American public debt breaks all records

According to the Washington Examiner, US public debt has reached a record high in US history. Now it is 21,52 trillion dollars. In 2018, its growth exceeded 1,2 trillion.

The state budget deficit is also growing. According to analysts, in 2020 it will reach $ 1 trillion. At the same time, the amount of government debt will continue to increase. According to the US Congress, the growth rate of the US public debt this fiscal year is much higher than last year.

To a large extent, the increase in debt is associated with temporary uncontrolled spending by US authorities. The legislation of this country allows unlimited growth in federal debt until March 1, 2019. Then the amount of debt reached cannot be exceeded.

Now, among foreign holders of US government debt, there is a tendency to reduce their investments.

For example, China, which is the largest lender in the United States, has reduced a package of US government obligations by $ 7,7 billion.

Despite the more modest packages of US government bonds compared to China, Russia and Turkey also significantly reduced their investments in the US government debt. These countries have withdrawn from the list of major holders of these securities.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 5 October 2018 07: 14
    -Yes, Americans wanted to sneeze on all these "debts to themselves" ... -Who do they owe ...? -Yes, no one ...
    -They would have canceled all these "debts to themselves" long ago ...- even earlier than "March 1, 2019" and ... and would start a "new round", but this will scare away all "investors" ...
    -How much has China "invested" in the United States .... -more than a trillion dollars ... -And how much has reduced the package of American government obligations .... -7,7 billion dollars ... -Yes, it's just "laughing at the chickens" (and in Russian ... - laughing chickens) ...
    - All these American-Chinese "showdowns" today ... - in favor of the poor ...
    -That ... March 1, 2019 ... -the Americans themselves will write off all debts ... -and everything will start again ... -And China will do nothing ... -it is so tied to the USA that it just closes on all this ... your eyes ...
    -And in vain does Russia hope and harbor illusions that China and the United States will seriously "quarrel economically" ... these are empty expectations ... -Rather, the United States will declare war on Britain or Israel .. than this will happen ... -Hahah ...