Rebuke for Russia: the State Department opposed the independence of Taiwan

Washington does not stop trying to undermine the close ties between Russia and China. Despite all kinds of assistance to Taiwan, including not only technological cooperation, but also military equipment, the United States, as if nothing had happened, officially declares that it does not consider Taiwan as an independent state and is allegedly adherents policy "one China". This was stated by US State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Moreover, the official for "variety" added that America is generally opposed to the independence of the island, and not only limited to recognizing the integrity of the Celestial Empire, as it was before.

Our position has not changed, remains the same: the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan and continues to adhere to the policy of one China

- says Ned Price, speaking at a briefing.

Such a message, which is not at all ordinary, will in no way cheer up China and will not offend Taiwan at all, but will only make the Russian leadership think, to which, in fact, it is directed. Since both sides of the territorial disputes over the ownership of the island state in the Pacific Ocean understood the true "message" of the State Department well.

Washington's next attempt to "appease" Beijing will be counted, but it will not affect the attitude of the Chinese authorities towards both the United States and Taiwan. Against the backdrop of comprehensive assistance and deep cooperation between America and the island state, one cannot hope for the sincerity of the position of the States voiced by the Foreign Ministry. The fraud is too obvious, otherwise it turns out that Washington is arming China itself, which is impossible.

The Taiwanese leadership is also well aware of Washington's plans for the island, so it will not be at all upset because of the very ambiguous statements of its closest ally. They pose a threat only to the Russian Federation, constituting both a logical and a political trap. Politically, obviously, the United States is driving a wedge or trying to do so between China and the Russian Federation, shifting the centers of gravity of the tops of the "triangle" of superpowers.

The logical paradox, the flywheel of which the Americans are intensively spinning, lies in the contradiction that Moscow supports the territorial integrity of China, recognizing Taiwan as an integral part of it, and at the same time, according to the United States, allegedly violates the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is the main reproach, which is the key to understanding such statements made by Price at the next press conference. America is presented as the guardian of the world order and supposedly a guarantor of the absence of territorial disputes (although it wages proxy and hybrid wars, conflicts, splitting states), while Russia is shown as a violator of international law. Although everything is just the opposite.
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  1. cooper Offline cooper
    cooper (Alexander) 12 May 2022 10: 04
    Let the statements from the State Department go through the forest and do not shine. China without snotty will deal with their affairs.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 12 May 2022 11: 34
    Rebuke for Russia: the State Department opposed the independence of Taiwan

    - Ah, personally, I have written so much on this topic and in such detail that I simply don’t want to return to this topic! - I can post my comments on this topic - they will take up a whole page!
    - Well, in a nutshell, then:
    - The United States and China have long agreed (behind Russia's back) that they fight among themselves - this is "None of them needs" - and therefore;
    - China "surrenders" Russia and does not interfere in what will happen in the east of Europe (well, the United States allows China to quietly hold the Olympics in Beijing); then even military operations in Ukraine were not expected - but military operations were assumed on the territory of Russia, where China could even support the United States and the West militarily;
    - After which the US and China "divide the territory of Russia among themselves";
    - But it turned out differently:
    - Russia is provoked by the United States and the West to hold the WZO - this becomes simply necessary for Russia in order to avoid direct aggression from the West - and China "remains neutral" (despite the fact that China is to some extent a "military partner" of Russia, which can easily fall into the category of "military ally")! - But China is silent and waiting!!!

    - But the "expected circumstances" did not come true for the USA and the West!
    - Russia, although it got bogged down in the MZO - but still showed a very high combat capability - only with small forces of contract soldiers to carry out the MZO as a whole, a well-trained and ideologically motivated (Nazi ideology) state! - Who else, besides Russia, can ??? - None !!!
    - Both the US and the West are now forced to act on the basis of the situation! - The US can easily "give" Taiwan to China - The US does not need Taiwan at all!
    - But, only China is already "scared of taking Taiwan"! - And China is no longer ready to "be an ally of the United States against Russia" (and even more so a military ally of the United States against Russia)! - China supports US sanctions against Russia - but no more than that! - And the USA lost this game against Russia!!! - China still "did not go over to the side of the United States" (and China no longer wants to "share" the territory of Russia with the United States) - everything has remained "at the same level" there - only "business relations and nothing personal" !!!
  3. Vitaly Tsoraev Offline Vitaly Tsoraev
    Vitaly Tsoraev 13 May 2022 13: 05
    If they support the integrity of China, along with Taiwan, then it is logical to support the integrity of Russia with the return of Ukraine to it. Everything can be looked at differently...