based not only on knowledge, but also on the economic practice of the mid-XNUMXth century. Lenin and Stalin reformed Marxism together. Lenin with the theoretical justification and practical embodiment of the victory of the new system in not the most developed ONE country. According to Marx, only a world revolution started in the most developed capitalist countries, to which Russia did not belong. And Stalin BUILT STATE socialism in contradiction with the Marxist "economy is the basis, politics is the superstructure over the economy."
    The Bolsheviks refuted Marxism with their PRACTICE. In fact, they proved that POLITICS DEFINES ECONOMY. The main object of state policy was not the economy, but MAN. Therefore, in a time period unprecedented in world history, the most advanced systems of healthcare, education and social protection in the world were built in the USSR. THE NEW SOVIET MAN BUILT A NEW ECONOMY AND SURVIVED IN THE MOST MONSTERIOUS WAR IN HISTORY.
    See 6. Politics determines the economy

    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 21 June 2022 12: 55
      If everything was done correctly in the USSR (in your opinion), then it would not have collapsed. Stop writing nonsense.
  6. Yuriy88 Offline Yuriy88
    Yuriy88 (Yuri) 21 June 2022 11: 06
    the horror of how some zen afftors know how to smear snot on the table, probably dependent on the degree of volume and earnings .. This entire article could be made three times shorter, but more specific! Wars are "good" in that they have a cleansing effect on all sectors of society, countries .. The position of a person as a criterion of truth .. Everything manifests itself and is quite easily argued (or rather explained). Part of the country with a high standard of living Moscow, Leningrad, other millionaires, naturally have a large layer of people who think that "the way they live" - ​​the whole country lives .. And they don't want to take risks, part with this, ! Why, why..??? Everything was full and calm! It is they who are the main crowd of "anti-SVO" .. Or easier, potential traitors! They don't think why the sky is blue, the refrigerator is always full, the car and garage are new. And who guarantees all this??? STATE! but they think that they themselves are such magicians, not the guys at the control panels of the nuclear weapons, not the outfits of the border guards, not the fighters behind the levers of the cars .. These have no idea, they are just like that. And there are traitors who have been enemies at all times .. inside the country .. There is no desire to explore their layers .. Everything has manifested itself, exposed and it's great!
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 21 June 2022 12: 58
      And even shorter - the NWO revealed who is a statesman, and who is a Vlasovite.
    2. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 23 June 2022 17: 26
      If they were not enemies, then there would be no counter-revolution against the country of workers, there would be no mass theft and the creation of a lot of fence protection for thieves. Praise of tsarism with a cry - we are the heirs of the USSR.
    3. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov 16 July 2022 12: 51
      Liberals shamelessly screwed over the country. And all because they eat too much. Why does the United States have a military budget 10 times larger than Russia's? And because they have 35% personal income tax. Why has China overtaken the United States economically? Because they have 45% personal income tax. "Efficient" owners, you need to eat less! Then the shit in the country will be much less.
  7. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 21 June 2022 12: 37
    Not patriots and humanists, but patriots and traitors. If you are a humanist in relation to the enemies of your Motherland, you are not only an enemy. You are a traitor.
  8. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 21 June 2022 13: 00
    The author did not indicate that there are two other population groups. One was formed simultaneously with the two indicated by the author - this is a group of infidels. But another has already begun to appear and will only grow in numbers over time - this is a group of people tired of the war.
  9. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 21 June 2022 18: 01
    From my “bell tower” I see a different division of Russian society.
    According to my observations, a part of the population is occupied by those who, in one way or another, approve of the course being pursued. Among them:
    - I fully support this government
    - I work and everything suits me
    - it's not our business - there are experts in power
    - do what you must, and then come what may
    - I pay off a mortgage (loan) and do not want myself to have new problems
    The other part is dissatisfied with the course of power, and it is divided into two categories:
    - I am dissatisfied with the current state of the country and its power, because I want the prosperity of Russia, and the current government is ruining it
    - I am dissatisfied with this country and the government, and I think that the sooner it submits to the West, the better it will be for everyone
    In my Soviet youth, I was in the category: "it's not our business - there are specialists in the leadership."
    Under Yeltsin, when everything began to collapse, he moved into the category: "do what you must, and then come what may."
    Under Putin, believing, like many others, in Russia's luck, I moved into the category: "I fully support this government." I stayed in it for a long time, until finally some unusual things attracted my attention.
    After Yeltsin, we expected from Putin the restoration of the country's economy, jobs and the rise of life, but this, for some reason, did not come.
    Instead, on December 23, 2003, Putin created the Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation. in which all the "extra" money went.
    The state of the country's economy was "frozen" for many years.
    As patriotic scientists predicted at the time, the country lost its chance to develop, get out of the demographic “hole” and recreate an industrial economy independent of the West. Instead, a money-box was created, placed in US dollars (ie - in the USA), which in 2008 almost all went to stupid financial repayment of the crisis.
    In March 2004, another significant event took place - with the tacit consent of Russia, 7 states joined NATO at once: Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. I remember a quiet murmur in St. Petersburg, where I live - “it's very close!?”. However, Putin's imperturbable confidence then convinced everyone. Everyone thought that his “cunning plan” was hiding behind her. However, the first timid doubts appeared.
    After 2008, the restoration of production on a national scale did not begin, and the course towards the accumulation of "pods" was continued. My doubts turned into resentment.
    Disappointments that look like shameless deceit, I, like everyone else, had a lot after that.
    Finally, the “gun hung on the wall” by Putin fired in the distant 2003 - our reserves were “safely” stolen by the West, almost half!
    Probably, in order for the West not to inadvertently attribute this "surprise" to its own luck, after that, the authorities themselves sent the thief another half a billion dollars of payments on the public debt (in dollars!).
    The NMD we are conducting in Ukraine suddenly turned out to be our falling into a trap out of the blue, bringing only profits to the Hegemon, and not threatening him in any way. The shelling of the enemy already standing on our borders affects the territory of the Russian Federation and our people.
    In this way, people, like myself, fall into the category: “I am dissatisfied with the current state of the country and its power, because I want Russia to prosper, and the current government is ruining it”
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 21 June 2022 20: 25
      After 2008, the recovery of production on a national scale did not begin,

      A naive person was waiting for something else? In those years, they just muddied a castling, from which the rest of the world was in complete ....
      Now, if you take a large plant-factory, and put two lawyers at the head of it: one will be the general director, and the second - the chief engineer. These two wonderful specialists with diplomas from the second best university in the USSR will destroy that plant-factory at the expense of "one or two."
      But at the same time, the pack accompanying them will scream and tear that
      - it used to be even worse;
      - look at America, Argentina, Zanzibar, and we are still hoo;
      - soon (in 10-15-20 years) it will be better.
      Although not everyone will survive.
  10. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 21 June 2022 18: 05
    I talked with those. These are basically very strong egoists. You will die nearby, they will not call an ambulance, they will pass by. There are and always will be. Only before there was an ideology and they were ashamed to show off their base qualities so clearly, and now what do you want in a society of consumers.

    Tales that there was no freedom in the USSR. I worked at a factory. I have a foreman, shop manager, director. I could say absolutely anything I want to anyone, on business. And there were also party meetings where these leaders, if not right, could lose their positions. He could tell the foreman what he was doing wrong, he could tell the head of the shop, but he could not say on Red Square that Brezhnev was "incompetent." This is true. And now you can run around Red Square and call Putin swear words, but you can’t say to the foreman and the head of the shop that they are mediocrity. You will not have time to finish, you will find yourself on the street. So where is the freedom? I live at work, and the Kremlin somehow doesn’t concern me much. If you think otherwise, then your brain is skewed.

    It is not in vain that I write about the level of education of our government. And all these vile manifestations in our society are a wake-up call to a big trouble. And so that this disaster does not happen, we need more justice everywhere.
  11. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 21 June 2022 18: 21
    NVO in Ukraine divided Russian society into two camps

    - Yes, just like that - everything came down "to the moment of truth" - "for" or "against" the WZO!
    - Personally, I am "for" the WSO; but using more radical methods and using all the most destructive military means to destroy the enemy! - And, at least - with the obligatory release of Odessa and Nikolaev !!!
    - And about "society" - personally I don't want to argue "now"!!! - All this controversy can lead to the next peace talks - and then to the "truce" itself and the conclusion of the next "Minsk agreements" !!! - That's the worst thing today! - That is the worst thing!
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 21 June 2022 18: 44
      And about society-I personally do not want to argue!!! - All this controversy can lead to the next peace talks - and then to the "truce" itself and the conclusion of the next "Minsk agreements"

      Irina, what is the reason for the previous Minsk agreements? Is it in controversy? And has this cause been eliminated?
      I think that this is why the danger of the new Minsk agreements lies in that old, unresolved reason

      That's the scariest thing today!!! - That is the worst thing!

      If you mean this our internal reason for the appearance of the Minsk agreements, then I agree with you - this is the worst thing. Controversy can only help bring it to light and eliminate
      1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
        Pat Rick 21 June 2022 20: 35
        Tn "Irina" does not enter into any controversy, the main thing for her is to shout louder from Novosib, in particular, how Odessa and Nikolaev should be wiped off the face of the earth (sorry, free from the population),
        And then it doesn't really matter to her.
  12. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
    Dart2027 21 June 2022 19: 31
    Who really surprised me was the “Marxists”. The "opinion leaders" of this very diverse group, in general, were much more sober than Westerners in assessing the brown essence of the Kyiv regime - but they also rushed to call the NWO an "imperialist war" and similar terms.

    I would be surprised if they didn't. And the author says in vain that the current realities differ from the realities of the WWI - in this sense, everything is the same. The reason is simple and unpretentious - any success of "this" country and "this" government is a nail in the coffin of hope for a new revolution, so for them the Ukrainian fascists are of course enemies, but future enemies, so to speak, but Putin and his team are top priority enemies. That's human psychology and there's nothing you can do about it.
    Machiavelli also wrote that:

    for I doubt that schisms ever ended well. Moreover, if the enemy approaches, defeat is inevitable, since the weaker party will join the attackers, and the strong one will not be able to defend the city.

    And he was absolutely right.
  13. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 21 June 2022 21: 07
    That's when Putin ordered to transport the ashes of the fascist philosopher Ilyin from Germany and annually lays flowers at his monument, as well as at the grave of the same Nazi Shmelev, how is this to be understood? Moreover, as Putin said, their books are always on his shelf. Maria Zakharova issued a pearl: -Stalin is worse than Hitler? Is this normal? The authorities constantly kick the USSR and Stalin. If Poroshenko carries flowers to the Bandera monument, this is fascism. The top of patriotism under Putin is Kolchak and Denikin. In almost all CIS countries, nationalists are in power and Russia is no exception. In Ukraine, the same thing. Plus an oligarchy. What is the difference between the oligarchs of Russia and Ukraine? Here they hang Red flags in the Donbass. What changes from this? Another flag hangs over the Kremlin. This is a screen. New owners will come to Ukrainian enterprises, if anything remains of them at all. But it will not be people. and Vekselberg. The author, the question is who in Russia is leading this fight against Nazism. It's one thing when they are principled fighters for the happiness of the people like Stalin with Molotov, Kaganovich, Voroshilov, Beria, Voznesensky, Miko yanom. And another when it is the Medvedevs, Peskovs, Siluanovs, Shuvalovs, Golikovs, Nabiullins and other thimble-makers. Maybe that's why the population is "bifurcated"?. The population is demoralized. Putin announces mobilization and the country can slide into turmoil. General Ivashov warned about this back in early February. But he was declared a traitor. Unpleasant things are voiced by Strelkov-Girkin. He is also declared a traitor. And soon it will begin to master billions "for restoration." Donetsk
    1. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
      Dart2027 22 June 2022 19: 16
      Quote: Spiritual
      Nationalists are in power in almost all CIS countries, and Russia is no exception.

      And you would like to see Russophobes there.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
        Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 28 June 2022 18: 21
        There are such "Russian nationalists" in the Kremlin that soon there will be no Russia left
        1. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
          Dart2027 28 June 2022 19: 56
          Quote: Spiritual
          There are such "Russian nationalists" in the Kremlin that

          now Russia is starting to rake up what the communists have done.
          1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
            Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 29 June 2022 09: 30
            Yeah, it’s you, the student of the drunk Eltsin, the guarantor of Putin, who has heard and seen enough. They can’t break and sell what they built under the USSR. They ruined the aircraft industry, machine tool building. only for the benefit.
            1. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
              Dart2027 29 June 2022 19: 16
              Quote: Spiritual
              Yeah, it's you, the student of the drunk

              Ukraine was created long before his birth.

              Quote: Spiritual
              In the Kremlin, kagal zaputintsev as 30 years old

              Strongly smaller.
          2. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
            Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 29 June 2022 09: 31
            In the Kremlin, the Zaputints were like 30 years old. Russia was put on its knees and everyone is raising
  14. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 21 June 2022 21: 40
    There were traitors at all times ... And there were not a few in the Great Patriotic War ... According to average estimates, this is 5-10% of the population ... But the main thing is that most traitors at all times are rotten intelligentsia, and mostly , in Moscow and St. Petersburg ... And the strength and hope of Russia, its warriors and defenders have always been in the regions and provinces ...
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 21 June 2022 23: 04
      that most traitors at all times are rotten intelligentsia

  15. Muscool Offline Muscool
    Muscool (Glory) 22 June 2022 08: 25
    They also forgot to mention the "khatoskraynikov".
  16. amon Offline amon
    amon (Amon Amon) 18 July 2022 21: 45
    The authorities need to remove the fifth column from the Kremlin and from the country in general, they crap, crap and will always crap!

    1. anclevalico Offline anclevalico
      anclevalico (Victor) 22 July 2022 08: 01
      The phrase "5th column" implies that not all are traitors. With regard to the Kremlin, I can’t even say offhand who I can rely on there. Who will not betray and lie?
  17. anclevalico Offline anclevalico
    anclevalico (Victor) 22 July 2022 07: 59
    I would say 3 camps. For those who are FOR YOUR OWN are divided in two. Some unconditionally believe the "guarantor" and his plywood marshal, a kind of turbo-patriots a la Karnaukhov, with his catchphrase "If you want to criticize, criticize silently!", while others are very critical of them.