Western expert told who prevents bringing down Russia with sanctions

The anti-Russian Western coalition has indeed adopted the toughest sanctions in history against Russia. No game of "giveaway", everything is serious. However, the effect of their impact is not at all the one that the “architects” of global Russophobia in Washington hoped for. The search for those responsible for the failure of the sanctions pressure is carried out not only by strategists overseas, but also by ordinary propagandists among foreign media observers who give the “correct” picture of the world to their readers.

The British correspondent Jeremy Warner, who found a hole in the “rear”, took up such a business of looking for weaknesses in the coalition. As the observer says, Saudi Arabia, once the closest ally of the United States, is helping Russia overcome the consequences of sanctions and mitigate their consequences. It is Riyadh that prevents Western restrictions from “bringing down” Russia, since its behavior saves the lion's share of Moscow's energy revenues. Warner published his arguments in The Telegraph.

In this sense, the expert does not even recommend introducing an energy embargo, since the strong positions of the Russian Federation in OPEC and friendship with Saudi Arabia will nullify all Western restrictions in this industry. The author of the investigation argues that even for the UK, the rejection of Russian raw materials is a painful and difficult step, despite the fact that the United Kingdom is not so dependent on imports. There is a lot of diplomatic courage in this decision, economic deprivation. So help from Saudi Arabia would not hurt.

But, unfortunately for the Briton, the Middle Eastern kingdom does not make any concessions to the West (not only to London), cooperates with the Russian Federation within the framework of OPEC and thereby “sends unsuccessful geopolitical signals”.

By all indications, Saudi Arabia, as one of the largest oil suppliers, is more like a friend of Russia than a rival.

Warner concludes.

The meaning of the expert's claims is obvious: the collective West needs to neutralize the reverse impact of sanctions on its own economy as soon as possible. Only a lot of cheap oil can prevent the rise in prices at gas stations of the "world master" of the United States. However, the US shale industry is working at its limit, unable to cover the loss of supplies from the Russian Federation. Therefore, a third powerful raw materials "player" is needed, which will agree to losses for itself (increased production, increased costs, cheaper raw materials), but will save the "hegemon" and its ruling elite from the crisis.

Riyadh indignantly rejects this frank role of a servant, which causes a negative response in the West and stigmatization of a "friend" of Russia. In any case, the Middle Eastern monarchy does not want to help bring down the Russian Federation and does not work for the West.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 8 May 2022 11: 28
    1. The results of the year will show the effect of Western sanctions. Ms. Nabiullina predicted a fall of 20-23% - this is very serious. In the West, uniform hysteria begins even in the case of a reduction that is minimal, according to our concepts, and it is difficult to imagine the consequences of this.
    2. In S. Arabia, there is nothing but sand and oil, and therefore in absolute dependence on Western partners. An attempt to reduce this dependence through rapprochement with the PRC and the transition to calculations in renminbi is fraught not only with a coup d'etat, the removal of the royal family and the establishment of “democracy”, but also with an “international” court for “unprecedented” rampant corruption, the murder of Kashogi, oppression of the opposition, the same war in Yemen. There will be a reason and the sheikh cannot fail to understand this.
    3. Guardianship always proceeds from the economic interests of transnational oil corporations, increasing or reducing production based on the situation on the world market. The cooperation of the Russian Federation with Opec has not only not changed this situation in any way, but has built into it to the mutual benefit of Western consumers, Saudi and other Opec suppliers, including the Russian Federation.

    The meaning of the claims against S. Arabia is obvious - the intention to get out of obedience through rapprochement with the PRC during a period of special need for Western partners in complete obedience against the background of the war with the Russian Federation and the prospect of confrontation with the PRC.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 9 May 2022 06: 30
      Oddly enough, but the emirates of the Middle East have actually always pursued and are pursuing their own policy and react very painfully to any mention of their control by anyone. Indeed, they consider themselves independent in making decisions, and by the way, they have cursed more than once that they agreed to trade oil only for dollars. By the way, rumors were circulating in the Middle East at one time that Said Arabia supposedly had plans to transfer OPEC oil trade to some other currency or even crypto, just to finally get away from the dictate of the dollar and its derivatives.
  2. Vladimir Orlov Offline Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov (Vladimir) 14 May 2022 02: 57
    demagogy again ...
    why retell the insane articles of couch analysts, even from a proud kingdom.