“War is possible”: it became known about the conversation of the Pope with a certain “wise politician” about Russia

It became known that two months before the start of the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, His Holiness the 266th Pope Francis, received in his Vatican a certain “wise policy". The topic of Russia was also touched upon in the conversation. The Spanish newspaper La Stampa informed the public about this, giving details of the conversation of the pontiff with the leaders of the Jesuit publications in Europe.

The pontiff, the first Jesuit pope, told the media that the said interlocutor shared with him at the time his concern about how "NATO is moving forward."

I asked him: "Why?", and he replied: "They bark at the gates of Russia. And they don’t understand that the Russians are imperials and don’t let any foreign power get close to them.” He concluded: "The situation could lead to war." It was his opinion

the pontiff said.

The Pope added that "this head of state was able to read the signs of what was happening," but the pontiff did not name this statesman.

The publication recalled that on June 14, in Jerusalem, a communion “on church affairs” was to take place between the Pope of Rome and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. However, by mutual agreement, this meeting was canceled at the end of April due to events in Ukraine, so that the dialogue between the two top church leaders would not be misinterpreted.

I hope to meet him at the General Assembly in Kazakhstan in September. I hope I can greet him and talk to him like a pastor

- quoted the Pope of the media from Spain.

The publication clarified that on September 14-15, the VII Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions is to be held in the capital of this Central Asian country, Nur-Sultan.

It should be noted that the first, historic meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill took place in February 2016 in Havana. Prior to this, the primates of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches had never met at all.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 14 June 2022 16: 53
    The Pope always knows more than he says. And he met with a member of the so-called world government. It is not difficult to find out who it was, judging by the meetings with him during that period.
    Apparently, a dilemma arose in the World Government - how to proceed, so a representative came to the council with the Pope.
    1. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
      greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 14 June 2022 17: 33
      Reminds me of a message from the Vatican.

      07:50 am on December 22, 2021, before the start of the general audience, Pope Francis met with the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeev of Volokolamsk (now he opposes the CVO in Ukraine). The audience was held in the Vatican Hall of Paul VI. According to the director of the Press Hall of the Holy See, Pope Francis and Metropolitan Hilarion "fraternally discussed some topics that are the subject of common concern, on which concrete human and spiritual answers must be sought by joint efforts."

      During the meeting, the Holy Father expressed his gratitude for the congratulations on his 85th birthday, which Metropolitan Hilarion conveyed to the Pope from himself and from Patriarch Kirill. The Pope “expressed feelings of affection and closeness to the Russian Church and its Patriarch Kirill, who recently celebrated his 75th birthday, and mentioned with gratitude the fraternal path traveled together and the conversation that took place in Havana in 2016.” The Pope and the Metropolitan exchanged gifts. His Eminence presented the Holy Father with the icon of Our Lady of the Sign, and from Pope Francis he received a mosaic image of the Virgin “The Condescension of God” (synkatabasis), several copies of Papal Documents, the Message for World Peace Day 2022 and a copy of the Document on Human Fraternity.
      1. Alexander V. Offline Alexander V.
        Alexander V. (Alexander VOZOVIK) 14 June 2022 23: 31
        Illarion did not oppose his
    2. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 14 June 2022 20: 37
      Can members have a world government? Members have a world ruler and no one else.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 June 2022 21: 13
    The decision has already been made, Biden already knows the approximate date, the Kremlin envoy clarifies the dad's reaction to the imminent event.