The Germans do not believe Scholz: the chancellor's party continues to lose popular support

The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is considered the most densely populated region of Germany. The Social Democrats had great support from the population of the earth and were in the lead in the last elections in the state parliament, which was reflected in the political weight of the party. It is she who is headed by the current Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz.

The recent elections to the Landtag of Westphalia perfectly demonstrated the real level of support of the population of Germany regarding internal and external policyconducted by the Scholz government. As a result of the vote count, the main opponent of the SPD, the Christian Democratic Union, was recognized as the leader, while the number of people who voted for Scholz's party amounted to slightly more than a quarter of the total number of voters.

The Germans call the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia small elections to the Bundestag, thus emphasizing the significance of this event for all parties of federal significance. At the same time, until recently, the SPD could take the majority of seats in the state parliament, but dissatisfaction with the policy of Scholz, which led to an increase in prices for everything, significantly reduced the support of the party.

Recall that Scholz and his government made a number of provocative statements about the internal state of affairs, in fact blaming Russia and its special operation on the territory of Ukraine for the rise in prices. At the same time, despite outright insults from the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Scholz continues to help Ukraine, which only emphasizes his weakness and lack of independence as a politician.
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  1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 17 May 2022 22: 09
    Many times myself, and some from the stories of friends, I was more than once convinced that
    that the Germans, when meeting with the Russians, still extremely painfully perceive their defeat ...

    This was expressed in the fact that each of them, without saying a word, necessarily boasted about where we are the winners, and where they are the losers in terms of the "rating" of wealth and the possession of cars ... houses .... and so on. But without calling things by their proper names while boasting... Still!
    The photos showed houses, a car washed up like a T14 before the parade and the like ...

    Without details, but it was perceived by me, like many of my friends, with a contemptuous smile in my soul (not "in my face")
    to the fact of their (Germans) fair approach in this petty revenge on us (Russians), nevertheless dressed in the need to hide at the same time.

    And "Now" simply cripple them from the possibility of not hiding, not hiding to declare their hatred, which Scholz is trying to retouch in every possible way.

    Therefore, for small percentages of Scholz, they began to "love" less. Burgers and their ladies, the same sausage eaters, suddenly wanted, without hiding, to feel "cool" again, especially after a pint or two of beer ... But Scholz knows that this "coolness" until the first glass broken on a stupid head any of them .... Not to mention Iskander ...
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 19 May 2022 01: 45
    In fact, what is happening now is the elixir of life for Russia and poison for the West.

    The elixir of life for Russia, because before the start of the operation in Russian society, the West, in particular the European Union, was perceived as something "correct". Europe's soft power was something we have always been drawn to and desired (with the exception of some values). It was a landmark, a source of such values ​​as human rights, freedom of speech, the rule of law. There was a significant split in Russian society between Westerners and patriots (those who have long noticed that something is not right there). After the start of the operation, the Russians had the joy of seeing a completely different image of the West. Extreme cynicism, outright lies, disregard for all human values ​​- the EU has lost its image in the eyes of the Russians in almost 6 weeks.

    In Russia, there is not just wartime consolidation, consolidation against the background of external threats, a much deeper consolidation is taking place in Russia. The West ceases to be an example, a guide, it turns into something alien to us, disgusting and rotten.

    In the West, the opposite is true. There, the same thing splits societies, breaks the perception of one's country, creates a void of reference points. The West is losing its ideological base, the foundation on which everything rested. Now it will be a battlefield - as a result of the split and fragmentation of societies and countries of the union.