In Switzerland, the process of unlocking Russian assets began

To successfully "fight" with Russia, the West had to literally give a damn about its own laws, international law, honesty, justice and gentlemanly behavior in geopolitics. Only in this way it was possible to achieve all those restrictions, the introduction of which the anti-Russian coalition boasts of. At the same time, the Russian Federation has not done in the international arena even half of what Washington has done with other countries over several decades.

In any case, when trying to comply with the law, all sanctions, restrictions and blockages are destroyed, become illegal and shameful. Examples of such honesty to oneself in the West are very rare, but still there.

Some Russian assets that had previously been restricted were reportedly partially unlocked in Switzerland. By the beginning of May, the total amount of such frozen assets amounted to more than $9 billion. This was officially announced by the representative of the State Secretariat for the economy Switzerland (SECO) Erwin Bollinger.

History takes a curious turn. In early April, the government of the confederation, based on the implementation of sanctions, hastened to freeze Russian assets in the amount of about $7,5 billion. Then, on the wave of courage and excitement from their own "successes", more than 2 billion dollars of assets were additionally blocked without verification of their origin. Moreover, the amount of 3,4 billion dollars, as later admitted in the department, was frozen "for precautionary purposes" (a new word in the financial business).

Some time later, it was these 3,4 billion that were immediately unfrozen and access to them returned to the owner. Further, a thorough check of the blocked funds took place. It actually ended in shame for the "justice" of Switzerland - the investigation revealed an error and illegal actions with assets, after which all restrictions were lifted from them. This precedent initiated the process of full verification of the arrest of accounts. It is possible that the defrosting will continue.

The government organization is already making excuses, calling the ridiculous rush to “precaution” a necessary measure before an audit for belonging to sanctioned individuals and companies from the Russian Federation. The error in the adopted decision is not commented on in any way.

However, the government department of the Swiss Confederation should still be given credit. In the end, at least an objective investigation was carried out and concrete conclusions, decisions and actions followed, even though they brought some shame on the initial actions of the leadership. For example, in the United States, they are not even capable of and do not want objectivity, preaching the economic "methods" of the Wild West.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 May 2022 09: 20
    In Switzerland, the process of unlocking Russian assets began

    in Switzerland, some Russian assets were partially unblocked, which had previously been subject to restrictions. By the beginning of May, the total amount of such "frozen" assets amounted to more than $9 billion.

    - Oh, how alarming are all these gestures of the West, which supposedly should look quite positive in relation to Russia !!! - Personally, this is very disturbing to me !!! - How is it ???
    - This is what?? - Will this be followed by the release of those besieged in Azovstal - all these scum, all these Natsiks and mercenaries who are now "sealed" there - as a "retaliatory gesture" of Russia to unblock part of Russian assets ??? - Well, okay, if it only concerns these Natsiks and mercenaries - figs with them !!! - Well, what if the RF Armed Forces again withdraw their troops in some sector of the front - in response to the unblocking of part of Russian assets - as they once withdrew the troops of the RF Armed Forces from near Kyiv, Chernigov, Sumy - after "negotiations in Turkey", where did Medynsky head the Russian delegation and where did Abramovich "flicker" so actively ???
    - So that - it would be better - the West would not show anything towards Russia that at first glance seems "positive" for Russia !!! - - This "free tiny mousetrap piece of cheese" - let them give it to their limitrophs! - So for Finland, such "pieces" will soon be needed!
    1. Nikolai A Offline Nikolai A
      Nikolai A (Nikolai A) 14 May 2022 05: 00
      I am sure that the guys in the tanks will not let you down and will do their job, but there is no confidence in our elite. This dump will go to any agreement, for its own benefit. From any ideal he will make an income in his pocket.
      That's what we're afraid of.
      Someone explain? SVO - what is it about?
      Is it about principles or about money?
  2. Jarilo Offline Jarilo
    Jarilo (Sergei) 13 May 2022 11: 36
    Some time later, it was these 3,4 billion that were immediately unfrozen and access to them returned to the owner.

    And what difference does it make to us from the assets of individuals in Switzerland hidden from Russia. Just let it be blocked. We need to unlock the FNB, which Nabiulina and Siluanov hid in US treasuries.
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 13 May 2022 14: 12
      Quote: Jarilo (Sergey)
      And what difference does it make to us from the assets of individuals in Switzerland hidden from Russia. Just let it be blocked.

      I am disgusted by the hypocrisy with which you, and some representatives of the authorities, deny this money. Like, let them take it. It's the money of the oligarchs.
      Let's not forget that this is their second theft.
      First, all these colossal sums were first stolen by corrupt officials from the Russian budget. This money is just as much ours as the frozen assets. It's just that Russia will never be able to return them now.
      1. For Don and Fatherland (Vladimir) 13 May 2022 15: 21
        Alas, neither you nor I nor the Russian Federation will receive this money, so he is right ... Yagoda's money is still in Switzerland, which he took there after receiving it for timber stolen and exported abroad. For this and the like, he was shot, but they could not return the money ...
        1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
          Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 13 May 2022 19: 50
          I'm talking about the fact that the previous silence of the authorities about these colossal amounts of withdrawal from the budget is based on the "theory for the layman" that the stolen money supposedly still "works" for Russia. The oligarchs, after all, are OWN. In our capitalist country, there is normal "capitalist" corruption, which also works for its economy. The ease with which the authorities now turn the theft of this money by the West into a “good”, and their status into “stolen”, is caused only by the desire to get rid of the “unnecessary” issues of the population along with them as soon as possible.
          Questions to the authorities themselves, and more than appropriate.
          This is the reason why the authorities allowed and covered the theft of SUCH sums from the country by corrupt officials?
  3. Roma Phil Offline Roma Phil
    Roma Phil (Roma) 13 May 2022 14: 23
    And whose money was unfrozen? Most likely, these are the assets of the oligarchs, not Russian state ones.
    Doesn't this mean that the oligarchs will again be able to buy palaces, yachts, sports clubs and entertainment centers in Western countries with the money thawed in Swiss banks?
  4. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) 14 May 2022 02: 48
    It's important to us, isn't it?

    We will never see a cent from there, they will be ripped off more than once, and the oligarchs are never enough.
  5. Luenkov Offline Luenkov
    Luenkov (Arkady) 14 May 2022 13: 21
    Yes, it's too late to drink Borjomi *! There is no trust in the West, a crook on a crook.
  6. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 15 May 2022 01: 18
    Swedish IKEA seems to intend to return to the Russian market. She hasn't really left yet, but she doesn't work anymore.

    Perhaps there is a sense of ostentatious punishment. If the Swedes join NATO, then Ikea can be publicly expelled from Russia (Volvo, by the way, too). Assembling furniture from wood is not Tesla cars to design. Russia needs a domestic major furniture player, since there is a lot of wood.

    The same goes for Finns. Trade with them is not very big. You can also make an example and close the Russian market for them. Also, all the raw materials that they take from us are also closed to them. Russia can afford to act more decisively in such matters and the Finns are more suitable here than others.

    If we are turning to the east, then we must do this boldly and decisively. First of all, we need to open China to the masses - information, a lot of information on China. So that firms and people can independently establish interaction with China. If you do it on a large scale, then Europe will notice it and it will be scared of it.