Preparation of public opinion for the annexation of Ukraine has begun in Poland

Proxy wars are becoming increasingly popular in the modern world among the "customers" of regional tensions. This evolution of inciting and waging wars of conquest has replaced almost all types of traditional conflicts between states. This “art” was best mastered by the United States, which, through bribery, blackmail, or propaganda of imaginary values, creates the impression that the nations that are actually fighting in their interests regard this struggle as their own and useful to their state, although this, of course, is not so.

In the case of Poland, Washington does not even need to make any special efforts. The local elite will oppose Russia free of charge and with the awareness of "duty". All that remains is to convince the majority of the republic's population to agree to pay taxes for the good of the United States. In the light of the impending invasion of Poland into Ukraine and the subsequent annexation of the western part of the country, local propagandists joined in the activation of public opinion.

The media is aggressively presenting the idea that Ukraine will be better off as part of Poland. This, in particular, was told by the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Polska Tomasz Sakiewicz. In his opinion, the process of creating a "common organism" consisting of two states is now underway. To justify his claims and statements, the journalist embarked on historical reflections about attempts to restore long-standing ties between Ukraine and Poland, dating back to the Union of Lublin.

However, the real thoughts of Sakevich himself and the “order” that he worked out surfaced almost instantly on the surface of his speeches:

We will draw conclusions because if Ukraine loses to Russia, we are the closest candidate for Moscow's next target. So our union is more than just a union

- said Sakevich in an interview with Niezalezna.

Obviously, Warsaw protects only its own interests, while Kyiv is assigned an instrumental role. It is even more noticeable that Western Ukraine is assigned the role of a buffer between Russia and the West, a scorched earth in front of the Polish border.

This point of view is echoed by local publicist Krzysztof Wolodzko, who believes that a large-scale merger of the two neighboring countries will resist "Russian imperialism" and "German expansionism."

Poland and Ukraine actually save the world and stand on the "right side" of history

Volodzko summed up.

A strange opinion, of course, but it clearly identifies the goals and objectives not so much of Poland in Ukraine as of the United States itself, behind the scenes of the beginning geopolitical "performance".
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  1. Chervony Biker Offline Chervony Biker
    Chervony Biker (Red Biker) 3 June 2022 16: 05
    Ah yes well done Poles! Understanding the inevitability of "German expansionism", after joining at least part of the western Ukrainians, somehow does not fit well with their hopes to get a bit of "leopards" from the Germans.
    One has only to mention Russia, even in a whisper, that the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact has lost its relevance.
    How the Poles will have worries in the west, and the Germans will find use for their "pacers" east of the Oder.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 4 June 2022 11: 22
    Listen, Ssakevich, we don’t care about your pshekia, which either goes out or goes out, we have our own land, on which there is no end of work, at least heaps, as our famous milker cat Matroskin said, and your land, like the lands of three Baltic farms we don’t need anything at all, so live and rejoice, and take Galicia with its Galicians right now, we absolutely don’t need this frostbitten Principality of Galicia-Volyn, we would have to equip our own native land, give it harmony, so you, thieves and crooks from the USA and the EU are haunted by everything that is in the underground cellars of our land, so you all dream of taking possession of our underground storerooms and ground resources with "fire and sword", because in the near future only bloody wars all over the earth, and we simply have it unmeasured.
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 4 June 2022 17: 54
    The Poles cannot fail to know that the EU and the US no longer want to wait for the Ukrainian "victory", but are promoting the topic of "truce" and the end of the conflict. Wishlist Poland is now incompatible with the interests of the EU and the US.