Playing by someone else's rules: Russia needs to abandon "Western sports"

It's no secret that sport and policy, religion, culture and ideology are closely interconnected. The desire to prove the perfection of their own systems, which, among other things, includes the state, the superiority of their pupils, is rooted in the distant past. Long before the spread of the Olympic cult, issues of war and peace were sometimes resolved in this way: among the warring parties, the strongest and most courageous were selected, and they were sent to a mortal battle with an opponent. The losing side retreated.

A little later, states began to create national teams and send them to international competitions. The most famous teams are the Prussian of the times of Frederick the Great, the French of the times of Napoleon and our own, Russian. In our country, as a rule, the goal was to demonstrate the power of the Russian spirit, later, in Soviet times, the perfection of the Soviet system in the development of human physical culture and, more broadly, the “superiority of the socialist system” in general.

Modern post-Soviet sport fundamentally does not have high goals, this is a show, and its goal is the spiritual "feeding of the public." If we talk about the Russian Federation, then sport is needed to demonstrate the prestige of the Russian Federation, but if we are talking about the outskirts of the former Empire, then the essence of the proclaimed essence of "thoughtlessly spending a lot of money" is about the same, but with the proviso of justifying "national independence", i.e. . formation of the pantheon of "national heroes" (skiing - a hero for you, lifting a barbell - an apartment for you, etc.).

Since sport is an imitation of the justification for the need for sovereignty, they are trying to promote it on a par with the army and the economy. State neoplasms disproportionately generously endow athletes with positions, salaries, awards, orders and real estate. Neither soldiers, nor doctors, nor teachers, nor engineers have been awarded this. Not only everyone can teach, heal, draw, but anyone can die. Another thing is a triple sheepskin coat, in order to spin such a thing, you need to be, quote, a “genius”. And three turns of a sheepskin coat is almost like a Tokamak in terms of economic efficiency.

Of course, the sporting achievements of the former republics are, for the most part, incomparable with the achievements of the Russian Federation in recent decades. And there are many objective reasons for that. As well as many reasons why these achievements are always not for the benefit of the state. What are they?

First, the non-traditional (leftist) agenda, which is completely alien to us. Modern sport is like an expensive restaurant - whoever pays orders the music. Most of the world economy is represented by the collective West (the US and its satellites in Europe and Asia).

The modern Western idea is anti-traditional both for the Orthodox world and for the Muslim (and for the Chinese). All over the world, we see huge investments in the promotion of the "collective West" of the left agenda: cinema, clothing, the Internet, education and, of course, sports - everything where there is a massive coverage of the population. Since sports is one of the most sought-after venues, money for corruption goes there as well.

In the Olympic environment, left-wing rules of the game have been created precisely because the traditional world has fewer funds. It is not necessary to help promote the LGBT and BLM agenda with your participation - this goes against our principles.

Secondly, the political background. Almost no Olympics or international competition is complete without doping scandals, which, of course, are based only on political overtones, and the performance of our athletes under the white flag is worthy of neither attention nor respect, because the whole logic of participation in these games, except to draw attention to this event.

Separately, I will allow myself to speak about the work of WADA. It may not be customary to talk about this, but doping is not a magic pill that leads to fantastic results, and does not always lead to those terrible consequences that propaganda posters in sports facilities scream about every athlete from childhood. The fact is that constantly, simultaneously with the development of sports, the boundaries of the limits of the physical capabilities of athletes were shifted. To overcome these boundaries, they had to train more, eat more intensely and sleep more in order to recover, because the progress from training comes during recovery. Gradually, any athlete comes to the conclusion that even with all the will and desire, he will not have enough time of his life to achieve the desired result. The whole main “trick” of doping is that it greatly reduces the recovery process (by 300% or more), respectively, and the result goes up.

In other words, that “terrible and insidious” doping is very often only a medical aid for an athlete if it is used proportionately and under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, when a sports viewer sees how another world record is being beaten, he needs to keep in mind the fact that many records were broken back in the second half of the XNUMXth century, not without the help of those drugs that were mass-produced by the Soviet Union, the USA, the GDR, Hungary - world leaders in the production of AAS (androgenic-anabolic steroids). In a professional sports environment, it is not customary to ask questions about the use of AAS - the answer is obvious. And this applies to all world sports. But why is only Russia receiving sanctions for this? I think the reason is known...

Based on these two main reasons, I can conclude that playing by someone else's rules, on someone else's field, is a bad prospect for Russian sports. It will not lead to any positive results. You need to go to your own field, with your comrades and play by your own rules. Thus, instead of the Olympic Games, Russia needs to take responsibility for organizing its own Games, where countries that do not want to dance to the Western "left tune" will participate. This is the Islamic world, and the states of Southeast Asia (except Japan and South Korea), Serbia, Hungary, some African countries and some part of historical Russia (for example, Belarus, the republics of the former Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, etc.), some American states are a kind of "Games of the Invictus".

According to the same principle, it is worth organizing “free world championships”. In other words, it is high time for Russian sports to decide: either Russia is at the feet of the Western world, or Russia is at the head of the free world.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 May 2022 09: 56
    Interestingly, were the athletes themselves, Mutko and K, asked the state? According to the article, no.
    And whose money? - not in the article. On budget, in fact ...

    Are there any examples? Spartakiads, Iranivdas, Koreniads, Independent Games? Also no. Since there are so many championships in Russia, Europe, etc., and no one is running to pay
    1. Nikita Gorynych Offline Nikita Gorynych
      Nikita Gorynych (Nikita Gorynych) 17 May 2022 16: 34
      These are all means. From the category of "how". Let the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Sports deal with this. Here I put forward an idea, and not the means to achieve it - this is from the category of “why”.
      1. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 May 2022 17: 43
        Idea.... good.
        All ideas are good. Not only this one. If ideal.

        No money for all these ideas comes from the budget. + cut
        We will pay for Iraqi, Kazakh, Nigerian athletes. There will be no ads. There will be no results. Records are not recognized. Cars to the winners ... will be awarded, 1st time.

        There will be one more games named after Yeltsin on the budget. Or the name EDRA. And the fate of "Ours" will befall them ...
  2. Lesnik Offline Lesnik
    Lesnik (Lesnik) 17 May 2022 11: 39
    ..instead of the Olympic Games, Russia needs to take responsibility in organizing their Games

    The nonsense is incredible! In addition to "corruption schemes" NOTHING will work out! We are against the "unipolar world" and immediately call to make Russia the "hegemon" of the Olympic movement! And "where's the money, Zin"!?
    1. Nikita Gorynych Offline Nikita Gorynych
      Nikita Gorynych (Nikita Gorynych) 17 May 2022 16: 31
      Read the article carefully. It's about abandoning the Olympic movement.
  3. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 17 May 2022 13: 46
    An article from the series "To spite my grandmother, I will freeze my ears!"
    If you look at it, then the blow of the West on the big sport of Russia was one of its most competent moves.
    1. For people from not-so-wealthy countries, getting into the cage of an elite sport means a real opportunity to break out of their poverty. By excluding itself from big-time sports, Russia will deprive people of the incentive to go in for high-performance sports. And this, accordingly, will lead to an outflow of people from both small-scale sports and physical education (remember what bursts of admission to sports clubs and sections were after the resounding victories of Soviet athletes). As a result, we will get a generation of sloths pushing sofas, which will inevitably lead to a decline in the health of the nation.
    2. Look at what you wear in clothes and shoes. And you wear what was originally designed for sports (of course, I'm not talking about clothes for social events :)). There will be no big sport - there will be no incentive to develop such clothes and shoes. If there is no such stimulus, there will be no light industry (not to produce sweatpants with outstretched knees).
    3. The same can be said about developments for the automotive industry, the production of motorcycles and bicycles. Etc. The list can be long and hard.
    4. There will be none of the above - there will not even be a hypothetical opportunity to again take a leading position in world sports. This is what the collective West is striving for.
    Another question is how to deal with it?
    Are ours without a flag and an anthem? Has at least one federation sued these decisions? Or just "I'm not guilty!"
    WADA? Yes, the same NBA forbade officers from this office to even approach their basketball players! Has Russia at least once submitted a proposal to ban therapeutic exceptions?
    Back in 2016, they swallowed a pill when half of the athletics team was suspended from the World Championships, they didn’t slam the door loudly - they received the Brazilian Olympics with the same sanctions. And then it raced ... over the bumps.
    Of course, a lot of things can be remembered, but now it's useless. After the fire and ... - the pump.
    But on some points it is possible to agree with the author.
    1. The work of athletes is greatly overestimated. The detachment will not notice the loss of conditional Arshavin, but everyone will hiccup for a long time and stubbornly about the lack of a good teacher at school and university, the absence of a class surgeon in conditional Uryupinsk, and even a conscientious cleaner in any office and a janitor on the street. And if a janitor / cleaner / football player can be made from almost any person, then a surgeon / teacher / engineer (of course, high-class) is a calling.
    2. Regional and domestic competitions should definitely be developed and supported. How much do you know about the Asian Games? And they, nevertheless, are held on such a scale that the Olympics were not even close. The main thing is that they (regional and domestic competitions) do not suffer the fate of the Goodwill Games, which in the end turned out to be useless to anyone (but thanks to them it was absolutely proved that sport should be united).
    1. Nikita Gorynych Offline Nikita Gorynych
      Nikita Gorynych (Nikita Gorynych) 17 May 2022 16: 30
      I started reading your comment and realized that you had not read the article to the end. No one proposes to abandon the "big sport". The question is that you need to have YOUR big sport.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. k7k8 Offline k7k8
        k7k8 (vic) 17 May 2022 21: 07
        There is no one's own and someone else's big sport. Sport is one. Everything else is from the evil one. The problem is how to revive the principles of Olympism.
        1. guest Offline guest
          guest 18 May 2022 01: 21
          With the West, which is used to dictating its own rules everywhere, and if you do not obey them, there will be reprisals, there can be no principles of Olympism.
          1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
            k7k8 (vic) 18 May 2022 09: 02
            Ah, don't be so serious. A serious face is not yet a sign of intelligence, gentlemen. All stupid things on earth are done with this facial expression. Smile, gentlemen, smile!

            G. Gorin
        2. Nikita Gorynych Offline Nikita Gorynych
          Nikita Gorynych (Nikita Gorynych) 18 May 2022 20: 44
          The Olympics, in principle, is a crafty event in itself, because the Olympic games symbolize the worship of the pagan gods of Olympus, which is at odds with Christian doctrine.
  4. Peace Peace. Offline Peace Peace.
    Peace Peace. (Tumar Tumar) 17 May 2022 23: 48
    I don’t understand why Russia deifies Europe so much, it has long turned from an old woman into a witch every minute sending curses towards Russia. A little bit, but in Europe this way and in Europe this way, European values, Western civilization, etc. They have long gone away from Divine values. Europe at all times despised us, from it only troubles and suffering. The more we strive for Europe, the more they perceive it as a humiliation from us.
  5. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 18 May 2022 09: 12
    Quote: Peace Peace.
    I don’t understand why Russia deifies Europe so much ...

    Because, whatever one may say, Russia is a great European country, despite the fact that most of it is in Asia. And the great Russian culture is an integral part of European, not Asian culture. And no one deifies Europe (by the way, the word "Europe" is capitalized). We just know how not only to hate, but also to respect - respect other people's values, other people's achievements, other people's rules, accept everyone as they are, and not go into someone else's garden with our charter (although, let's be honest, we sometimes tried, but eventually recognized their mistakes), in contrast to the current West.
  6. guest Offline guest
    guest 18 May 2022 13: 02
    Quote: k7k8
    We just know how not only to hate, but also to respect - to respect other people's values

    How can you respect every kind of perversion as a value?
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 18 May 2022 16: 56
      This suggests that we do not care about your preferences, the main thing is that you be a good person and not impose your charter on us.
      And yes, it is not good to take phrases out of context in parts. At least put an ellipsis.
      1. guest Offline guest
        guest 18 May 2022 17: 25
        How touchy you are, you immediately put more cons. The ellipsis does not change the essence of your comment. Even if I agree with your right to have an opinion, this does not mean that I respect this opinion.
        1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
          k7k8 (vic) 18 May 2022 18: 50
          Quote: guest
          How touchy you are, you immediately put more cons

          Remind me when you and I drank brotherhood?
          And with what fright are your conclusions about my minuses in your posts? Are you projecting your behavior onto me?
          1. guest Offline guest
            guest 18 May 2022 19: 06
            I’m not projecting anything, I’ve just come across people like you in other places, and they always downvoted out of resentment there too. In short, to reckon with someone's opinion does not mean to respect this opinion. Then you can keep minus.
            1. isofat Offline isofat
              isofat (isofat) 18 May 2022 21: 36
              guest, someone deserves a plus, and you are not popular on other sites either. Alas. sad
              1. guest Offline guest
                guest 18 May 2022 21: 48
                About one more connoisseur showed up. I don't need popularity among all sorts ... at all. And what touched you, or are you just a clone of that comrade?
                1. isofat Offline isofat
                  isofat (isofat) 18 May 2022 23: 48
                  guest, did not guess. I'm not a clone (you get my minus laughing ).
                  1. guest Offline guest
                    guest 19 May 2022 00: 38
                    Well, I just asked a question and did not claim that you are a clone. And thanks for the minus, for me a minus from an opponent is the same as a plus.
                    1. isofat Offline isofat
                      isofat (isofat) 19 May 2022 09: 19
                      guestDon't be stupid, plus is not equal to minus. It's twice as heavy! laughing
                      1. guest Offline guest
                        guest 19 May 2022 13: 22
                        It's better to be smart and be dumb sometimes than to be stupid and be smart all the time. Yes, just don’t forget to put me a minus, as always.
                      2. isofat Offline isofat
                        isofat (isofat) 19 May 2022 20: 33
                        guest, you have not yet earned a minus, I do not see your text. One requirement. laughing
    2. guest Offline guest
      guest 27 November 2022 00: 07
      Quote: k7k8
      and did not impose his charter on us.

      What do you mean by impose?
  • Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 20 June 2022 16: 19
    the author is right in many respects, Western sports have completely discredited themselves, the ideals of Coubertin are betrayed, firstly, sports should be .... amateur! , secondly, do not hunch the health of an athlete, but develop it, thirdly, there should be objective refereeing ....... you need not to invest millions of rubles in damaging the health of high-level athletes, but to develop mass, mostly youth sports. friendship with the West has come to a standstill not only in economics, politics, but also in sports, dishonest refereeing, dishonest doping control, ... and what's the point in participating in this? ... what do competitions and championships give? never mind! the electorate is more interested in the series about the slave izauru than in sports, the only exception is football and hockey, so you need to make your own competitions and develop the TRP system, healthy lifestyle, and not chase an extra second in the championship, doping is very harmful and there is nothing to do without doping at international competitions, but for some reason, WADA catches only Russians, and accepts certificates from Americans about asthma and supposedly necessary medicines ... or tests are simply rigged.