China decides to fend off the threat of supersonic cruise missiles in Taiwan

Taiwan has put the Yunfeng ground-based supersonic cruise missiles into service with its army, the range of which in the upgraded version reaches 2 km. However, China has taken the necessary steps to counter these threats.

Thus, Beijing ordered to strengthen the capabilities of air defense in the eastern part of the country, establishing positions near the airfields of Zhangzhou and Fuzhou to deploy missile defense systems. The Hongqi-6A (HQ-6A) air defense system, capable of detecting enemy missiles at a distance of 50 km, will be responsible for the security of the Chinese coast.

Along with this, anti-aircraft missile systems will be able to track up to 60 air targets simultaneously and fire on 4.

Meanwhile, CNN experts are confident in China's ability to defeat the army of the rebellious island. At the same time, the PLA will lose a lot of strength in the process. Such an invasion, according to analysts, would be bloodier than the Allied landings in Normandy in June 1944. The main difficulty of the operation is the need to transport a large number of military equipment, which will be an excellent target for enemy anti-ship missiles.
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  1. Antor Offline Antor
    Antor 8 June 2022 15: 55
    And why should China land on the island immediately after the outbreak of hostilities .... !!! It is enough to prepare well and in the first strike to direct efforts to suppress everything that could threaten the landing ..... and this will not necessarily last a day .... or a week. !!! Looking at our Special Operation in Ukraine, where the calculation was based on the support of military units and the civilian population of the entry of our troops into Ukraine, this did not happen, since the majority of the population of Ukraine is de facto fooled by the ideology of Bandera-fascism. And this is the failure of our intelligence, of all those who reported the Ministry of Defense up to the supreme commander, inaccurate information .... and which resulted in unjustified victims of those who expected that everything would go like in the Crimea in the presence of "polite" people !!!??? ? Does Chinese intelligence know for sure how the population of Taiwan and its armed forces will be ready to resist the introduction of troops from the mainland, this is very important, because both we and the Chinese have a very kindred population and the question is what to bomb and destroy immediately and in what volume, truly a question of victory or defeat ..... and there is something to think about ..!!? Looking at how the tactics of the RV on the battlefield have changed and what they have come to, it is worth not repeating our mistakes, since they cost a lot of blood ... and if you really need to fight, then without undue courtesy, without limiting the troops to achieve their tasks !!!