Why Finland was called the "ideal candidate" for NATO

The current crisis has drastically changed the Finns' position on membership in the North Atlantic Alliance in just a few weeks, according to political scientist Iro Särkkä, whose extremely controversial statements are quoted by the website of the Finnish television channel MTV3. The expert argues that earlier the Finnish society could not unequivocally decide on the issue of membership for "long decades".

At the same time, she added that Finland is moving towards NATO "not out of fear."

Previously, the security situation was not a big problem.

– said Iro Särkkä, Dr. political Sciences, who attended the News Morning program.

For years, Finnish talk about NATO has revolved around what kind of security guarantee the North Atlantic Alliance could provide to Finland and what kind of NATO operations the Finns would face as members of the alliance, Särkkä said.

According to Särkkä, Finland is an ideal candidate state from NATO's point of view and "as compatible as possible".

Särkkä does not think that the 1300-kilometer land border with Russia will not be a problem for NATO, quite the contrary.

NATO will bring stability to all of Northern Europe

says Särkkä.

The researcher adds that, ideally, Sweden should join the alliance at the same time as the Finns, so that the entire northern region becomes NATO territory.

In other times, Helsinki tried to balance between the Russians and the West, but this position has long been out of date. Ever since joining the EU in 1995, Finland has taken decisive steps towards the West, and relations with Russia are maintained at the level of dialogue, because the common border has remained in place.

We got the impression that we understand Russia and its foreign policy

Särkka continues.

The government of Prime Minister Sanna Marin will soon submit an up-to-date report to Parliament on the developments in the security issue. Ms. Särkkä does not believe that the document will speak directly about Finland's accession to NATO, but it will start discussions on this topic.

However, even now in the Land of a Thousand Lakes there are people and groups of people who continue to have doubts about membership in the bloc.

Earlier, the Finnish media wrote that Helsinki has long been actively adapting the country's armed forces to the standards of the North Atlantic alliance, in order to enter, if necessary, in a short time and with minimal integration costs.
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  1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 15 May 2022 16: 11
    “an ideal candidate” for NATO - a fool understands why, if you look at the geography and the distance to Leningrad (Peter is for monarchists), in general the topic is very serious, Russia (RI-USSR-RF) did more for the Finnish Papuans than they did for themselves, otherwise they would not even have statehood, remaining a Swedish farm, together with the Balts. what was their place in the Third Reich in the event of the defeat of Russia, it is difficult to say, but Hitler was definitely not going to leave the Baltic states ... he planned to take everyone to the East. and after all this, the Finns again sided with the enemies. such foulness cannot be forgiven, especially since the Russian Federation does not depend on them in any way in terms of technology and resources, on the contrary, the complete dependence of the Finnish Papuans on the Russian Federation, therefore, it is necessary to respond as harshly as possible to the hypocrites: 1- it is necessary to impose sanctions on the sale of gas, oil, energy and all resources (forests uranium, etc.), 2- completely close the Russian market, 3- confiscate all assets to compensate for the funds that the Russian Federation invested in the construction of a nuclear power plant for the Finns 4- actively conduct Iskander firing along the Finnish border, emphasizing that Russian missiles against NATO are equipped only with nuclear weapons in order to Finnish Jews also did not sleep at night, like the Poles, realizing that now their life is in the hands of the White House seniles. I’m sure if the communists were in power, they would have answered that way, but no one knows what to expect from a good Tsar, it is possible that he will send Medinsky to negotiate the supply of Finnish cheese and paper to the Russian Federation, his Russian is not kosher
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 15 May 2022 18: 58
    Why Finland was called the "ideal candidate" for NATO

    - Personally, I am absolutely sure that ... that ... that literally in six months (maximum a year) - Finland will simply be unrecognizable! - She will turn into one of the most ardent (if not the most ardent) enemies of Russia !!! - From it such a "trample" - that it will not seem enough !!! - And what territorial claims it will put forward to Russia - it’s better not to mention it! - Yes, and - literally - for a month or two, and the Finns, as volunteer mercenaries, will also climb up and fight on the side of Ukraine!
    - Yes, and - I won’t be surprised - if provocations from Finnish extremists begin on the Russian-Finnish border!
  3. tavia Offline tavia
    tavia (Tatyana) 15 May 2022 19: 23
    Who separated the Finns from the Russian Empire? And thus created a threat to Russia for decades or even a hundred years??? Again communists, Bolsheviks - Leninists led by a leader! More than a hundred years have passed since the Bolshevik coup d'etat, and it's so bad that we still can't cope!
    1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
      1_2 (Ducks are flying) 16 May 2022 16: 51
      the Communists are to blame for everything in the Rastas, and they lie in the eyes without blinking, misrepresenting the facts, namely, that it was Tsar Nikolashka who got along with the thieves lackeys to the point that he was deposed in February by a bunch of British agents led by the Zionist Kerensky, and if the communists did not take power in October, which was literally lying on the ground, because the Kerenskys plunged the country into chaos for its further collapse, then Russia would have ended in the 1920s, the Entente troops had already landed and the territories were seized, they sawed Russia into pieces among themselves. and the Finns were thrown off because there was no strength to keep them, Russia had to be defended from the invading invaders of the West (Japan, England, Poland, USA) and their puppets of white generals
    2. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Alexander) 17 May 2022 09: 53
      In fact, the last person who really tried to restore order in Finland was General Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov, and after his murder by a Finnish terrorist in 1904, a mess began in Finland, which Nicholas II was supposed to cut down, but alas, before Peter the Great, or Catherine the Great. ... it was far away, that's why he leaked everything ... and the Bolsheviks lost the civil war in Poland and Finland, to a large extent because the tsarist government could not put the Polish and Finnish Natsiks in their place. I don’t defend the Bolsheviks now, but Nicholas II is far from being a saint, and because of his mistakes, Russia got a lot of problems
  4. Killed by Kenobi 15 May 2022 19: 49
    What Putin replied to Niistö will not reach the ordinary Finnish masses, and the "complication" of relations is nonsense until you explain what it is. In real life, a video "message" to the hot Finnish people from Putin or Medvedev is required, indicating the duration of the speech, so that nothing is cut out. What to talk about:
    The fact that Finland became independent from Sweden only with the help of Russia. That by joining NATO, Finland surrenders its sovereignty to NATO, because the Americans are in command there. That as a member of NATO on the northern flank, Finland will become much more dangerous for us than Slovakia, Bosnia, Greece, etc. The fact that the Finns are not "fraternal Russian people", and therefore there will be no sparing regime and preservation of infrastructure.
    There will be no confrontation with conventional weapons, because it makes little sense to partisan in the forests of Finland and Karelia, as in the "Northern War", and therefore show online the input of target coordinates on the territory of Suomi into the brains of 300-400 TNW carriers within 3-4 hours. To congratulate their ecologically clean country on this event, it is for them to forever close the airspace of Russia, the export of timber, energy and everything else. All their milk tries in the EU and close the border completely. And you need to do it immediately.
  5. Alexander V. Offline Alexander V.
    Alexander V. (Alexander VOZOVIK) 16 May 2022 07: 33
    I think that they believed in the defeat of Russia, and hope for the post-war division of the pie and think that NATO will help them
    1. Killed by Kenobi 17 May 2022 20: 30
      Yes, truth! There is a feeling that they are entering for the subsequent division of Russian lands and wealth ...
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 16 May 2022 11: 08
    Ideal in the sense that Finland, Turkey, some kind of state formation in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, for example), Japan - do not require adaptation and revision of Western weapons standards, are in the zone of destruction of strategic objects of the Russian Federation by relatively inexpensive means of medium and short range from different sides which will be incomparable with the costs of the Russian Federation for the creation of all-round defense, and in the event of a retaliatory or preventive strike by the Russian Federation, the leading industrial centers of “old” Europe hope to suffer minimal damage.
  8. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 17 May 2022 09: 46
    Finland's entry into NATO is Finland's entry into the war with the Russian Federation, and not the world ...