Ukraine begins to disappear from the political map of the world. Where will Russia stop?

Today's review will be devoted to the international events that accompany the SVO of the RF Armed Forces in Ukraine, and how such unfriendly steps of our sworn former "partners" who have already lost all coasts and boundaries of decency can respond to them. I will finish this review with a blitz analysis of the situation on the fronts and a medium-term forecast for the near future.

Let me start with a warning addressed to the collective West, a man who knows Putin better than many in the West and one of the few who can call him a friend.

On May 17, in an interview with ANSA, the former Italian Prime Minister, leader of the Forward Italy party, Silvio Berlusconi, expressed the opinion that "neither in Europe nor in the world" there are no leaders who could negotiate with Russia on the situation around Ukraine.

We don't have a leader in the world, we don't have a leader in Europe. One of the world leaders who was supposed to bring [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to the negotiating table called him a war criminal <…>. Another, the NATO [general] secretary, said that the independence of Donbass would never be recognized. Understand that with such prerequisites, Mr. Putin is far from sitting down at the table with them [negotiations]

- quotes the words of the 85-year-old policy ANSA agency.

After light weapons, I was told, we are sending them tanks and heavy weapons. What does it all mean? That the sanctions will greatly affect our the economy, even more damage will be in Africa, and then there will probably be waves of refugees, and this is the danger posed by the conflict in Ukraine

- the ex-prime minister of Italy pointed out in his interview, but it seems that no one heard him.

From the life of sausages and other delicacies, which, due to a misunderstanding, are now heading Western governments

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the Federal Republic of Germany, Andriy Melnyk, called the chancellor there "an offended sausage." And not just sausage, but “offended liver sausage”. Olaf Scholz wiped himself off and in return promised to supply heavy military equipment to Ukraine (previously refused). In addition to the Gepards (this is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Leopard tank, designed to protect convoys of equipment from air attacks), Germany will also supply the Kyiv regime with the world's best 155-mm PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery mounts (still in stock). -ve 7 pieces out of the 121 pieces available to her), another 5 pieces were promised by Holland, in total the non-brothers will have a full division of such self-propelled guns.

I think that in order for Germany to start supplying its Leopard tanks as well, Chancellor Scholz must also be called crap. Liver shit. It was not in vain that the unbelted Clown just now did not let the local president Frank-Walter Steinmeier into Kyiv for his cooperation with Russia in the past. For a long time they did not wipe their feet about Germany! Soon Zelensky will forbid them to buy gas from the Russians.

In the meantime, the Master of this Clown, being in a state of senile dementia, went so far as to accuse Putin of "invading Russia, which has not happened since the Second World War."

How did we get to this life?

asks senile Joe.

Indeed, how have we come to such a life that the most influential country so far is controlled by a person who does not distinguish Russia from Ukraine, who sells rubles at 200 rubles / dollar, when they are now quoted already below 56 rubles / dollar, and who does not even know the history of WWII ( when did the USSR invade Ukraine? although for Americans who do not know history, it will do!).

Is it any wonder that the scratchers eating from the hand of an Alzheimer's patient declare with a blue eye that “there will be no peace treaty with Russia! Only her surrender is possible! This was stated by the chief veterinarian of Ukraine, now temporarily heading the Council of its National Security and Defense, a certain Danilov. I'm not joking about the veterinarian, this figure began his career as a veterinary paramedic in the subsidiary farm of the Voroshilovgrad Fruit and Mineral Water Plant (these are the people who teach us about life now!). Moreover, Ukraine is going to join NATO again, despite the fact that until recently its Chief Clown said that they could give up this (so, after that, believe his promises?!). Therefore, I am not at all surprised that the chief of her intelligence, having apparently sniffed fly agarics, agreed that the final outcome of the war he sees either a complete change of the entire political leadership of Russia, or the dismemberment of the Russian Federation, with the return of all previously occupied territories (one must think since the time of Kalita and Mamai). Is it any wonder that Poland and Estonia have already begun to present their territorial claims (for the slow-witted Estonians, they even began to pump their rights somehow early), usually this ends with a complete Anschluss (but Estonians, like their overseas boss, do not learn history). About the Japanese, who sleep and see the return of their northern territories, and about the heirs of the great proto-Ukrainians, who dream of regaining the Kuban up to the Ural ranges, I’m even silent here. Do you see how difficult everything is in this world?! As soon as we crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, it started. And what kind of howl will begin when we drive them to Lisbon ?! But it will have to. Ask for it!

The dog barked at Uncle Fraer

In early May, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, spoke about his long-standing conversation with Patriarch Kirill, which took place on March 16 of this year (two weeks after the start of the NWO). Commenting on this conversation to Italian journalists, the Pope, reflecting on what made Putin take this step, admitted that “NATO barking at the gates of Russia” could have pushed him to this (I quote Pope Francis verbatim!). This was voiced in the context of the concern expressed to him by the Russian patriarch about the approach of NATO bases to the borders of the Russian Federation and the reduction in connection with this of the flight time of NATO missiles not only to St. Petersburg, but also to Moscow (we are talking about alleged NATO missiles in Ukraine). The pontiff shared his thoughts with Italian journalists on May 3, and two weeks later we saw the reaction of the world community to them.

As such, one can consider the synchronous applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO, submitted by the ambassadors of these countries to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the headquarters of this organization in Brussels on May 18. As they say, the dog barked at Uncle Fraer, but for Helsinki and Stockholm, the Pope is not a decree! For in the coffin they saw him in white sneakers!

We didn’t say anything to Sweden, since we still don’t have joint borders with it, but regarding Finland, with which we have only a land border of 1272 km, not counting 54 km of the sea line of contact, Sergey Lavrov’s department could not remain silent.

The Finnish leadership's statement in favor of the country's accession to NATO is a radical change in the foreign policy course. Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps of a military-technical and other nature to eliminate threats due to the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO

the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a communiqué.

No associations? It seems that we have already heard something similar from our Foreign Ministry. How did the military-technical measures for Ukraine end, no need to remind? It seems that the Finns can not wait to go through the Ukrainian rake. Well, well, the pontiff does not have a decree for them - there are only 14 thousand Catholics in all of Finland, the rest are a mixture of Lutherans (67%), Orthodox (1%) and atheists (the latter as much as 24%). Well, well, free - will, saved - paradise. But there may not be enough room in heaven for everyone.

The aggressor must know that retribution is inevitable, he will be destroyed anyway!.. We, as victims of aggression, will go to heaven, and they will simply die, because they will not even have time to repent!

Does everyone remember the author of these lines? Putin, in my opinion, expressed himself clearly. I hope Finns can read.

From the life of baboons

And a few more sketches from the life of our smaller non-brothers. The inhabitants of Oz, scattered all over the world thanks to the efforts of the Lord of Darkness, continue to please the host country, which hospitably opened its doors to them (I must say, on a visa-free basis, and even with the payment of maintenance). These ungrateful bipeds, instead of thanking their Benefactor, who provided them with this happiness for at least 3 years with his “carpet bombardments”, crap both at home and at the side that received them under the door with the words: “Why bread without butter and why do you have inscriptions in German-Polish, and not in Ukrainian? ”, Emphasizing that they have become breastfeeding for the defense of Europe from Putin’s horse-diving armored divisions, but they are not welcome here.

The Germans and Czechs are shocked, they say, what are you doing here, a thousand kilometers from the war, when your northern neighbor is breaking into your house? Protect us there, not here! Here I’m not even saying that most of these youths saw the latest carpet bombing only on TV, when their current allies bombed Dresden and Hamburg, and at least 400-700 km separated them from Putin’s rockets and bombs that fell on Kharkov and Mariupol. But the farther into the forest, the thicker the partisans, and here, the farther from the breaks, the more fierce the hatred for Putin.

One such warrior with a cursed aggressor, who ended up in hospitable Lithuania, saw in the parking lot a sky blue tuning BMW X5, restyled and upgraded in the famous M-studio, a well-known division of the parent company specializing in racing models, the distinctive feature of which is, in addition to technical innovations, and a modified BMW logo on the hood in the form /// M - three stripes of white, blue and red colors ending with the letter M, mistaking them for the colors of the Russian flag, could not pass by without painting this masterpiece of tuning skill with huge inscriptions all over the board (from headlight to back): "Glory to Ukraine!" (one board each) and “Glory to the Heroes!” (in another way), crowning it all with a colossal yellow trident on the hood. The inscriptions in the colors of the Ukrainian flag looked very colorful on the sky-blue handsome man, but his owner, apparently, did not appreciate this, and cursed the hour when these barbarians crossed the border of his country. For you to understand its horror, I will only give the price level for such auto-tuning, and you will understand everything - if the base BMW X5 series costs from 70 thousand euros, then for the M version you can safely multiply this figure by two.

Help: BMW M GmbH (name before August 1993: Motorsport GmbH) is a subsidiary of BMW AG. Created in May 1972. BMW M, also known as M-Technik or simply "M" (for Motorsport), was originally created to support BMW's racing program, which was very successful in the 1960s and 1970s. Unlike the production version, the exterior of the M-version has its own special style, aerodynamic body kits are made in it, and the “gills” on the front fenders can be called the highlight of the exterior. BMW M is also distinguished by the characteristic ///M markings (unfortunately, in the colors of the Russian flag, the owner paid for them).

I don’t know what other Ukrainian barbarians, who had already crossed the German border, paid for, only their adventurous cars (and there all the cars turned out to be luxury class from BMW and Mercedes to mini-coopers) in the amount of 40 pieces were burned by angry German townsfolk right in the parking lot the hotel where these barbarians stayed (by the way, the hotel was also not at all for the poor!). Apparently, they got the Germans worse than a bitter radish, from the yellow-black flags of the Nezalezhnaya, the burghers are already dazzled in the eyes, it got to the point that on May 8-9 they were even banned in the FRG (the Germans and their own flags are not used to carrying their own flags for the holidays, but here they still lacked Ukrainians). The Poles, after two months of stay, are also not happy with uninvited guests, hinting to them every time that they are still not at home, it's time and honor to know. The Czechs are also in shock, they have never seen such a number of luxury cars in the Czech Republic. The story is the same in Finland (there, the Toyota line at local dealers ends with a modest Avensis, while both Camrys and Avalons run around Ukraine, not to mention 200 and 300 series Kruzak jeeps), here and do not believe after that in impoverished Ukraine and poor Ukrainians!

Ukrainian lions in the Amazon forests, on which the whole world now rests

Meanwhile, in the homeland of these barbarians, the broad philistine public was amused by the mayor of Kramatorsk Alexander Goncharenko, who said that this large industrial city was only 45 km away from the line of hostilities.

45 kilometers. Exactly this much separates our city from the fighting. APU fighting like lions in the Amazon forests. These are the titans that now hold the world's scales.

- Goncharenko wrote in his FB (a resource banned in the Russian Federation).

Apparently, the author does not know that lions are not found in the forests of the Amazon, and the forests themselves are not there - there is a selva. But it all pales in front of another fact. The American Institute for the Study of War notes that the Russians have moved on to the construction of long-term, including concrete, fortifications along the entire southern perimeter of the front in the Nikolaev, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions they captured, which only says that they are no longer going to give them up.

In this fact, something else bothers me. The creation of fortified areas in the declared areas only indicates that the RF Armed Forces are not going to move further north yet. Apparently, after the final encirclement, localization, defragmentation and subsequent destruction or surrender of the 43-strong Donbass group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a pause is planned in the conduct of the NMD, for the reorganization of troops, their redeployment, the planned rotation of personnel and the necessary repair and maintenance of attached equipment. People are not made of iron, they cannot fight without rest (equipment, by the way, also requires maintenance). This is just understandable. It is also clear that the 2nd stage of the NWO in the Donbas theater of operations will not be completed quickly. This will take another 2-3 months. They will not be able to start the 3rd stage of the NMD in the south, aimed at cutting off the northern Black Sea region from the 404th and breaking through the land corridor to Pridnestrovie, parallel to the unfinished 2nd stage of the RF Armed Forces, they will not be able to carry out with their available forces, and to increase the grouping of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, apparently , is not going to, and therefore is being strengthened in the already liberated areas.

No one plans to go to Kyiv and Zhitomir with Poltava yet, maximum Zaporozhye and Kryvyi Rih (and that is not a fact, because it is not on fire). But the south is on fire. It is there that the tip of the 3rd stage of the NWO will be directed. When it starts, I don’t know, I think, until the autumn, for sure, so that the non-brothers leave for winter apartments without the Black Sea. This is understood by our sworn "friends" in the West, and that is why now voices have begun to be heard there, aimed at allowing Putin to save face, and for this they propose to leave to him the territories of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and partially Zaporozhye region in exchange for the non-advancement of his troops to Odessa, promising in response to this softening of the sanctions press. Here the “partners” are again cunning - they simply won’t survive this winter without our energy sources, that’s why they say, so be it, we will allow you to sell us your energy sources, but don’t touch Odessa for this. And here is "figvam"! Do you know such an Indian dwelling? We will decide for ourselves what to touch and what not to touch and when!

We also do not forget that in June-July the main arrival of new equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from its Western allies is expected, which can radically change the situation on the fronts. Personally, I am haunted by high-precision American loitering shells, their unmanned reconnaissance aircraft capable of carrying them, long-range towed artillery (with a combat range of up to 60 km), even more long-range self-propelled HIMARS MLRS (with a range of up to 300 km), as well as anti-ship ground-based missiles with a range of up to 280 km. These are all very serious American weapons (the Harpoon anti-ship missiles with one ground-based launcher for a possible de-blockade of Odessa are already being provided by Denmark, the small-shaven ones also promise, however, they have sea-based Harpoons). I do not rule out that the supply of the listed weapons could become the subject of undercover bargaining.

What the heads of the defense departments of the United States and the Russian Federation were talking about on May 16, no one knows (but Austin would not call Shoigu just like that). You yourself understand that the MGM-140 ATACMS missiles for the M142 HIMARS MLRS with a range of up to 300 km can freely reach the territory of the Russian Federation, which will bring the conflict to a completely new level, which even our sworn "friends" are afraid to reach. If Ukraine receives from the States and uses ATACMS Block IA - these are tactical missiles with a cluster warhead for 300 combat elements, a range of up to 300 km and an inertial control system integrated with a GPS receiver, on the territory of the Russian Federation, then our answer may be tactical nuclear " Iskander-M”, after which only half a step will remain before the Third World War. I think the US is aware of this. From the same series and attempts to close the sky over the 404th for us with the forces of their air defense systems and their air forces from adjacent territories and the NATO air wing, now assembled in the SPM.

But in addition to heavy artillery, MLRS and armored combat vehicles, and also an air fleet from caponiers of the eastern wing of NATO, we are not immune from deliveries to the Kyiv regime. And there, only Poles, Slovaks and Bulgarians have only 29 MiG-60 light fighters of various configurations, not counting the 38 Czech and Bulgarian Su-25 attack aircraft. Total: 98 aircraft at least, in addition to 124 aircraft (Su-27, Su-25, Su-24 and MiG-29) available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the beginning of the war (how many of them have already been shot down, I don’t know, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense along with transport aircraft, as of May 25, 178 units were destroyed). In short, the war is just beginning for us, and now, alas, it is not even the middle of it (although we are sure of our final victory).

In the West, some people are already starting to turn on the rear

Our Western European “partners” (we don’t talk about the Eastern European mongrels who finally fell under Washington here) really don’t know how far the Kremlin is going to move west in its expansion, although you and I know that it’s as far as possible , up to the English Channel, (just kidding, to the Southern Bug), and therefore they are probing the soil about the possibility of fixing the current status quo while saving face for the Kremlin in exchange for supplies of our energy carriers that they need so much. These opinions are expressed by certain circles in France, Germany, Italy and Austria, not to mention Hungary. Such voices are already heard even in America itself, as evidenced by recent publications in The New York Times and Politico. True, the American "partners" in this situation are more afraid of the burden of maintaining the 404th, which will certainly fall on them if it loses its Black Sea ports and switches to winter quarters in this status. How Ukrainians will be warmed up is the least of their worries, they are worried about who will pay for it. It would be nice to have Moscow. But Moscow has a completely different opinion on this. What, you all know without me.

Against the background of all of the above, I would like to warn you against possible complacency. I can already see how you in your illusory dreams see Ukraine this winter, chained by hunger and cold, crawling towards you on your knees, along with its European friends, trying to sell their Ukrainian pets to Putin in exchange for Russian energy. Maybe everything will be so, will it only bring us closer to victory?

I propose to look at all this from the other side. Let's take as a basis that our spring-summer campaign was a success, and we successfully implemented both the 2nd and 3rd stages of the NMD, defeating the Donbass grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and cutting off the 404th from the sea, after which we proceeded to its economic strangulation, reducing the war to positional. So what? Do you think Ukraine will crumble? No food, no water, no “coconut” will run out on Bankova Street. The top of the ukroreykha definitely does not care about its population, which will freeze and starve at the same time. On the contrary, when there will be no work in the 404th, the only income for the men will be service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after which Ukraine will increase their number to 1 million people. and will again be ready to return the territories lost in the spring-summer campaign. As a result, the war runs the risk of becoming eternal for us, until the last Ukrainian, after which the Poles and Romanians will enter it with the Lithuanians who have come to the rescue, and the war will go on for an encore already to the last Poles, Lithuanians, and so on. Romanians to the delight of Grandpa Joe, if he lives. How do you like this perspective?

If you expected joyful things from me News, then I don't have them for you yet. The only thing I hope for is to hold out until the fall, and then watch how the card will fall in Washington after the midterm elections to the lower house of Congress on November 8. Hopefully, with the Republican victory, Grandpa Joe should be allowed to go. He may not want to fight, but Congress will no longer give money for this. After that, the war will also subside, and we will successfully finish what we started, finish off this bastard ukroreich in its bud and never repeat our past mistakes.

On this I say goodbye and wrote so many extra letters. All patience, your Mr. X.
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  1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 26 May 2022 19: 28
    "In short, Sklifosovsky!"
    In order to reduce everything to a humiliating (!) dependence on: "how the card falls in Washington" - there was no need for "so many extra letters."
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 May 2022 21: 09
    And, the development of the old line of articles: and there now "fat has disappeared !!!"
    lard, sugar, vodka, black soil, oil, solarium, Ukrainians, and now "Ukraine is starting to disappear..."

    You have to wait, maybe they will write about a galaxy far, far away ...)))
  3. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
    Grei grin (Gray Grin) 26 May 2022 21: 10
    Neighing plenty, as they say dumped the agenda of the people's language! Bravo!
  4. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 26 May 2022 21: 34
    In short, the war is just beginning for us, and now, alas, it is not even the middle of it (although we are sure of our final victory).

    Not an unambiguous statement for a citizen of Ukraine.
    Oh, and where are the good old articles of the respected Mr. X about the super-duper wunderwaffen that scare Uncle Joe so much that he cannot sleep.
  5. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 26 May 2022 21: 51
    Where will Russia stop??? Answer. On the borders of the USSR in 1975.
    The borders of the USSR (Russia) are fixed by the Helsinki agreements (August 1, 1975) on the inviolability of the borders of the post-war reconstruction in the world. The entire territory of the former USSR, this is the territory of Russia. Our trouble is that the Kremlin is terribly afraid of the events of the 1990s, for the Kremlin there is no history of this period. Therefore, the Kremlin will establish borders where the Kremlin's liberals agree with the United States on their security.
  6. vo2022smysl Offline vo2022smysl
    vo2022smysl (Common sense) 26 May 2022 22: 04
    Ukraine begins to disappear from the political map of the world. Where will Russia stop?

    Everything is as usual with Mr. X.
    Or maybe you should not get ahead of events ?!
  7. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 27 May 2022 02: 05
    It is necessary (urgently!) By all means, in an adult way, without sentimentality, to finish off the Donbass grouping of Ukronazis and, at most, until the end of autumn, but it is better during the summer, to take all the Black Sea territories of the b. Ukraine. So .. Nikolaev, Ochakov, Odessa.
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 27 May 2022 13: 04
      So you are sitting on the couch, machine gun in hand and in front.
  8. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 27 May 2022 04: 54
    In short, the war is just beginning for us, and now, alas, not even its middle.

    The author conscientiously retold all the arguments and hopes of Kyiv propaganda.

    But I am sure that the war has entered its final stage. The reason is as simple as the lowing of the "journalists" of the yellow press - the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered huge losses that cannot be compensated. One can fantasize about how huge masses of the most modern weapons will be received by the Kyiv regime. But this weapon still needs to be obtained, and then learn how to use it. This takes time and manpower.

    Frames are running out, and time will not be given.

    The next two or three weeks will be ground to dust the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.
    Next month - Odessa and Nikolaev regions, Chernihiv, Sumy.
    By September 1 - Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Kirovograd.
    In September, Lutsk, Rivne, Cherkassy, ​​Zhytomyr and Kyiv will be taken.

    The problem may be the Polish army. In the event of its invasion of the territory of the former Ukraine, the situation could change dramatically. Because after the destruction of Poland and the places of concentration of Polish troops on the territory of the b. Ukraine-Russia will not be up to plans for b. Ukraine. Then a completely different war will begin - a nuclear war with NATO.

    However, I hope that the Polish politicians will be scolded by their NATO comrades-in-arms.
    I think that our politicians will not buy Polish Russian lands in Western Ukraine. In this case, the remainder b. Ukraine capitulate.

    According to my plan, which has not yet been fully agreed upon at the top, the war will end by mid-October.
  9. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 27 May 2022 05: 17
    By the beginning of the heating season 22/23 in the territory of the b. Ukraine should be taken seriously. Because according to the forecasts of experts and analysts, the winter in the territory will be very severe. One predictor broadcasts that cards for products and many necessary goods will be introduced in the territory. Unlike dollars and euros, it will be possible to get food, soap and even toothpaste on them. However, this is a temporary measure and aimed at the survival of the inhabitants of b. Ukraine in winter 22/23. By May 2023, life will get better and will be much better than in May 2022.
  10. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 27 May 2022 11: 19
    after which Ukraine will increase their number to 1 million people.

    And what to feed, water and clothe this million people? What to arm each person personally?
    1. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
      Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 27 May 2022 13: 05
      West help them
  11. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 28 May 2022 04: 44
    It is definitely known that nothing is known! In general terms, the Russian army is methodically grinding the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the bad infrastructure of the Nenka. It was clear from the beginning, otherwise it was not necessary to start. the geirope will not care about the non-negotiable and its problems. The rest is all fortune-telling on coffee grounds. Here the pandemic will hit the monkeypox in the west and they will generally have fun.
  12. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 29 May 2022 20: 01
    How can Ukraine disappear from the world map? Here is the ambassador's statement:

    Moscow did not set a goal to capture the capital of Ukraine during the ongoing special military operation. Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Andrei Kelin expressed this opinion on Sunday in an interview with the BBC Broadcasting Corporation.

    "None of our leaders, neither the president nor anyone else, has ever said that we would like to capture Kyiv. I do not believe that it is possible to capture or occupy Kyiv. It is a big city," the ambassador said.

    So believe the authorities of the Russian Federation. How many citizens of the Russian Federation, citizens of Ukraine died, sanctions, economic decline, curses against the Russian Federation? For what purpose? What kind of deadly games is the Kremlin playing?
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 30 May 2022 06: 32
      Why are you writing all this? To resent what someone said somewhere?
      Not even like that. Resent what is written in some article? Do you need a reason to run into our authorities, Putin? Why are you spreading all this nonsense?
  13. Artie Offline Artie
    Artie (Artyom Korolev) 1 June 2022 00: 59
    Germany will also supply the Kyiv regime with the world's best 155-mm PzH 2000 self-propelled artillery mounts

    Good joke. This shit is not good for the Coalition-SV
  14. Artie Offline Artie
    Artie (Artyom Korolev) 1 June 2022 01: 00
    The operation is going well, the RF Armed Forces have lost 0.4% of military equipment, Ukraine - 82% (taking into account the reopening and Western supplies - 68%). Russia, with a small grouping of 8% of its armed forces, smashes the army, which is supported by the entire West, with one gate
  15. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 2 June 2022 19: 49
    Ukraine begins to disappear from the political map of the world. Where will Russia stop?

    Maybe so (?):

    They have been preparing for the Special Operation since April 2021. Not us - they!

    M. Sinelnikov-Orishak