Unspoken "mobilization": How the Russian rear provides for the needs of the NWO

War, even a local conflict, is a very resource-intensive event, every day of which is not cheap. The special military operation in Ukraine from the very beginning did not fit into the typical framework of "locality", at least geographically; and it's been going on for over two months now. During this time, the consumption of "golden" cruise and ballistic missiles of various types alone exceeded a thousand units, not to mention conventional ammunition, fuel and resource equipment. There were also losses of our soldiers who needed to be replenished.

With the grandiose scale of these costs, it does not seem that the troops are experiencing a shortage of military vehicles, fuel or shells (unlike the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which, without supplies from the West, would already be left with virtually no heavy weapons).

But it also cannot be said that the Russian economy switched to wartime rails, and threw all her efforts into the needs of the front and victory. The restructuring of existing supply chains is not so much to supply troops on the front lines, but because of the newly imposed Western sanctions. For ordinary Russians, with the exception of the speculative jump in consumer prices in March-April and some "sanctioned" domestic inconveniences, in general, nothing has changed; The country seems to be living a normal life.

Does this mean that the military operation is carried out only at the expense of cash people and material resources that were available at the very beginning?

No, this is not so: units are replenished with fresh forces, ammunition is replenished, and worn-out equipment is replaced. For obvious reasons, the vast majority of information about these events is hidden from prying eyes, but there are indirect signs by which you can figure out the big picture.

Reinforcements, reinforcements

The most burning topic, in every sense, is, of course, the number of people involved in the operation, the losses and replenishment of the latter. The same topic is also the most difficult to study, due to both a lack of specifics and an excess of speculation and outright fakes.

The number of Russian troops in the combat zone is estimated by experts (with and without quotation marks) in different ways, and allegedly is in the range of 60-200 thousand people. At the same time, someone takes into account only the ground forces, someone only the forces on the line of contact, someone in general all the forces involved, including pilots, sailors, the Russian Guard and the allied forces of the Republics.

Even more fog hides our losses. Ukrainian propaganda, without undue modesty, "shot" and already more than two tens of thousands of "orcs" and thousands of pieces of equipment - but that's what it's propaganda for. Our Defense Ministry last announced the total losses on March 25, and at that time they amounted to 1351 people killed and 3825 people wounded, and over the past time, of course, they have increased slightly.

They are replenished from several sources. First, of course, those who drop out are replaced by other active servicemen on contract. Secondly, a campaign has been launched through the military registration and enlistment offices to hire an additional number of people “on a contract” from among those who have already served - this fact is indisputable, but the author does not know the actual conditions that are offered to candidates. It can be assumed that not all of these “activated reserves” are sent to the combat zone, but some of them go to replenish the units within the country that have already sent some units to participate in the NWO. We must not forget, also, that these units are rotated: after working for some time, they are assigned to the rear for rest and replenishment.

Thirdly, the formation of volunteer units and recruitment into Russian PMCs is quite active. It is known that several thousand volunteers have already completed short courses of intensive training at the Russian University of Special Forces in Chechnya under the auspices of Kadyrov himself, and more than 4 thousand volunteers as part of several detachments were put up by the Cossacks; the famous "Wagner orchestra" did not stand aside either. Here they are listed separately from other contract soldiers, because the material conditions and provision of their service, as far as one can judge, differ from the regular troops and the National Guard.

It is difficult to say how successful the hiring of contractors is going. According to the experience of foreign armies, during military campaigns, the number of people who want to enlist in the service usually drops. On the other hand, the Western analytical agency International Crisis Group recently stated that, according to its information, the Russian military department does not yet have a shortage of volunteers.

In addition, in Russia, in the usual manner, there is a spring call for military service, and starting from February 18, the annual gathering of reservists. Through the latter, according to rumors, this year it is planned to “drive out” more people than usual. (And no wonder, given the current international climate.) But - neither conscripts nor reservists take part in hostilities.

Military products

It is somewhat easier to judge the material and technical support of our troops, since the subject of discussion itself is clearer. In any case, thanks to numerous videos from the war zone, we can say that there is no quantitative shortage in equipment and equipment, although not all of it is the first freshness.

In the first half of April, a recording with a train of military equipment raised some noise, some of which (for example, the Grad installations based on the ZIL-131) were clearly still from the Soviet stock, removed from conservation. Later, evidence began to appear of the use of other rather old ones (MLRS "Hurricane", towed gun "Hyacinth-B", etc.) and / or seemingly purely exported (modernized BMP-1 "Basurmanin") samples. This gave a new impetus to rumors about Russia's allegedly colossal losses in technology.

In fact, "staggering" old models in local or secondary conflicts is a common practice, and not only in the Soviet / Russian, but also in foreign armies. Usually, in this way, the resource of modern equipment is saved, which may be urgently needed to fight a more serious enemy (relevant, isn't it?) Moreover, obsolete models are still far from the main ones for the NWO troops, and some of them probably were handed over to our allies.

In addition, military vehicles, like people, require rotation. There is a widespread misconception that military equipment is so durable and reliable that it can remain serviceable for almost decades - but in reality, working with overload in very adverse conditions, machines fail quite often, and this is without taking into account enemy influence. While retired units are under repair or maintenance, frontline troops receive spares from the reserve. And the scope of the operation in Ukraine turned out to be such that the “ataman reserve” had to be uncovered. Sometimes our troops even use the trophies taken from the Ukrainians - the good does not go to waste.

As for production, there are no publicly available figures. Unlike Ukraine, where military enterprises were forced to call in March for the urgent hiring of workers of all specialties to make up for the loss, there is no mass demand for personnel for defense plants on Russian labor exchanges - therefore, either there are no problems with them, or proposals are sent to address order.

It is also interesting that with the beginning of the SVO, the Internet sites of a number of enterprises producing military equipment stopped working. There are supposedly two reasons for this: ensuring security from cyber attacks and temporarily stopping the acceptance of third-party orders, due to the XNUMX% load under the contracts of the Ministry of Defense.

The depth of our depths

The largest military operation in Ukraine in the entire post-Soviet period is undoubtedly the most pressing topic for the vast majority of Russians. Interestingly, the supporters and opponents of the SVO are fairly evenly distributed in society from top to bottom, and their position is based not so much on material wealth or level of education, but on personal convictions.

At the same time, the patriotic activist supporting the operation in word and deed (for example, by raising funds and delivering humanitarian aid) includes representatives of various ideologies, from communism to monarchism, and many apolitical citizens. In a sense, this picture is similar to the one we see in the combat zone, when in one column of Russian troops there are cars under the state and "royal" tricolors, and the scarlet banner of Victory. Without stopping their philosophical disputes, each "party" is trying to contribute to the victory over the enemies of Russia.

There is still a fairly wide layer of “fans” who closely follow the news from the fronts and actively discuss them. Although this group has a positive attitude towards SVO, perhaps it is its representatives who more often than others absorb information non-critically.

Finally, there is a certain percentage of outspoken opponents of the campaign who, in part, were simply hit harder than others by the sanctions – and in part are staunch opponents of the existing system in Russia, or even supporters of the Kyiv regime. The first, the "thinner", are mainly focused on their standard of living, and claim that its fall is allegedly "provoked" by the onset of the NWO; although in fact the sanctions pressure on our country began to intensify a few months earlier.

The second, pro-Western-minded "oppositionists" (often, more or less "professional"), almost immediately declared a special military operation "unmotivated aggression" and "criminal war" against "democratic Ukraine". Fortunately, this dissident audience is very small, and, for the most part, will not dare to go further than anti-Russian slogans on social networks and on walls. However, Western intelligence services do not stop sifting through it in various ways in search of "human ammunition" with whose hands it will be possible to commit acts of sabotage and sabotage.

Thus, at the moment, the military operation is more likely to be approved by the majority of the population - but this approval itself needs moral nourishment. So far, public opinion has had little effect on the course of the campaign, but the longer it drags on, the more tension is required from society, the stronger the negative impact of “toxic elements”, albeit a little of the latter, will be. It can come to naught only under the influence of patriotic elements; and the latter, in turn, will be the stronger, the sooner the country's leadership abandons the current controversial one - "we beat with one hand, we make conciliatory gestures with the other" - policy and rhetoric against Ukrainian fascists.
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  1. Tourist Offline Tourist
    Tourist (tourist) 9 May 2022 11: 21
    well thought out article. thanks to the author
  2. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 9 May 2022 12: 15
    The author proposes to speed up the implementation of the SVO.
    But for this it is necessary to demolish Ukrainian million-plus cities from the face of the Earth.
    Maybe: "Quietly you go - you will continue"?
  3. Sergey Pavlenko Offline Sergey Pavlenko
    Sergey Pavlenko (Sergey Pavlenko) 9 May 2022 12: 20
    Regarding Soviet and reactivated equipment: how to rearm the army, if not writing off old models and replacing them with new ones. But why just write off when they can still serve in the operation in Ukraine, and even if they are destroyed there, then they can simply be written off and not spend money on disposal in peacetime. And secondly, the situation itself is pushing our leadership to create an analogue of SMERSH, otherwise it will be very difficult to put in place all these hangers-on of the West, for whom the loot is more important than the well-being of their country ... (although maybe they have a different country in their soul , not Russia).
    1. Amper Offline Amper
      Amper (Vlad) 10 May 2022 22: 55
      I remember in the days of the USSR, that way, probably in the 60s (?), while driving a train across railway bridges, I saw booths and sentries of armed guards at the entrance / exit. It was a strategic object. Well, what to remember! CBO after all, not a war!
  4. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 9 May 2022 17: 15
    conciliatory gestures with the other hand is also a blow to the face of the Kyiv regime. Russia's willingness to negotiate increases the pressure on the Kyiv regime. The people see that the country is falling apart before our eyes, that the losses and prospects for a return to peaceful life no longer correspond to the desire to keep Donbass as part of Ukraine. Agree already! - there will be more and more such voices.

    Only the Kyiv regime cannot agree. He will have to admit the loss of Donbass, Crimea, and now Kherson - he cannot agree to this. Even if Kherson is bracketed, the recognition of the independence of Donbass will mean the end of its existence for the Kyiv regime. On the one hand, he will be accused of betraying Ukraine. On the other hand, they will ask - how did you start all this? Why didn't you admit when you were offered? Why did you lie to us that we are winning?

    The end of hostilities means one thing for the Kyiv regime - all attention will be focused on the economic consequences and realities in Ukraine and on the regime itself. And the reality is that the state of Ukraine no longer exists - no economy, no politics, no state, just an imitation. There is only hatred, a mass of weapons and malice. For the Kyiv regime, this will be the end, perhaps even a bloody end.

    Will the Europeans save him after they almost kicked Ukraine into the war? How will they save - money? Joining the EU? It is unlikely that the West will be ready to fork out for some unknown reason. Whatever scheme they come up with, they will have to bury the current Kyiv regime literally in the ground (in order to hide all the anger and hatred of Ukrainians for the regime there) and put something new, encouraging in the president's chair - in general, deceive again and make Ukrainians believe again, endure, wait and hope.
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 10 May 2022 01: 52
      Why Kherson "in brackets"? Kherson is, in fact, not Ukrainian. And returning it to get a megaton Butch is an irreparable damage to reputation. This will not be forgiven by either strangers or our own. So since you got involved in all this, then bear responsibility for people. If there is an opportunity to save from this brown ebola, then we must save. In the end, by saving them, we are saving ourselves.
      1. nov_tech.vrn Offline nov_tech.vrn
        nov_tech.vrn (Michael) 10 May 2022 11: 29
        I hope that, as in the DPR, grassroots law enforcement agencies from the local population have already begun to form in the Kherson region. In fact, the layer of "frostbitten" is not so large and there are enough people in the lower level of law enforcement who can be involved in the protection of public order, and this is a real sign that the past government will not return.
  5. yakisam Offline yakisam
    yakisam (Alexander) 9 May 2022 20: 41
    The article is really "weighted"
    In the sense that the author sensibly weighed the terms used SO, so that it would be difficult to accuse him of bias.
    I won't blame
    The article is an attempt to hide the existence of intelligent people who have both reason, and conscience, and knowledge and who fundamentally disagree with the "special operation" and what its consequences will be for the people of our country.
    We read how the author "sees" the opposition:
    1. opponents who ... suffered more than others from the sanctions - "emaciated", "focused on their standard of living, and claim that its fall was allegedly "provoked" by the beginning of the NWO; although in fact the sanctions pressure on our country began to intensify by several months earlier"
    2. "staunch opponents of the existing system in Russia, or even supporters of the Kyiv regime" - "pro-Western-minded "oppositionists" (often more or less "professional")", "issident public", which is "sifted" by "Western intelligence services ... in search of "human ammunition" with whose hands it will be possible to commit acts of sabotage and sabotage"
    This is how the author ORDERS to "see"
    I wonder where the author hid people who fundamentally indicate their disagreement with the actions of the government, and without any connection with "suffering from sanctions" and act from REAL convictions (including patriotic ones), which are really "opponents of the system" (namely, THE STORY ) not because "supporters of the Kyiv regime" or "dissidents"? Which does not occur to replace the real interests of the PEOPLE with "cheers-patriotism"? Who already know what "unity around power" leads to (the tsar-father, Kornilov, Kolchak, German saviors, "allies", "white guard", etc. ...) "for the sake of saving the fatherland" - who remember history 1877, 1904 or 1914? Who understand that although the fatherland is in danger - it cannot be saved by those who have been nurturing this danger ALL THEIR LIFE - and the patriots will be "spent" on protecting the interests of the "power". Everything else is "later" and "unnecessary".
    That is, we, the people of the country, are concerned that the state has become so detached from the people that now the people are OBLIGED to "unite" around it. The author says - we are not.
    The author is a liar who tries to make the case "simple":
    If you have the conviction, the knowledge and the courage to see that the "operation" is contrary to what is true, correct, useful - the author says - you CANNOT be considered by anyone except as either philistines or traitors. If you have convictions, you are a traitor, "emaciated."
    The author is not new, and most importantly, your article is an indicator of your weakness and primitiveness.
    1. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) 9 May 2022 21: 44
      Wakisan, or whatever it is.... Your beliefs are the beliefs of an enemy of the people, you are a real traitor, and what the people are doing with traitors you should know! Keep up the good work.
    2. Smilodon terribilis nimis 10 May 2022 01: 54
      Opponents of the system in wartime are traitors. And according to the laws of wartime, they should be put against the wall.
    3. VID 2 Offline VID 2
      VID 2 10 May 2022 12: 31
      an attempt to hide the existence of intelligent people. "Are you a reasonable person? Obviously you will not allow yourself to be" hidden "

      I do not agree with your example: "they remember the history of 1877,1904,1914" in 1877 there was no political opposition. Narodnaya Volya was just being formed.
      In 1904 there was already a political opposition. Japanese intelligence began to "feed" the opposition. In 1914 the Bolsheviks were against the war, but now they are for it.
    4. Victorio Offline Victorio
      Victorio (Victorio) 10 May 2022 20: 10
      ) in defense of the author

      Quote: yakisam
      The article is really "weighted"
      In the sense that the author sensibly weighed the terms used SO, so that it would be difficult to accuse him of bias.
      I won't blame

      started for health

      Quote: yakisam
      we, the people of the country, concerned that the state had become so detached from the people,

      did you try to answer for yourself? state-people problems have been and will be, Russia is no exception

      further, alas, characteristic of the illumined transition to insults -

      Quote: yakisam
      The author is not new, and most importantly, your article is an indicator of your weaknesses and primitiveness.
  6. Larisa Z. Offline Larisa Z.
    Larisa Z. (Larisa Vavilova) 9 May 2022 20: 49
    Thank you, a very interesting article ...
  7. vo2022smysl Offline vo2022smysl
    vo2022smysl (Common sense) 10 May 2022 10: 07
    The article is interesting for thoughtless jingoists and paid trolls.
  8. VID 2 Offline VID 2
    VID 2 10 May 2022 12: 04
    Quote from Mikhail L.
    The author proposes to speed up the implementation of the SVO.
    But for this it is necessary to demolish Ukrainian million-plus cities from the face of the Earth.
    Maybe: "Quietly you go - you will continue"?

    I agree on something, but at the same time, prolonging the war, and this is war, is just as bad
    1. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
      Michael L. 10 May 2022 12: 30
      Of course, delay is bad.
      But as the Ukrainian proverb says: "Do you want to drink? Musish!".
      (>Ukrainians, explain what the phrase "Khiba you want - musish!" means?
      "If you want - you don't want, but you must", "Do you want - you must!", "If you want - you have to!")
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 10 May 2022 14: 16
    Yes, there are problems and you should not hush them up: THINK FOR YOURSELF! - Now in the Donbas, it seems, the offensive of the Russian army has begun ... Except ... it's very difficult to attack with limited forces with 60-70 thousand contract soldiers against the 100-120 thousandth group of Ukrainian troops, well-armed and sitting in concrete fortified areas? Therefore, while there are actually few or no significant results of the offensive.
    There are no reserves. In total, a limited number is involved in the company - 200 thousand security officials - contract soldiers and the LDNR police. About 60-70 thousand Russian troops are participating in the offensive in this sector of hostilities. And combat, active bayonets - a quarter less. But this number of fighters is much less than the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area. Only in one Avdiivka Ukrainian garrison - 40 thousand soldiers. Ukrainians are sitting in trenches and concrete dugouts. The conclusion is that without at least partial mobilization of contractors and volunteers, at least 250-300 thousand, without training and arming these mobilized ... the enemy cannot be defeated. And this will take several months.
    The Ukrainian army is simply saturated with modern anti-tank and anti-aircraft portable types of Western weapons. In fact, each department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has several pieces of this type of weapon. This allows Ukrainians to knock out armored vehicles and aircraft of the Russian Federation with relative ease. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine effectively use anti-battery western artillery detection radar systems. Therefore, Ukrainians often come out victorious in art duels.
    Until now, the supply of fresh troops, weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian army has not been seriously disrupted! Through the western border of Ukraine, a constant stream of trains with weapons, fuel and ammunition go almost to the front line. Attacks on traction substations delay traffic for only a few hours. While the power supply is being restored, diesel locomotives and reactivated steam locomotives removed from storage are working on the piece of iron. But if you destroy railway bridges, aqueducts and tunnels (of which there are plenty in Western Ukraine), then this flow can be stopped for many months. And there would be fewer losses of the Russian military. Alas, the Russian General Staff does not seem to notice this problem. Limited to the destruction of railway electrical substations. There are no massive strikes on railway bridges.
    Ukrainians widely use UAVs - Western unmanned aerial vehicles - both for reconnaissance and for bombing. Ukrainian media boast that up to 25% of Russian equipment has been destroyed by their attack drones. They actually have UAV operators (unmanned drones) in every platoon with control and weapons for them. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are provided with thermal imagers not even at the level of a platoon, but at the level of squads... Communication in the divisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is provided by the latest Western developments. In this regard, the Russian army lags far behind the Armed Forces of Ukraine and suffers heavy losses because of this. In addition, Western satellite reconnaissance and other Western electronic communications and targeting systems operate on the APU. It turns out that the army of the Russian Federation is in the 20th century, and the preparation for the war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is already in the 21st century. This enumeration is far from all the problems of the Russian Army in this war. Yes, this is a war, not a special operation. Once again - We need at least partial mobilization for a real victory. It is necessary to arm and train the mobilized. And that's at least a few months. Let's hope that no matter what, Russia will defeat Bandera in Ukraine.
    The alignment is this - if at least one square kilometer remains in Ukraine, where these national lawless people retain power, then from there a shaft of hatred, provocations and wild anger will be constantly directed at Russia. In fact, the West is arming and fighting with the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Alas - to the last Ukrainian. We must go to the end, since we have begun to cleanse the Ukraine of the Nazis. That's just the question - do they understand this in the leadership of Russia? It is necessary to declare mobilization in Russia. You can't get away from this. How do you think?
    1. Pavel N Offline Pavel N
      Pavel N (Paul) 10 May 2022 15: 12
      fgjc ... you-we know too little about the ongoing hostilities and have no right to draw such thoughtful conclusions, you have to be more modest
  10. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 10 May 2022 17: 24
    Thirdly, the formation of volunteer units and recruitment to Russian PMCs.

    But are PMCs legalized in our country and criminal liability for mercenarism has been abolished?!
  11. sapper2 Offline sapper2
    sapper2 (Minesweeper2) 3 June 2022 05: 31
    The author, you are right about the duality in the position of power ... It has been traced for 20 years ... With one hand we give, with the other we take away, they tell us one thing - to the West, curtsies, apologies ..... It will not lead to good .. Seen enough "50 shades of gray"??? The West is the enemy... That says it all.
  12. White125 Offline White125
    White125 (Vadim) 22 January 2023 00: 08
    And how then can one explain that our soldiers, setting off on a combat mission, need to find ammunition for themselves at their own expense. The equipment that our army issues is also rubbish that is repaired at its own expense. That is, our fighters receive a salary and spend it on repairing the equipment that they were given. And they have to buy their own groceries. Since they are not provided there, as is widely said in our media. I'm talking about the mobilized. As I was told, the tankers have a daily shot limit of 7 shells, if more, then a criminal offense for embezzlement. And on foot on a combat mission, they give machine gunners 300 rounds of ammunition. How can you say that everything is fine with us in providing. Maybe individual brigades are well supplied, but it’s definitely not enough for everyone. I hope that this filthy war will end soon, and everyone who is on the front line now will return alive and healthy with victory. Even if it is difficult now there, but I wish everyone health and strength to win, the main thing is to return alive.