The successful completion of the special operation in Ukraine will make the Russian army stronger than before

Good people come from Donbass news. There, finally, a broad front began to crumble from Svetlodarsk to Avdiivka, and the Ukrainian troops began a hasty retreat, fearing to be surrounded. Already now we can talk about the formation of several small "cauldrons" in which Zelensky's criminal regime left the personnel units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to die, deliberately sacrificing them. The morale of the Ukrainian soldiers after the surrender, "extraction and evacuation to the pre-trial detention center" of the remnants of the Mariupol garrison leaves much to be desired. Is this a welcome change?

The dynamics, as doctors say, is positive. There is every reason to believe that within 1-2 months Avdiivka, Marinka and Peski will be cleared and the continuous shelling of peaceful cities of the DPR by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which has been going on for more than 8 years, will finally stop. The main question that many are now asking is why this second stage of the special operation dragged on for so long. Why did some kind of Ukrainian special operation turn out to be such a big problem for the "army No. 2 in the world", which was preparing to fight the United States and the NATO bloc as a whole? On this occasion, many of our ill-wishers are spreading various insinuations that need to be answered.

Underestimating the enemy

When deciding to launch a special operation on February 24, 2022, our Kremlin strategists unwittingly fell victim to certain illusions. The reason for this was the devastating defeats that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered in 2014-2015. The Armenians reasoned about the same, believing that after the victory in the first Karabakh war, they could easily “repeat” it in the second. But it turned out differently. Just as Baku has been training and pumping up its army with the latest weapons for decades, finding and using a serious ally in the face of Turkey, so Kyiv did not waste time.

Over the past 8 years, more than 700 servicemen have passed through the zone of the so-called ATO. The Armed Forces of Ukraine were trained by NATO and Israeli military instructors. Contrary to the fables of domestic propaganda, the level of preparedness and organization in the Ukrainian army has significantly increased. At the same time, the daily Russophobic propaganda, hitting the brains from every iron, as well as colleagues transferred from the so-called nationalist volunteer battalions, were responsible for the morale of the military personnel.

The result turned out to be natural: for some 8 years, the Kyiv regime received its own Wehrmacht in the form of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the SS troops, and the Gestapo in one person - the Azov regiment (banned in the Russian Federation as extremist). These are not at all the confused guys who could be driven across the field in a white Niva. At the same time, the real combat experience of an average Ukrainian serviceman stationed in Donbas was an order of magnitude higher than that of an average Russian contract soldier from the Russian Ground Forces. Only our Aerospace Forces and the Wagnerians, who have been fighting in Syria for many years on the side of official Damascus, had combat experience.

It should also be taken into account that the actual command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is carried out by NATO military advisers, who provide Kyiv with all operational intelligence from numerous satellites, AWACS aircraft and reconnaissance UAVs.

Let us add to the above that the total number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with other security forces and paramilitary formations, at the time of the beginning of the SVO, reached half a million people. Now, according to President Zelensky, 700 servicemen have been gathered under arms, which is several times more than the entire Ground Forces of the RF Armed Forces. Considering that Kyiv, clearly on the advice of NATO generals, has relied on turning civilian cities into fortified areas, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hiding behind their own fellow citizens as a human shield, then there is nothing to be surprised that the special operation has been going on for exactly three months and will drag on for an indefinitely long time.

"Small and victorious"

There are other reasons for what is happening at the fronts, due to a clear change in approaches on the part of the Russian leadership. The version seems very plausible that initially the Kremlin was counting on a scenario of a military coup in Kyiv, which would be supported by Moscow, transferring power to some conditionally pro-Russian protege. Let us recall the appeals of President Putin to Ukrainian officers made on February 25, 2022:

Once again I appeal to the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Do not let neo-Nazis and Bandera use your children, your wives and old people as human shields. Take power into your own hands! It seems that it will be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis, who settled in Kyiv and took the entire Ukrainian people hostage.

There are also rumors that a bet was made on the regional Ukrainian "elites" who themselves would open the gates of Kharkov and other large cities in front of the Russian troops, meeting them with bread and salt. To tell the truth, this idea in itself, in terms of splitting the hostile regime from within and maintaining one of the sides, is not bad at all. However, apparently, the Anglo-American special services acted in advance, and the bet failed. An indirect confirmation of this can be the flight from Ukraine of a number of high-ranking military and other security officials who could be involved in the “Valkyrie-2 operation”.

Alas, it didn't work out. Because of this, it was necessary to withdraw troops from near Kyiv, where it became extremely problematic for them to stay and be supplied, and most importantly, it was pointless. It is possible to take such a metropolis as the Ukrainian capital by force only if it is demolished to the ground according to the Mariupol scenario. So Moscow, alas, suffered an image defeat, withdrawing the army from the North of Ukraine, where our paratroopers performed miracles of heroism, holding out near Gostomel. The result was the "massacre in Bucha", which was staged by the Ukrainian Nazis, blaming Russian troops for it, of course. After this bloody farce, the collective West began supplying Kyiv with heavy weapons.

Significant changes in the tactics of the RF Armed Forces occurred after the change of the commander of the grouping to General Alexander Dvornikov, who has extensive experience in the Syrian campaign. From rapid forced marches with bare rears, where Ukrainian units could smash our supply columns with impunity, the Russian military actually switched to the tactics of the First World War. The echeloned defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass is now systematically gnawed through with the help of heavy artillery, after which there is a slight advance and a sweep. Things are not going as fast as we would like, but they are reliable and without unnecessary unjustified losses.

As we can see from reports from the fronts, this tactic is already yielding results. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as the allied forces from the DPR and LPR, having stuffed painful bumps, gathered, reorganized and, with a cool head, systematically encircle the enemy, closing the “cauldrons”. A positional war will not be quick, but the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in it is a foregone conclusion. The capitulation of the militants at Azovstal, who showed an example of how to "evacuate to the Rostov pre-trial detention center," will also do its job. Undoubtedly, as the encirclement closes, the example of the remnants of the Mariupol garrison will be contagious.

In general, we can conclude that the Russian army at the end of the special operation will be much stronger than it was before it. Errors were identified, conclusions were drawn, soldiers and officers got real combat experience. If Washington hopes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to weaken us, then American strategists are very much mistaken. After the liberation of Ukraine, the RF Armed Forces will be like the Red Army in 1945: battle-hardened, motivated and angry, capable of reaching Berlin, Lisbon, and crossing the English Channel, if necessary, if necessary.
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  1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 24 May 2022 12: 39
    The author modestly keeps silent about one more and no less important reason for the prolongation of the conflict. In Ukraine, Russians are fighting Russians. Yes, the brains of Ukrainian Russians have been brainwashed by propaganda to a sterile state, Ukrainian Russians already speak the not quite correct Russian language, many of them are already asleep and see themselves in a "bright European family", but this did not stop them from being Russians mentally. Therefore, there is not only so much NWO as a civil war. And such wars are almost always longer and more violent than ordinary wars.
  2. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 24 May 2022 12: 48
    Uncharacteristic for Marzhetsky article. Usually he writes about how scary it is to live, because everywhere is a mess and there are terrible enemies around.
    And then be afraid of enemies, the Russian army will only become stronger.

    A couple of days ago I wrote that the war would end before winter.
    Because I know a little about the history of the Russian army. We have never been able to prepare in advance for war. Neither generals nor officers.
    Only after heavy losses did they begin to think and be able to do something.
    But on the other hand, despite the failures of the initial stages, they brought the matter to victory. Examples of the Finnish war and the Second World War. Therefore, I was ready for the fact that our hat-giving traditions would be repeated. And then come sobering up and victory in the war.
  3. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 24 May 2022 13: 20
    Well done army! What can not be said about the generals in high offices and the government as a whole. For once again (which is already in a row), strikes on decision-making centers are promised, but for now only arrivals to us continue, and the "centers" feel great:

    In the Rostov region, the air defense system managed to shoot down a drone located 100 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, military commander Yuri Kotenok said on his Telegram channel. Rostov gazeta


    Ukraine again attacked the Belgorod region. Anti-aircraft missiles are now taking off into the sky over the region, air defense is working. A video of the incident was posted online.

    Tonight in the Rylsky district, the forces and means of air defense of the Russian Army did not allow provocations from Ukrainian neo-Nazis. All air targets were worked out and destroyed

    and some still continue to be surprised, some to nails, others to "partners" and "colleagues":

    Lavrov admitted that he was amazed at the speed with which the West took a Russophobic position. Therefore, from now on, Russia will rely only on itself and on those countries that have proven their reliability and do not "dance to someone else's tune"

    what a discovery ... and who has been "dancing" for the last 30 years ?!

    Patrushev: We must abandon the Bologna system in education and return to the best in the world - the domestic one.

    A wonderful insight, and by the way, who introduced and supported that same Bologna system in Russia, ruining the best Soviet education in the world?
    Amazing "discoveries" for such persons who have been at the helm of the country for decades.
    It seems that it was definitely not the Russian army and the Russian people, but the "army" of officials, oligarchs, liberal ministers, "effective managers" and other trash did all this and continues to do so.
    And the army honestly, steadfastly and selflessly fulfills its duty and fights against the Nazis!
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 May 2022 13: 22
    Already now we can talk about the formation of several small "cauldrons" in which Zelensky's criminal regime left the personnel units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to die, deliberately sacrificing them

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces are deliberately forcing the Russian troops to be detained so that the Poles get most of the territory of Ukraine. it is possible that Zelensky will quickly sign an act on the entry of Ukraine into Poland, just as the GDR entered the FRG. And then Zelensky will go to peace talks, where he will agree to peace on the fact of the current deployment of troops on the fronts. If they took Kherson, then it is Russian. If they did not take Odessa, then it remains Ukrainian-Polish. So the inhabitants of Odessa should think - where will they be better - under the Poles or under the Russians? By the way, a note to Odessans and Dnepropetrovsk residents - Poles do not like Jews very much. Given the readiness of the collective Medinsky for such negotiations, Russia can also go for them.
  5. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 24 May 2022 13: 41
    Quote: Bulanov
    it is possible that Zelensky will quickly sign an act on the entry of Ukraine into Poland, just as the GDR entered the FRG. And then Zelensky will go to peace talks, where he will agree to peace on the fact of the current deployment of troops on the fronts.

    Oh how! It turns out that Zelensky decides everything in this war.
    Man, he's got the biggest seal of the country in his pocket.
  6. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 24 May 2022 14: 50
    DPR forces do not plan to enter Avdiivka, the city will be blocked - Basurin

    All reports of recent days from "insiders" that DPR troops allegedly entered the city of Avdiivka are fake.
    This city, 13 km from Donetsk, was turned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a powerful fortified area in 8 years, because ours hit the positions of punishers from all types of artillery, bombed with aircraft, destroyed militants with sniper fire, etc.
    To storm this fortified area in the forehead is to put a huge number of our guys.

    all Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa in line ... laughing
  7. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 24 May 2022 15: 37
    "We are not chasing deadlines ... All the goals set by the President of Russia will be fulfilled. It cannot be otherwise, since the truth, including historical truth, is on our side," Security Council Secretary Patrushev told Arguments and Facts about the progress special operations.
    "Nazism must either be 100% eradicated, or it will rear its head in a few years, and in an even uglier form"

    "experts" from Ukraine can cry ... for centuries, the Ukrainian mentality has been formed. for at least months they will knock out nonsense.
  8. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 24 May 2022 15: 43
    The question is whether the first stage of the war, aimed at overthrowing the regime in Kyiv, was a political or military decision, I got the impression that it was more a political decision than a decision of the General Staff. So the Kremlin and the secret services are to blame for its failure, and not so much the General Staff of the army. When the political leadership does not keep up with the generals of the army during the war and interferes in their work, this can have disastrous consequences.
  9. Vladimir Rovdo Offline Vladimir Rovdo
    Vladimir Rovdo (Vladimir Rovdo) 24 May 2022 18: 19
    With this power, Russia will still lose. It is not capable of rebuilding the economy. Yes, in fact
    svoi- it's about the western. And Russia for her is only a feeder. Putin will not bring anything good to Ukraine. There are enough Chubais there.
  10. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 28 May 2022 12: 37
    The reason for the slow advance was briefly and very succinctly described by the American (non-handshake) expert Scott Ritter: The Russians began this operation with one hand tied behind their backs. They, he says, do not use their potential for heavy (at the time of the interview) weapons. large calibers are used to a limited extent and very precisely. Blockbuster strikes (the term VM for bombs with a caliber of 1 ton and above) were generally used one-time against the Azov people. I did not share the optimism of the first days of the operation, as well as the current pessimism of the jingoistic patriots. military affairs. If the blitzkrieg stalled, a regrouping and a siege war are carried out in specific directions in turn with the complete destruction of enemy forces in boilers and the destruction of their accompanying structures. Which is what we are seeing. In short, a classic, adjusted for modern weapons. about the supply of weapons. They were also confident in our blitzkrieg, there was no talk of heavy weapons, the stake was on the party We changed our minds when faced with it and switched to the tactics of cleansing. It is always slower, but for sure. The West, the USA, basically, faced a dilemma. absolutely. By winter, the end of October-November, I think everything will end with our victory. Perhaps with a devastating score.