Poroshenko and Hollande discussed the "Russian Mistral"

The ex-president of France, François Hollande, while in Kiev, opened up with Petro Poroshenko about the Mistral ships that Paris was supposed to deliver to Russia, but in 2014 flagrantly violated the terms of the contract.

Hollande admitted that the decision to cancel the supply of Mistral was connected with Russia's accusations of aggression. This was a peculiar signal to Moscow that it should be “responsible”. The former head of France added that his decision was widely criticized in his country, but that did not change his decision.

We could not support the country when it resorted to aggression

- said Hollande.

In response, Poroshenko thanked the French guest for this act. It should be noted that earlier the Ukrainian president issued the award to Hollande - the Order of Liberty. It must be for his dubious "merits" in the fight against the "aggressor country."

In 2011, during the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev, Russia signed a contract with France for the supply of two Mistral assault landing ships. The deal amounted to 1,2 billion euros. Many Russian military experts criticized this contract, because, in their opinion, the Mistral are not of significant value to the army.

However, the deal was not destined to be completed. In 2013, the Ukrainian Euromaidan erupted, which led to the rise to power of the current Kiev regime and to a significant deterioration in relations between Russia and Ukraine. Russia was accused of anti-Ukrainian "aggression", and the "Mistral" went to Egypt.
  • Photos used: www.depositphotos.com
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