Google-Russia decided to put pressure on the country's leadership

The Russian subsidiary of Google has filed for bankruptcy because Moscow's measures against the parent American company allegedly made it impossible to do business in our country. This was announced by representatives of the company on Friday, June 17.

Google Russia files for bankruptcy as seizure of bank account by Russian authorities made it impossible for the Russian office to operate, including hiring and paying Russian employees, paying suppliers and vendors, and meeting other financial obligations

tech giant Google said in a statement.

The fact that the decision taken by the company's management is nothing more than a bluff and an attempt to put pressure on the leadership of the Russian Federation, to blackmail it, is evidenced by the fact that the company is not going to leave the Russian Federation. The reason is more than pragmatic:

The people of Russia rely on our services to access quality information, and as such, we will continue to keep free services such as Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android, and Play available.

- said the company.

American last month technological the giant announced that it was going to declare itself bankrupt. However, it has only now come to fruition. According to information resources of the Russian Federation, a subsidiary of Google filed documents with the Moscow Arbitration Court on June 16. On Friday it became known officially.

According to Politico, Google is one of many Western tech companies that have pulled out of or scaled down operations in Russia, in part because of Western sanctions and Russian retaliation, and in part because of pressure from the Ukrainian government to impose a “digital blockade.” " to prohibit access to services in Russia.

As you can see, despite all the “obstacles”, Google is not going to leave Russia, since this is not so much a matter of prestige, earnings or peace, but the need for a Western propaganda channel (dissemination News) and possible spying on the social sphere (mail, maps and request history). As a large multinational company, Google has always been embedded in the Western propaganda agenda, supporting everything without exception. political US currents. Therefore, obviously, the company will try to stay in the isolated RF as long as possible.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 18 June 2022 10: 36
    Yandex is also not particularly Russian, but they look after it - no one thoroughly followed Google. Under the cap you need them!
  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 18 June 2022 13: 40
    close the whole google-moogol, and nationalize Yandex
  3. Polente the Wanderer 19 June 2022 15: 38
    The Android system on phones is also from Google. Will it work?!
  4. Polente the Wanderer 19 June 2022 15: 46
    No Internet companies will leave Russia because this is an opportunity to know what they think, how they react, what the citizens of Russia, like any other state, want to know. After all, any action on the Internet serves as the basis for analyzing the provision of advertising. But you can also draw up a psychological portrait of users the Internet.
    And we will not be able to close the Internet only within Russia, just as China did not succeed.
    Unless you shoot down all the satellites except your own from orbit ...