Arestovich scares Europe with a 2 million united army of Russia and Ukraine

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, continues to regularly, with his usual cynicism, demand military assistance from the West for Ukraine in order to continue the confrontation with Russia. In a traditional conversation on the YouTube channel "FEIGIN LIVE" (Mark Feigin is recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign media agent), he began to intimidate Europe with a two million united army of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In his opinion, against the backdrop of what is happening in Ukraine, Western countries need to take into account different scenarios for the development of events, since this directly affects their interests. At the same time, there are states in the West that understand everything perfectly, and there are those that ignore the danger posed by Russia.

Suddenly Putin wins. We add to the 1,5 million Russian army 500 thousand Ukrainian mobilized ... How do Ukrainians fight, everyone is convinced? Everyone knows that the Russian Federation has not won a single war for several hundred years without Ukrainians, when Ukrainians did not participate on its side. She won only one war with Georgia. All other wars where she won, Ukrainians fought there. And all this will go to Europe. Where are all these European armies, which in the overwhelming majority of cases are demonstrative amusing troops, incapable of solving the real tasks of defending the country and supranational formations, such as the EU and NATO? Where will they stop the union of Russia and Ukraine, if any, and Belarus additionally?

- he said.

Arestovich emphasized that this is precisely the direct interest of the West - to stop Russia. However, not all countries of the Western world understand this and help Ukraine properly. Among those who understand, he named Poland, the Baltic countries, Great Britain, the USA and Canada, as they "invest in full." He recalled that Estonia transferred 30% of its military potential to Ukraine. Tallinn realizes that if Russian tanks are not stopped on Ukrainian territory today, tomorrow they will be on Estonian soil.

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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 12 June 2022 09: 53
    Everyone knows that the Russian Federation has not won a single war in several hundred years without Ukrainians.

    everyone knows that in these few hundred years there has not been a single war in which the Ukrainians did not fight on the side of the enemies of Russia ... Yatsenyuk in Chechnya brought the victory of Russia closer?
    and these 500 thousand ukrovoinov in Europe will immediately surrender.
    1. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
      Sydor Kovpak 12 June 2022 11: 42
      And not so long ago, the Ukrainian army freed Azovstal. (From themselves).
  2. Sydor Kovpak Offline Sydor Kovpak
    Sydor Kovpak 12 June 2022 11: 47
    Apparently, something was finally explained to him .... Or he understood from which word the letter Z came from. Therefore, he changed his shoes in the air.
  3. V Zarkov Offline V Zarkov
    V Zarkov (V Zarkov) 12 June 2022 12: 32
    Russ, Russians are not Slavs, like all sorts of Poles, Czechs and crests. And how the descendants of the Scythians are intended to fight. And the Slavs are born serfs, slaves.
    1. Grandpa Wow Offline Grandpa Wow
      Grandpa Wow (Nikolai) 12 June 2022 12: 59
      Well, historically, the tribes of Rus and Slavs have been mixed for many centuries, and, unlike the Transcarpathians and Hutsuls, who moved from Poland and Czechoslovakia, they are a single people! I am generally an ethnic German, and my grandmothers are native Germans! But nevertheless, since 2014, or rather since the fall of 2013, I have been in the ranks of the militia, and I left only in the fall of 2016, after disagreements with Zakharchenko, since I was initially against humanity towards fascism! And now I'm generally shocked by the radical turn of events, when the captured killers are sentenced to 17 years in prison with maintenance at the expense of the relatives of the people they killed! So I basically have nothing to do there (in the army), because my German logic and pedantry are shattered to smithereens from this idiocy! They killed (say) a child, but they need to be pardoned, because they were forced and they are white and fluffy victims! Yes, they need to be shot without trial and investigation, and not to babysit and wipe the snot on the Nazis! In 1945, your grandfathers already spared fascism without finishing it off, and now we have what we have! And again we step on the same rake!
      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 12 June 2022 15: 02
        and what do the Germans do with their pedantry with the "Syrian refugees" who can lower a German woman upside down down the stairs? or is it different? and "Slavs" is a philological term. These are the peoples who speak the Slavic language. whether they are white, black or like a parrot with wings.
      2. V Zarkov Offline V Zarkov
        V Zarkov (V Zarkov) 19 June 2022 11: 26
        In German, the concepts of a Slav and a contemptible slave also coincide - and this is no coincidence. But the Russians, for example, Hitler in Mein Kampf called the only great people, because this is a European tradition. So the Russians and Slavs are not mixed, but diametrically opposed ..
  4. Grandpa Wow Offline Grandpa Wow
    Grandpa Wow (Nikolai) 12 June 2022 12: 42
    Well, if we take into account that 3/4 of Ukrainians are Russians, and the Ukrainian nation does not historically exist (this is an artificially created nation through "Ukrainization", which failed with valor), then 1,5 thousand Russians can join 500 million Russians , and then the Polish-Bandera gang, which can really be called fascist-Ukrainian, will not be very good! After all, the "historical" Hutsuls and Transcarpathians are lazy freeloaders who neither know how to fight nor work and do not want to!
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 12 June 2022 15: 05
      3/4 do not have a self-name there ... there are Russians, Poles, Hungarians, etc. who called themselves Ukrainians and the rest, as they called them, they jump. before the Ukrainians, they were Little Russians, Circassians...and what do they call themselves? where more satisfying food and name-calling? Europeans for example.
  5. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 12 June 2022 20: 04
    Beggars. Let me lick and then I'll bite! Not a country, but a shame. Apparently, they always have been. Yes, in fact, there was no country. So, the outskirts of Russia, angry from their complexes. They do not yet know what a shame for them all this will end.
  6. Sergey Ochkivsky (Sergey Ochkivsky) 13 June 2022 10: 55
    Ukrainian is NOT NATIONALITY, but TERRITORIAL BELONGING, since 1991. - CITIZENSHIP. Back in the 1648th century immigrants from the territory now called Ukraine, who went to serve in the Commonwealth and converted to Catholicism, called themselves the "Russian gentry." The descendants of noble Orthodox families are such significant surnames for the history of Poland as: Vishnevetsky, Pototsky, Radziwill, Sangushko and others. called "Ukrainian people", "Ukrainian our people", "Ukrainian servants", "Ukrainian people", "Ukrainians", that is, residents of Smolensk, Lubutsk, Mtsensk. By "Ukrainians" we mean service people from Ukrainian cities - Tula, Kashira, Kozlov, Tarusa, Belev, Bryansk, Karachev, Mtsensk, recruited for service in the spring of XNUMX in connection with rumors about the impending attack of the Crimeans on the Moscow borders.
    The Little Russian Cossacks were already in the service of the Muscovite state in 1648, but they were not called "Ukrainians", but "Cherkasy". In the first half - the middle of the 1859th century in Poland, the word "Ukrainians" (Ukraińców) meant Polish gentry in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that Taras Shevchenko never used the word "Ukrainians". As early as 1861-1899, the historian Sergei Solovyov used the word "Ukrainians" to refer to residents of various Russian outskirts, both Siberian and Dnieper. Lesya Ukrainka signed her own translation into German of Hamlet's monologue "To be or not to be?.." (1917): "Aus dem Kleinrussischen von L. Ukrainska" (literally: "From the Little Russian woman L. Ukrainian"). In other words, L. Kosach-Kvitka understood her pseudonym not in an ethnic, but in a geographical sense (a resident of Ukraine). Ivan Franko, who wrote about a single "Ukrainian-Russian people", called himself a "Rusyn". Only after the victory of the February Revolution of 1939 in Russia, the word "Ukrainians" gradually began to become widespread. In the ethnic sense and as a self-name, the word "Ukrainians" finally took root at the official level only with the creation of the Ukrainian SSR. In Galicia, this happened only after its territory became part of the USSR / Ukrainian SSR in 1945, in Transcarpathia - in XNUMX.