CNBC: Ukraine will lose its territories on the rise

Despite Western aid to Kyiv, Russian troops are occupying more and more of Ukraine in a special operation. According to the American television channel CNBS, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are less and less able to "dictate their terms" to the Russian Armed Forces.

The RF Armed Forces will intensify operations in the Donbas, and Ukraine may soon lose its eastern regions. The initiative thus passes to Moscow.

There are risks that Ukraine will lose territories on an increasing

- notes CNBS.

Earlier, after the withdrawal of Russian units from Kyiv, the West had hope that the scales in the military conflict were tilted in favor of Ukraine. However, such a bout of optimism did not last long - Moscow threw large-scale forces into the Donbass, and in the absence of Western heavy weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are on the verge of collapse. Thus, Russian troops have secured a corridor through the Donbass to the Black Sea coast, where large Ukrainian ports are likely to be taken under control soon.

Along with this, the authorities of the LPR reported that the Russian troops had occupied most of Severodonetsk. The complete liberation of the city, as well as the capture of Lisichansk, will put the Ukrainian armed forces in this region in a difficult position. The situation is aggravated by the renewed offensive of the Russian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region.

It is possible that in the near future the Russian Federation will clear the entire Luhansk region of pro-Kiev armed formations. This may become real due to the fact that Russian troops are superior to Ukrainian ones in the quality of artillery and the number of soldiers. At the same time, Moscow began to outplay Kyiv in matters of strategy.

Compared to the first stage, the Russian side has improved its operational and logistical components and enjoys its superiority in aviation and electronic warfare

American experts emphasize.

Meanwhile, with large-scale deliveries of NATO weapons, the situation may change. In this case, what is happening in Ukraine risks becoming a long-term frozen conflict lasting decades.
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  1. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 15 June 2022 13: 58
    territories are now not so important for Moscow's strategy. From the fact that Russia is not trying to break the resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in any way (the forces involved are far from the capabilities that they actually have. Where is the 1st tank army? And many other units). Of course, it may be that part of the forces have to be kept outside the conflict zone, Kaliningrad, Central Asia, Syria, etc.), but still there is a desire to end the conflict not with a military victory, but with the political and economic defeat of the West.

    The fact that hostilities are still going on in the Donbass makes it possible to stay within the stated goal - the liberation of Donbass. Russia is waiting for the moment when the West can no longer continue its "war" against Russia, which will force the West to admit defeat (by forcing the Kyiv regime to negotiate and curtailing arms supplies). After that, the last supports from under the Kyiv regime will be knocked out and it will collapse. Therefore, the front line is not so important now, everything is happening in the global economy and the social stability of the West. They themselves will have to admit - "okay, that's it, we were wrong, let's finish." Now they are still offering the option "without a big loss of face for the West." But Moscow has every chance to bring things to a "great loss of face", the moment where Western consolidation will turn into discord, where the dissatisfaction of the US world will become much stronger than ever, where the fear of Europeans about the coming problems of winter, food crisis, migrants etc. will become so great that "loss of face" ceases to play a role.

    Until the West itself is blown away, it makes little sense to end the conflict by military means, by seizing territories.
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 15 June 2022 14: 24
      The West cannot admit defeat. They want to reduce everything to territories. This is a completely wrong understanding of the situation and the goals of the operation. Capitulation must be recognized by the West. This means recognition for Russia of the status of a superpower, the return of everything stolen, a revision of the entire architecture of European (and world) security. This means the political, economic and military impotence of the EU and NATO.
      The West will not agree to this for anything. So the sanctions will not be lifted. To say "we were wrong" means to recognize Russia as an equal participant in any strategic decision.

      Accepting these conditions means that Russia has once again won the war with the united West. Since the 16th century, this is probably the sixth onslaught on Russia. And another bummer.
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 15 June 2022 14: 47
    If the Russian Federation enters into a separate agreement with Poland, a member of the EU and NATO, then the division of Ukraine will be painless - Poland, Hungary, Slovakia will get what they want, and what will remain in Kiev.
    At the same time, everyone will be forced to recognize the new borders, including those that the Russian Federation seeks recognition - Crimea, the DPR-LPR, and possibly all the left-bank territories occupied during the NWO.
    In turn, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia will "denazify" their new acquisitions in any way and thus will actually refuse to support the fanatics in the remaining Ukraine, and their Western allies represented by the EU-NATO will be forced to support them in this.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 15 June 2022 14: 51
    Meanwhile, with large-scale deliveries of NATO weapons, the situation may change.

    Here the situation will depend on the activity of the Russian Aerospace Forces. There are a lot of old air bombs in the warehouses, the shelf life of which is expiring. If they are disposed of together with the railways, bridges and roads of Ukraine, then the situation will change significantly in favor of the RF Armed Forces.
  4. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 15 June 2022 16: 22
    Quote: Bakht
    The West will not agree to this for anything. So the sanctions will not be lifted. To say "we were wrong" means to recognize Russia as an equal participant in any strategic decision.

    it is possible that the GDP will allow them to fulfill all the requirements of the Russian Federation and not "lose face", but now they can no longer hide behind a "fig leaf". we see it. the world sees ... and then EVERYTHING will wipe their feet about the EU ... I feel sorry for their peoples, but they are responsible for their rulers. let them hang them on their own, they have already given them a rope, it remains only to "fit the scaffold" by autumn