In the basements of the Azovstal plant, they found luxury premises where the leaders of the militants lived

As the debris is cleared and the vast territory of Azovstal in Mariupol is explored, the details of the presence of the Nazi Azov (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) there become known. Luxurious premises were found in the basements of the plant, which were used by the leaders of the militants.

The video below, filmed by a group of war correspondents, shows what appears to be a former factory café that contains VIP suites. It was these premises that the Azov people liked when they occupied a very wealthy enterprise and organized their base on it.

And this is such a heavy "Azovstal" suite. See how VIPs lived here. This is the first room: leather sofas, possibly, of course, leatherette, a fireplace with an extractor hood, completely made and working. Pay attention, everything here is plus or minus the whole, compared to what we saw. We can go into a kind of living room, but there is no kitchen here. Here is a table where the waiters bring dishes, here is a table for some inhuman number of people. It doesn't end there. Here there is a bar room, places to store bottles, here more for wine, and here for stronger drinks and ventilation to maintain the correct temperature. Again, this is not the end, because these are places for the highest-ranking, for the most honorary neo-Nazis of Azov.

- says the journalist.

Then the journalist goes to the next room. According to him, it was intended for the "retinue" and lower-ranking militants. Inside there is a full bar with a counter, tables and chairs.

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  1. Spasatel Offline Spasatel
    Spasatel 28 May 2022 20: 24
    Well, where did they go, high-ranking ones? Why can't we see them, dead or alive? Or did they "evacuate" on the sly? Or maybe not on the sly?
    Or is this another Putin's "multi-move"?
    Grandmaster, after all...
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 28 May 2022 20: 47
    Quote: Spasatel

    Let them better name the name, surname, rank and position of the one who 8 years ago stopped the advance of the Lugansk and Donetsk corps by order in their desire to go to Kyiv? Who endorsed, who signed this order? After all, right now the best people of Russia are dying because of this? Name this bastard.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 29 May 2022 06: 05
      What promotion? without the "north wind" these "corps" and the defense would not have held. And without the kicks of Girkin, Pavlov, etc. helmets would be banged like their Lichisan colleagues, demanding a salary for several months.
      1. Marciz Offline Marciz
        Marciz (Stas) 30 May 2022 13: 37
        Well, such an opinion exists, Wait! the peacekeeper should quickly become a military contigent !!!!??? Well, let's massively teach the military to walk on a tightrope and juggle bottles, weak !!!!!???? So why do those who take up arms condemn others!!!??? I don’t have enough spirit, don’t stand up for defense, but don’t cry that someone didn’t follow your example !!!! Former Sbushniks and cops didn’t tell us about love for the Motherland here !!!!!!!!
    2. Marciz Offline Marciz
      Marciz (Stas) 30 May 2022 13: 40
      Then in 2014 this operation was needed!!! And now it's like a pitch into which the Russian Federation has stuck. Now the "Decision Making Center" should be destroyed and not Mariupol !!!!!
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 28 May 2022 22: 24
    The naive is complete. A large factory, there is a cafe, where else to live and equip the control center, if not in it?
    Have you not read about the general's dachas for a long time and forgot?
    this is not a joke about the Chukchi in the toilet, this is power ...
  4. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 28 May 2022 23: 26
    Something is not clear, where does the VIP (by the way, rather modest) rooms in the catacombs of Azovstal and the commanders of Azov. They want to say during the siege they equipped a room with a dining room and a wine cellar?
  5. Salamander Offline Salamander
    Salamander (Salavat Mambetov) 29 May 2022 06: 22
    I am not a supporter of the holy maydanuts. but to be honest, the video looks more like naive. There is age-old dust on the tables and no sign of life and activity in the rooms. not even footprints on the floor from boots. So-so reportage.
    1. mister-red Offline mister-red
      mister-red 29 May 2022 20: 45
      Quote: Salamandra
      I am not a supporter of the holy maydanuts. but to be honest, the video looks more like naive. There is age-old dust on the tables and no sign of life and activity in the rooms. not even footprints on the floor from boots. So-so reportage.

      I, too, am not a supporter, and I also can’t stand obvious stupidity. However, I believe that such a canteen was somewhere not very deep and was probably used at first, when it was not heavily bombed. Then they just left because of insecurity.