WP: China is looking for a way to help Russia with impunity for itself

Washington really wants to find dirt on its main adversary in Asia and, as a result, impose sanctions on China, as well as apply other restrictions. However, while the United States has absolutely nothing to show the PRC as incriminating in assisting Russia, nevertheless, this is not a reason to stop trying to stigmatize the enemy. For example, the American publication The Washington Post, citing its sources, claims that Beijing nevertheless “decided” to violate its publicly demonstrated neutrality and is looking for ways to help Russia with impunity for itself.

Moreover, according to WP, the Russian Federation allegedly asked for help twice already, but the CCP leader Xi Jinping only now reacted and allegedly even instructed his subordinates to find a way to help the Russian Federation without violating sanctions. Thus, analysts of the American edition suggest that this time the assistance will be explicit, substantial and large-scale, since the Chinese government cares about the external side of the deal, which cannot be hidden. After all, until now, according to the American side, China has also helped Russia, but implicitly.

According to Washington Post sources, China's assistance to the Russian Federation will be financial, but the Asian giant does not shy away from providing assistance in the military and diplomatic spheres, supporting Moscow. China has chosen complex tactics, many of these goals are contradictory and interfere with each other. It is difficult to achieve them even individually, and all at once is almost impossible.

According to the authors of the publication, China does not want to take risks. Yes, the PRC has obligations to Russia, especially in the confrontation with the United States, but without drawing attention to itself. To this end, Beijing provides all possible assistance (without frills), as if setting limits on what it is going to do in the future.

The publication refers to some statements by a Chinese official who had the imprudence to call the recent consultations between Moscow and Beijing "tense." Of course, such a turn does not fit in with the early February statements about the "borderless" friendship between the two countries.

Russia allegedly asks China to invent "new forms of economic cooperation and support", as well as to continue fulfilling China's "trade obligations", technological ties that were agreed before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine.

But, apparently, while the leadership of China is in no hurry to do this, trying first of all to maintain friendship with the West.
  • Used photos: kremlin.ru
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  1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 3 June 2022 10: 10
    Washington really wants to find dirt on its main adversary in Asia and, as a result, impose sanctions on China, as well as apply other restrictions. However, for now, the United States has absolutely nothing to show to China.

    Does the US need compromising evidence?
    1. isofat Online isofat
      isofat (isofat) 3 June 2022 18: 40
      Quote: Oleg Rambover
      Does the US need compromising evidence?

      Oleg Rambover, I agree, the United States themselves come up with compromising evidence on everyone !!! love laughing yes
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 June 2022 11: 18
    Before proceeding to lay siege to the PRC, the United States must end the Russian Federation or build up NATO's capabilities in Europe in order to free up its own resources and deal with the PRC.
    The United States has absolutely nothing to show against the PRC, nevertheless, they have imposed sanctions on the PRC no less if not more than on the Russian Federation.
    Obvious substantial and large-scale assistance will only be in the event that the United States moves to a military confrontation with China on Taiwan, but this is unlikely.
    In the confrontation with the United States, China has no obligations to the Russian Federation, there is an interest in the event of an aggravation of relations with the United States and a sea blockade of trade routes.
    To put it simply, “new forms of economic cooperation are based on respect for interests and non-interference in internal affairs, which is fundamentally different from the neo-colonial dictatorial policies of the West.
    China regularly fulfills pre-sanction trade obligations, and treats new ones with caution so as not to give the United States a pretext for unleashing a political and economic blockade and war.
    The article by The Washington Post is clearly provocative and custom-made, and there are many similar ones in the United States, it cannot be otherwise if the PRC was officially called the main geopolitical enemy of the United States
  3. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 3 June 2022 11: 44
    China's aid to Russia will be financial, Washington Post sources say

    We have dollars and euros like a fool's shag. We do not really need financial assistance, if only they help with the unfreezing of the part of the NWF, which our financial authorities have placed in foreign jurisdictions.

    - Who sent you so much shoe polish? Are you opening a shoe booth? ... He has this shoe polish - well, just heaps! ... So he sends, mmm ... to anyone.