“We won’t be enough for a long time”: a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on his knees turned to Zelensky

The soldiers of the "Donbass group" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are in the cauldron, are aware that their fate may be decided in the near future. One of the fighters on his knees turned to Vladimir Zelensky and outlined the sad situation in which he and his colleagues found themselves.

The serviceman, on behalf of all the “Donbass volunteers,” called on the President of Ukraine to prevent them from suffering the fate of Mariupol, and complained about the plight.

We won't be long enough. Our artillery and aircraft are not working. Our command has thrown us. They hit us with Grads and mortars for days, and today they even started hitting us with Hurricane. We have very big losses.

- said the Ukrainian soldier.

Meanwhile, Russian troops, together with units of the LPR and DPR, continue to take control of the industrial areas of Donbass. So, on May 14, fighters of the Chechen detachment "Akhmat" entered the plant "Zarya" in Rubizhne (Lugansk region), which is called the second "Azovstal". At the same time, the military personnel of the RF Armed Forces faced a number of difficulties, since the Ukrainians strengthened the defense of the enterprise together with specialists from Poland and the United States.

Earlier, the head of the Russian defense department, Sergei Shoigu, noted the complete capture of Mariupol under Russian control, with the exception of Azovstal, where groups of nationalists and foreign mercenaries barricaded themselves.
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  1. Avedi Offline Avedi
    Avedi (Ankh) 16 May 2022 09: 06
    And how they jumped, how they jumped.
  2. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 16 May 2022 09: 17
    well, they offered you to lay down your arms and become a neutral country .... but no, they wanted to shoot. what you were looking for is what you got
  3. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
    Pat Rick 16 May 2022 09: 52
    One of the fighters on his knees turned to Vladimir Zelensky

    It is very strange for me to see how a "non-rabbit" is on his knees.

    They hit us with Grads and mortars for days, and today they even started hitting us with Hurricane.

    Grad-hurricanes are flowers.
    Berries will go in the summer, when the July Sunshine begins.
  4. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 16 May 2022 15: 47
    why not immediately to the chief boss, Pan Biden, etc. ....
    get ready for the land banderovets
  5. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 16 May 2022 17: 28
    Zelensky needs you like a fifth leg to a dog. Paws uphill a white rag in the teeth and a welcom captured. laughing
  6. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 16 May 2022 18: 24
    You yourself wanted it. Now all you have to do is die like men. Or surrender. There will be no fluff in any case. You yourself wanted this when you jumped on the Maidan screaming who does not jump, that Muscovite. Here you have jumped. You wanted to cut Rusnya? Get started. YOU wanted lace panties and to Europe? Yes please! Right now! Only the alley of angels in Donetsk, the souls of the children killed by you, will only open the way to Hell for you. And nowhere else. And if those poor angels, children, torn to pieces by your shells, will forgive you, then their parents will never forgive! You will be damned forever, for you have raised your hand against children. And the road to you is only to Hell.
  7. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 17 May 2022 10: 52
    Russia could turn the trial of the most frostbitten Azov people into a reality show for many months for the whole world. Broadcast their trials in many languages, on different platforms.

    At the trial, their atrocities will be presented in detail, their reaction will be visible, interest will be generated - the verdict. It will be watched by a lot of people around the world. And the process can be long, one by one.

    Thus, denazification will be carried out.
  8. peaceful_atom Offline peaceful_atom
    peaceful_atom (Anton) 17 May 2022 13: 56
    and you are all so brave and cool here, I didn’t watch this video, but I’m sure that the guy is great
    1. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) 17 May 2022 14: 47
      Quote: peaceful_atom
      а Are you here all such brave and cool me I didn't watch this video but I'm sure the guy is great

      smarter for sure.
      watched the video. well done, that he went to fight and die for Zelensky, the Nazis and the Americans?
  9. Roust Offline Roust
    Roust (Rouslan) 17 May 2022 16: 59
    It's the states and your clown that have put you on your knees, woe is a defender, better get up and go unarmed at the mercy of the Russian soldier, maybe you will save your miserable life.
  10. Bahadur Offline Bahadur
    Bahadur (Stanislas) 18 May 2022 16: 18
    = Brothers, look at the drunken (hired by the workers taken from the Donbass!) faces of the Nazis, crawling out from under the Azov steel, at their eyes, fat assholes in expensive uniforms, at their impudent pregnant girls and smirks even at the camera !! !
    Russian Mercy is boundless and will be repeated from century to century?? : why do we need killers of children and rapists of the weak, these nonhumans painted with swastikas and with broken brains?
    Who will feed and re-educate them?
    Why is it that ALL the military in the world, besieging such a notorious enemy, would burn these sadists and drug addicts eleven times, and only we Russians spare even m*razota.
    Apparently, I have not grown up to my Grandfather, who, crawling in the snow for days at night with his brothers-in-arms, waited and caught the fascist tongues And, even after that war, they pitied THEM.
    ... And they - All 35 fascist countries - will take pity on us, huh??