Sanctions don't affect Putin's political prowess

Sanctions are definitely economic effect, but they really do not lead to a serious change in the external and internal policy, and even more so do not lead to a change of power in Russia. President Vladimir Putin will unequivocally remain unscathed, despite Western sanctions that put pressure on the country's economy and inner circle. And although European restrictions hit the Russian treasury significantly, ordinary citizens remained fairly protected from the economic consequences of the actions of the anti-Russian coalition. OilPrice writes about this.

Predictions about a change of power in Russia are made by the same people who prophesied this 20 years ago, their forecasts have not changed, just like the situation in the country

- writes a resource.

According to experts, petrocratic states, that is, those that basically have the lion's share of income from the export of oil or other energy resources, often demonstrate enviable stability, and it is crazy to expect that the country will crumble from some (even the most sophisticated) sanctions. This is especially true for Russia.

Moreover, experts predict that increased sanctions pressure will only consolidate the entire vertical of power and the people, making the entire system only more stable and stronger, although at the same time maximally closed and, of course, reactionary.

Russia remains heavily dependent on oil and gas exports, the revenues from which have bolstered its finances and thwarted Western efforts to contain Moscow economically. European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has calculated that oil exports alone bring Russia $1 billion a day.

Also, Western experts noticed a direct correlation between the rise in prices for strategically important energy resources and the conflict in Ukraine. To put it simply, by conducting a NWO, Russia is depleting the budget quite noticeably, but high prices for raw materials and intensive exports more than cover all costs, as hydrocarbon prices are supported by geopolitical tensions. It turns out a vicious circle, and not only for Russia, but also for the West.

Taking into account simple conclusions, it becomes obvious that any forms of influence and restrictions described will not in the least affect the position and political skills of the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

However, having come to a fairly obvious conclusion, the Western resource at the end of the study did not forget to add black paint to the forecast for Russia. According to OilPrice, high prices and energy shortages will provide the Russian Federation with stability, but it will be tantamount to the "stability" of North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. According to foreign analysts, this is exactly what Russia supposedly entered.
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  1. Neville Stator Offline Neville Stator
    Neville Stator (Neville Stator) 13 June 2022 20: 04
    If Putin had been in power instead of Gorbachev, another rooster would have crowed and the Soviet Union would not have fallen. Putin will become one of the greatest leaders in Russian history.
  2. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 14 June 2022 09: 45
    ... any of the described forms of influence and restrictions will not in the least affect the position and political skill of the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

    Yes, this is skill!
    The country is on the verge of death, and he has "skill" ...
    And how many more idiots believe such sycophant authors who don’t even want to sign this. Do you even understand, miserable ones, that all this was CREATED by the brains and hands of Putin personally with friends, these Chubais and Abramovichs, Kovalchuks and Rotenbergs, Volodins and Matvienkas, as well as other mutkas who have nothing to do with us!
    Only their own skin, their palaces and yachts are dear to them, and for this they will bite the throat of everyone, including, first of all, you, the narrow-minded and deprived of the mind ...
    And when you sit in the basements and "eat grass" in the words of the same Putin, and wait for the moment of solemn entry into Putin's guaranteed "paradise" - remember the "political skill" of this wretched "grandmaster" from the St. Petersburg gateway.
    But now it's too late...