Is the US changing its strategy on Ukraine?

As you know, five Euro-Atlantic mega-corporations - WarnerMedia, News Corp, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Global and Comcast Corporation - basically control the media space of the West. However, the main American media covering the civil war in Ukraine and the course of the special operation of the Russian Federation is The New York Times, which, as it were, stands apart from the media empires under the guise of a “family business”.

The newspaper has always been closely associated with the American ruling circles and the CIA, its task in the field of foreign policy consists in conveying, first of all, to educated Americans, under the guise of "high-quality journalism", the "general line" of the state. If we compare the old declassified cereush references, analytical notes and publications of The New York Times of the same time, for example, about the USSR, then it is easy to notice the similarity of their content.

The New York Times changes vector

Throughout the last weeks of the Russian special operation, The New York Times has been a diligent mouthpiece of the hybrid war against Russia, occasionally criticizing only the Zelensky regime. The New York Times set the "narrative" for coverage of the confrontation between the United States and Russia, raised morale and justified billions of American aid. But on May 11, the picture changed somewhat when the article “Despite setbacks, Russians hold most of eastern Ukraine” appeared on the front page. The material admits that behind the numerous defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the fact that Russia is “achieving success on the ground” is being obscured. The New York Times emphasizes that this is not about holding Russia's positions under the onslaught of Ukraine, as the Americans think, but about advancing the Russian Federation and gaining positions.

The publication admits a completely seditious idea for the West that hostilities were not started by Russia in 2022, but have been going on in Ukraine for eight years. And the LNR and DNR are called "Russian-speaking" provinces.

Further, the article lists the successes of the Russian Federation in terms of publication: a land corridor to Crimea, a blockade of the Black Sea and undermining the economic potential of Ukraine.

In the same issue, Tom Stevens, special correspondent of the publication in Ukraine, published an article “America and its allies want to bleed Russia. They shouldn't do it" (America and Its Allies Want to Bleed Russia. They Really Shouldn't). The post output is as follows:

But the longer the war goes on, the more damage is done to Ukraine and the greater the risk of escalation. A decisive military outcome in eastern Ukraine may not be achievable. Yet a less dramatic outcome from this festering impasse is hardly better. Dragging out the war indefinitely, as in Syria, is too dangerous, given the fact that countries with nuclear weapons are taking part in it.

Stevens' note received an instant response from Biden's opponents. Thus, the conservative publication The Federalist supported the conclusions of the journalist:

What strategic benefit will the US get if Russia bleeds to death in Ukraine? The risks of such a policy are enormous - up to a nuclear war between the largest nuclear powers. If the Biden administration has any overarching goal, it has not bothered to tell the American people about it. Instead, we are heading towards war as if every decision we make is just a reaction to Russian aggression.

Tasks completed

What is the reason for the change in tone of The New York Times? With the fact that, firstly, the plan to draw the Russian Federation into an armed conflict to contain its potential has already been fulfilled - Zelensky obediently fights to the last Ukrainian, and secondly, economic the interests of the beneficiaries of the armed conflict are fully realized.

The fact is that the anti-Russian policy of the United States is being pushed through by two lobbying groups - the private military-industrial complex and the oil and gas giants. They use the vector of the new Cold War to pursue their business interests.

Thus, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman and other similar companies will receive fabulous profits from deliveries to a rapidly expanding market. And this is not only "aid" to Ukraine and Russia's neighbors, but also supplies to the armed forces of the United States, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Poland, which decided to increase military budgets. In addition, these corporations expect to squeeze the Russian Federation out of the global arms market.

Despite the fact that Western stock indices are declining, Lockheed Martin shares have grown by a quarter, while Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics - by 12-13%. By the way, military-industrial complex companies spent a record $2021 million on lobbying in 120. Therefore, when another Ukrainian mother or wife mourns her son or husband, the American oligarchs and well-groomed managers of these corporations should be blamed for this.

Commodity giants Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Cheniere Energy, Shell and others are no less in a hurry, as they will benefit from the redistribution of the European gas market. In 2021, these giants hired a host of lobbyists in the interests of Ukraine, who launched a large-scale campaign to prevent Nord Stream 2, coming, according to statistics, to the second place in the US in the “lobbying market”. Naturally, after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation, all the power of these corporations was directed to the escalation of the conflict and to the policy of Europe's rejection of Russian energy resources.

These two economic and political forces do not care about the consequences of their actions, about the fact that as a result of the confrontation between the West and Russia, a global economic and food crisis is coming. They only care about their profits.

When their goals were basically realized - the arms race and lend-lease were launched, and the policy of reducing gas and oil supplies from Russia became a reality - interest in the further escalation of the "Ukrainian crisis" disappeared. Now, through the mouths of journalists from The New York Times, they started talking about the danger of nuclear war.

This situation once again shows the depravity and perniciousness of the influence of the economy on politics, the imperialist and hegemonic nature of the American state. And most importantly, the forces that are pushing the world so decisively towards a third world war do not really control the situation, they are overwhelmed only by momentary benefits and do not think about the consequences.

There are also deeper motives for the behavior of these "hawks of war." All these companies are largely entangled in the largest American banks and constitute the financial capital system. Banks benefit from the growth of these corporations, but at the same time benefit from the aggravation of the crisis in the economies of the West. Under the conditions of the new Cold War and protectionism, the globalist, post-industrial, information economy of the West is collapsing, the bloated consumer and service sectors are rapidly shrinking, companies are going bankrupt, assets are becoming cheaper, the population is getting poorer. The layering of the "economy of meanings", "innovators and visionaries" is blown away by the cold wind of the crisis. At the same time, the role and strength of industrial corporations and banks is only growing. Therefore, the worse it is, the better.

Therefore, one should not be surprised that the United States is ready to plunge the whole of Europe into chaos, just to annoy Russia. They will ruin their own economy, only for the most powerful corporations and clans to increase their income. The old logic of "what's good for General Motors is good for America" ​​turns out to be just the opposite in effect.
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  1. Bakht Online Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 18 May 2022 08: 42
    War in our time is impossible, because it is economically unprofitable

    The horizon should be wider...
  2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 May 2022 10: 23
    I do not believe that the stupid desire for the benefit of transnational corporations determines the vector of the situation in the world.
    Rather, it is just a "motor". Direction and goal setting happen elsewhere.
    Let us recall how smoothly the oratorio of global sanctions against Russia was executed by European governments, to the detriment of their own countries. This concert was being prepared by someone, and for a long time.
    The coordinating role is probably played by the CIA, with its arsenal of bribery and blackmail, and the secret services of the Western countries, which give the "control" form of their analytical information to the world's top officials. This is a tool. He is held by the hand belonging to our main counterpart, or to the one who stands behind him.
    Changes in Shatov's strategy in Ukraine are not worth waiting for - the "trap" is working perfectly so far.
    Another thing is that from this trap we can easily reach our nuclear "club" to the head of our counterpart, and force him to return everything to its place
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 18 May 2022 15: 37
      how to make the "club" clearly looming in front of the opponent's face and he began to give back?
      what should the head of the country and the General Staff do so that the opponent "blinks" and receives a "saechka for fright"?
      1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
        Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 19 May 2022 17: 51
        1. It is necessary to clearly and firmly realize that any other steps continue to worsen the situation and lead directly to death.
        2. Based on this, it is necessary to withdraw from our statement as part of the nuclear five of January 3.01.2022, XNUMX on the prevention of nuclear war
        3. Withdraw from the nuclear test ban treaty
        4. Present a new ultimatum to the United States and Great Britain to start a nuclear war against them if they within 5 days
        - will not begin the withdrawal of US and NATO troops to the positions of 1997
        - not remove all sanctions
        - do not unfreeze our reserves
        - will not begin the withdrawal of their administration from Ukraine
        - the hub will not stop working on the territory of Poland, etc.
        5. To prove readiness, it is necessary
        -transfer your nuclear forces to the next degree of readiness
        - make a nuclear missile attack on one of our ranges
        -similar strike - on the territory of the Atlantic
        In case of failure - to strike at the Atlantic closer to the territory of the States.
        To be ready, upon expiration of the term, to begin strikes against the States according to one of the suitable operational plans.
        Like this
        1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
          Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 19 May 2022 20: 09
          Also warn the countries of Europe and Japan that in case of neutrality, they will not be hit
        2. GIS Offline GIS
          GIS (Ildus) 20 May 2022 09: 52
          here are similar "hawks" in Congress, they probably offer something similar
          1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 May 2022 10: 14
            In our case, these are realists. As opposed to silent suicides
          2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
            Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 May 2022 10: 25
            In 1941, the same "hawks" as I proposed to Stalin to deliver a preemptive strike on the Germans who were preparing to attack. Didn't decide.
            Paid for it. Expensive
            1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
              Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 20 May 2022 13: 47
              I don't believe it. By 1941, there was no one to fart in the direction of Hitler. Stalin destroyed the administration of the Armed Forces with his repressions. At the helm of the army were klutzes and sycophants. So we draped, losing people, until the Georgian realized that it was necessary to change the generals otherwise kirdyk! And he called Zhukov from the KFVO and things went smoothly ....
              1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
                Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 May 2022 20: 25
                I don't believe it. By 1941, there was no one to fart in the direction of Hitler.

                Your contempt is rooted in your ignorance.
                It is useful to narrow its boundaries. Everything about this topic is available online. Look for
            2. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
              Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 May 2022 20: 44
              I will give an excerpt from the resource media=

              By mid-May 1941, the concentration of German troops near the Soviet borders assumed a threatening character. There was literally a wave of reports about the imminent start of the war to Moscow. Under these conditions, the General Staff came to the conclusion that Germany "could warn us in the deployment and deliver a surprise strike." Thus was born the idea of ​​a "preemptive strike" by the Red Army, which Stalin was asked to approve. The fundamental idea has not changed - the main blow is still delivered by the forces of the Southwestern Front, and the auxiliary one is the left wing of the Western Front. In the rest of the sectors, the troops are actively defending10.

              Here is another excerpt from this resource.
              It is especially instructive at this time for our leadership and Putin:

              One of Stalin's favorite expressions is "we are not naive simpletons." He wasn't like that. The General Secretary tried to think rationally and pragmatically. But Hitler's recklessness, his adventurism and irrepressible desire to destroy the USSR, and with it Bolshevism, did not fit into the pragmatic reasoning of the Soviet leader. He tried with all his might to avoid an imminent war, fearing to provoke it with careless actions. He carefully, with a pencil in his hands, read the work of Marshal Boris Mikhailovich Shaposhnikov "The Brain of the Army" and learned the cornerstone of the book:
              "Mobilization is the eve of war. Our generation still remembers all the noise that the Russian mobilization made in 1914. In the heat of the moment, this mobilization was called the torch that ignited not only the European, but the world military fire. ... In a word, how no matter what the command, and even more so diplomacy, wants, but with the announcement of mobilization for purely military reasons, the guns can start firing on their own... Mobilization is war, and we cannot imagine any other understanding of it"13.

              Therefore, it is unlikely that Stalin would have been able to authorize the mobilization and preemptive strike against the German armed forces. At a time when it was necessary to take urgent measures as soon as possible, Stalin, like Molotov, believed that "a big game is going on." Actually, they found themselves in an atmosphere of uncertainty and ignorance artificially created by the Nazis, lost in conjectures about the future.

              For the delay and belated decisions of the supreme power, millions of human lives had to be paid.
              1. Bakht Online Bakht
                Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 20 May 2022 21: 14
                By mid-May 1941, the concentration of German troops near the Soviet borders assumed a threatening character.

                According to Halder's diary, the accelerated transport schedule was put into effect only on May 20, 1941. Transfer of tank divisions after 1 June.

                1. Terms of preparation for operation "Barbarossa": 3rd echelon of troops - railway traffic according to the peacetime schedule - 8.4–20.5.

                17 divisions and parts of the OKH reserve from Germany and the West. 4th (a) echelon of troops - accelerated schedule of railway traffic - 20,5–2.6.

                9 divisions and parts of the OKH reserve from the West.

                4th (b) echelon of troops - accelerated schedule of railway traffic - 3–23.6.

                12 armored and 12 motorized divisions from Germany - from the West to the South-East.

                By mid-May 1941, the concentration of German troops on the border with the USSR was NOT threatening. Another thing is that bargaining was expected. Stalin assumed that some conditions would be put forward. He did not assume that Hitler had already decided to start the war.
                But in June, when the threatening concentration of German troops really began, a message was made to TASS, and after ignoring it, a decision was made to deploy troops. The Districts received deployment orders on June 16-17.
                1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
                  Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 20 May 2022 23: 24
                  For us, the very situation in which Stalin finds himself is of practical importance now.
                  The Germans used the method of information attack on the head of state.
                  Messages claiming to be important and urgent should have required Stalin to check them and urgently make decisions that contradict each other. The Germans achieved an overload of the Supreme and his inability to make fateful decisions on the eve of his attack.
                  I think that the reason for many of Putin's recent mistakes, as well as his "indecisiveness", may be hidden in the same.
                  It is likely that the West applied to Putin its own method, tested back in Stalin's time, improved in view of the ideas about Putin and the problems he deals with.
                  Through many channels, including from the top officials of the Western states with whom he met, he received well-thought-out "fateful" disinformation that required verification and immediate action. The result is the same.
                  I imagine the difficulties of Putin, who found himself at the center of this impact. Everything is important and urgent. What to believe?
                  In my opinion, in this case, only deliberate cutting off of most of the channels used, along with their information, can help.
                  It's much easier for us
                  1. Bakht Online Bakht
                    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 20 May 2022 23: 39
                    These are all theoretical constructions. The head of state cannot make decisions on the basis of some information stuffing. Or one or two intelligence reports. There are special groups to analyze a huge array of information (military, technical, financial, economic). Which issue to the head of short analytical notes. As academician Krylov wrote, "the task of statistics is not to compile long tables, but to give short and accurate values."
                    Hitler used a non-standard technique. He did NOT overload the enemy, but blocked the information. Complete silence forced the Soviet leadership to rely on circumstantial evidence. According to these data, the attack on the USSR was unprofitable for Germany. Stalin believed that he was dealing with a reasonable leader. He couldn't expect his opponent to be paranoid.

                    What is the difference between the situation? The Soviet leadership decided to deploy too late. With those technical capabilities, it was impossible to carry out a full deployment in a week. That is why Putin said a couple of years ago "there will be no second June 22." So the president must be listened to and believed that he will do what he promised.

                    PS I don't know whether to believe it or not, but there is a rumor that after the war Stalin said, "Fool Hitler. I didn't understand anything." Now Scholz is making the same mistake. So I did not understand anything.
                    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
                      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 21 May 2022 10: 14
                      Hitler used a non-standard technique. He did NOT overload the enemy, but blocked the information. Complete silence forced the Soviet leadership to rely on circumstantial evidence.

                      It is physically impossible to block from the outside the information coming to the head of state. However, something else is possible - to form competing alternative information, to put the Supreme in the need to choose among conflicting options, and to search for reasons for this.
                      The entire West was working against the USSR at that time. Coordinated disinformation could come through diplomatic channels and come from foreign ministries and even heads of state. It was a conspiracy of countries.
                      I think the same thing is happening now.

                      The head of state cannot make decisions on the basis of some information stuffing. Or one or two intelligence reports. To analyze a huge amount of information (military, technical, financial, economic), there are special groups. Which issue to the head of short analytical notes.

                      I am afraid that things here may not be the same as in the former USSR, when decisions were prepared and discussed in committees and at the Politburo of the CPSU.
                      Putin is a loner. For a long time he worked surrounded by agents of the West at home. A style has taken shape. I think that he alone makes the final analysis of the information and makes decisions. Solely
                      1. Bakht Online Bakht
                        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 21 May 2022 11: 10
                        Perhaps I expressed myself incorrectly. The German Foreign Ministry simply did not respond to official requests. To all questions, Schulenburg either played for time or referred to the lack of instructions from Berlin.
                        Of course, the information came. From embassies, from intelligence, along trade lines. But that didn't make up for the direct dialogue. In the case of Poland, Norway, France, Yugoslavia, there was a period of sounding out the position. In the case of the USSR, this period did not exist. The war was just sudden. What everyone said or felt is not the basis for making decisions.

                        If Putin single-handedly makes decisions, then this is very sad. But I don't believe in it. This is basically impossible. Even Stalin never made decisions on his own. There was always a discussion and a collegial decision. I think the same thing is happening now.
    2. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
      Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 18 May 2022 16: 33
      and I believe that the clans of transnational corporations are the masters of the world, these entities not only deal with profit directly, but also form new markets, new conditions for their needs, they determine policy and form the parties they need, they even compete with each other and families, for example, the United States and Europe , they control countries through controlled parties, and Western authorities are just a screen, managers pursuing their interests
      that is why the Western model of existence is strong because it does not depend on who the president or prime minister is, their change is only a change in tactics for some period
      unlike Russia, for example, where a change of power can even bring down a country, we don’t have such an airbag, our people either support power or stage a revolution, again under the influence of these Western elites
      1. The comment was deleted.
  3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 18 May 2022 10: 35
    This has been known for a long time. And the Pravda newspaper really said what became clear to us 30 years after the destruction of the country, which struggled with all of the above, until it betrayed itself ...
    EVERYTHING THE USSR SAID WAS TRUE!!! And an attempt to remake the world with the help of socialism is an attempt to save the world from self-destruction ... We rejected socialism and plunged headlong into self-eating. Yes! Not everything was right and good in the USSR, but the very idea of ​​​​building a society more just than global capitalism was correct! Along the way of this construction, Soviet society picked up a bacillus of infection called FREEBIE, not realizing that nothing is free (unless it is STEALED). This is The law of conservation of all things, which reads like this:

    If somewhere something arrived without cost and effort (found, stolen), then this something SUDDENLY disappeared somewhere (was lost or stolen)!
  4. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 May 2022 11: 16
    When the last tree is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, when the last bird is caught - only then will you understand that you cannot eat money.
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 18 May 2022 13: 02
      You are right, but this applies equally to the entire population of the planet. The implementation of a reasonable approach to the ecology of the planet is possible only within the framework of a reasonable approach to life, and it, in turn, within the framework of building a communist society on the planet. We are still far from this - as far as Alpha Centaur, and on the way - the Beast with its adherents around the world and in our home
  5. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 18 May 2022 13: 49
    Not everything revolves around military corporations and weapons. Who will need them if there is nothing to eat and no one to fight? Having pushed all the obsolete nelekvid, the West will calm down. But will this stop the global process of self-destruction of the Western economy that has already been launched? and no.
  6. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 18 May 2022 14: 05
    Somehow it's too smooth. Some commodity giants. For 8 years, Ukraine has been specifically preparing for war. They encouraged her natural Nazi essence. For war, the enemy must be hated. Learned to hate. Who? Gas giants. In the 90s, a declaration of independence appeared in Ukraine. Those. there was a coup d'état. IN USSR. The leadership of the USSR did not take any action. Also gas giants? Since 47, the West has been waging war against Russia. It is necessary to thoroughly understand the cause and eliminate it. Most likely this is some kind of Nazi ideology such as the golden billion. And this ideology has specific carriers, for sure.
    1. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
      Vox Populi (vox populi) 18 May 2022 16: 38
      Encouraged her natural Nazi essence.

      negative What was that? fool
      1. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
        NikolayN (Nikolai) 28 May 2022 22: 56
        It was Ukraine. Once.
  7. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
    Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 20 May 2022 13: 42
    Great article. Excellent layout! Thanks to !