“Destroys half the continent”: Rogozin spoke about the capabilities of “Sarmat”

Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-28 "Sarmat" do not need visas. This was announced on May 19 during the educational marathon "New Horizons", organized by the society "Knowledge", said the Director General of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin.

The functionary spoke about the activities of the state corporation, the prospects for Russian cosmonautics and the projects of the rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation and its role in the country's security system in the new foreign policy realities. He did not bypass the possibilities of the latest fifth-generation silo-based strategic missile system.

Can demolish half of the coast of some large continent, which we may not like with its aggressive policies

- he pointed out, speaking of "Sarmat".

The head of Roskosmos specified that already this autumn the mentioned ICBMs will go to the Strategic Missile Forces and will be on combat duty to protect the country.

It should be noted that on May 14, in his Telegram channel, Rogozin joked about the possibility of nuclear ICBM strikes on the Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Finland, if they join the NATO bloc. After that, he added that "Sarmat" in relation to the member countries of the alliance does not have a biased attitude at all, "it's just the way it works."

Before that, on May 8, he informedthat Russia, in the course of the ongoing special operation, is liberating Ukraine from the occupation of NATO and the collective West, pushing the irreconcilable geopolitical adversary away from its borders. At the same time, he stressed that in the event of a nuclear war, the alliance would be swept away by Russia in 30 minutes. However, to allow a conflict of this level is not worth it in principle, since it will have an extremely negative impact on our entire planet.
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  1. dkuznecov Offline dkuznecov
    dkuznecov (Dmitry Kuznetsov) 19 May 2022 23: 23
    Rogozin joked about the possibility of nuclear strikes

    He'd better find a helmet!

    (film "Gentlemen of Fortune")
  2. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 20 May 2022 01: 38
    - Can we bang? - Be sure to bang. And more than once. The whole world is in ruins. But then.

    k / f "DMB"
  3. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) 20 May 2022 08: 25
    Can demolish half of the coast of some large continent

    And half a head at the plumber
  4. Tourist Offline Tourist
    Tourist (tourist) 20 May 2022 08: 50
    A poor person got a sick brain.
    The doctor rides, rides through the snowy plain.
    Healing lucky people powder.
    The man and the cat will take the powder,
    And the sadness will recede, and the longing will pass.
    Man and cat hardly count the days
    Instead of a blue sky, a gray ceiling.
    A man and a cat fly at night
    Only an impenetrable dream does not give wings.
    Where are you, where are you, where are you, white carriage?
  5. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 20 May 2022 11: 29
    “Destroys half the continent”: Rogozin spoke about the capabilities of “Sarmat”

    He, as always, in his role ... sad
  6. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
    Roma Phil (Roma) 21 May 2022 01: 19
    Well, about the possibilities of Sarmat, we have already read and are familiar.
    But the photo of Rogozin surprised me.
    The last time I saw his photo, a year ago, his portrait fit into the frame freely.